The Game Progress Route for Diablo Immortal features recommended progression path through the Main Campaign of the game. The guide aims to take players through all the important steps required to completing the campaign, including all key Locations, Items, NPC interactions and important Enemy and Boss encounters.

  • This is a condensed guide covering only the Main Campaign and key Story elements. For detailed guides, see our Walkthrough and Locations pages.
  • There are a large number of optional activities in Diablo Immortal. See the Quests page for all quest content including Main and Side quests.
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Diablo Immortal Game Progress Route

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Library of Zoltun Kulle | Bilefen | Westmarch Revisited (2) | Mount Zavain | Frozen Tundra
Realm of Damnation



Level 1 - 12

Quest: Prologue

  1. Exit the boat and investigate the abandoned building next to the docks
  2. Follow the forest path northeast until a cutscene with Eskara commences
  3. Defeat the Putrid Desecrator boss
  4. Speak to the Wortham Guard
  5. Find the Vile Refuge
  6. Defeat the Acolyte of Damnation and free the shackled villager
  7. Take the portal back to Wortham town and speak to Korrin
  8. Head north into the town's Chapel and speak to Deckard Cain
  9. Assist the guards at the western gate
  10. Reach the Unseen Lair
  11. Defeat Eskara and Ifris the Destroyer
  12. Examine the Worldstone Shard and take the portal back to town
  13. Speak to Deckard Cain and collect the World Map at the altar.
  14. Exit the Chapel and head northwest to Ashwold Cemetery


After creating your character, you are transported by boat to the Wortham Zone, which serves as the game's prologue and tutorial section where you are treated to various on-screen tips on movement and combat controls as you progress the area and unlock your skill buttons.

Exit the boat and investigate the abandoned building next to the docks. Kill the Risen enemy then head back out and continue through the forest northeast, all the while killing the Risen and Damned Cultists along the path. Shortly after, you will encounter Eskara who will summon the Putrid Desecrator boss. You will unlock the Skills menu and Inventory after defeating it.

Next, speak to the Wortham Guard by the town's gate who sends you to find the Vile Refuge far to the west. You will also unlock your Minimap after speaking to the guard. Make your way west and follow the linear path through the Vile Refuge and at the end, you will encounter the Acolyte of Damnation boss. Defeat him and then unshackle the villager on the ground who turns out to be Korrin the Blacksmith.

Take the portal Korrin opens back to Wortham town and speak to him at the forge to learn how to salvage equipment. Watch the cutscene with the dying villager and Skarn and then head north to the Chapel and speak to Deckard Cain. A guard will interrupt shortly requesting aid at the western gate. Head to the gate and defeat the group of enemies. One of the guards will tell you about another stronghold in the west.

Follow the path west towards the Unseen Lair where you will find Eskara once more performing a ritual with her Damned Cultists. A boss fight will ensue and once she is down, she will summon Ifris the Destroyer to attack you, beginning a second boss encounter. Once both bosses are defeated, inspect the Worldstone Shard in the center of the room and then take the portal created back to town.

Head back to the Chapel and talk to Cain again to gain some insight into your next objective, as well as get introduced to a projection of Xul, the Necromancer. Collect the World Map on the altar and then speak to Cain once more. Finally, exit the Chapel to complete the Prologue and receive the next quest which will bring you to Ashwold Cemetery in the northwest of town.


Ashwold Cemetery

Level 8 - 22

Quest: The Risen Dead

  1. Head to Ashwold Cemetery
  2. Defend Samina from the Grave Robbers and then speak with her
  3. Head north to the Groundskeeper's Home
  4. Defeat Gordon the Jackal and speak to Ulric

Quest: The Exiled Apprentice

  1. Head to the Crypt of Honored Dead
  2. Kill the Undead on the wooden bridge
  3. Talk to Xul and Guard Bramden

Quest: Consulting The Guards

  1. Head to the Guard's Watch
  2. Kill the Undead
  3. Speak to Captain Azmir
  4. Speak to Paulie the Blacksmith and then return to Captain Azmir

Quest: The Handmaiden

  1. Find the Handmaiden's Cottage
  2. Kill the Undead surrounding the cottage and search for the Handmaiden inside
  3. Light the candle and follow the blood trail to the cellar
  4. Defeat more Undead and then speak to Xul
  5. Speak to the reanimated Handmaiden

Quest: The Tomb of the Queen

  1. Head for the Queen Asylla's Tomb in the northwest
  2. Enter the tomb and make your way to the Burial Vault
  3. Defeat all the enemies and inspect the vault
  4. Kill the Skeletal Mage and then leave the tomb via the portal at the back

Quest: Into Ashwold Manor

  1. Head for Ashwold Manor in the northeast
  2. Defeat the Royal Guards outside the manor
  3. Speak to Xul and follow him into the manor
  4. Defeat the Bone Golem and destroy the Death Ritual
  5. Speak to Xul again and destroy 2 more Death Rituals

Quest: Masters of Death

  1. Rejoin with Xul at the manor
  2. Defeat Lethes's Simulacrum and then speak to Xul once more
  3. Enter the Mad King's Breach and defeat the Skeleton King

Quest: Battle for the Shard

  1. Speak to Xul
  2. Kill Lethes and recover the Worldstone Shard
  3. Speak to Xul once more
  4. Inspect the glowing circle nearby to open a portal to Westmarch



The Risen Dead

To reach Ashwold Cemetery, exit through the west gate of Wortham town and follow the path to the northwest through the forest to find the portal. Upon arrival, head north through the main gates where you will encounter Samina, running away from three Grave Robbers. Defeat the enemies and speak to Samina. She will request that you help her husband back at their home in the northwest, so head there to find a hut surrounded by more Grave Robbers and Gordon the Jackal. Defeat all the enemies and speak to Ulric.

The Exiled Apprentice

Make your way to the Crypt of Honored Dead to the east of the hut by following the road to the northeast and then turning to the southeast at the bend. Continue along the path until you reach a wooden bridge where a cutscene between Lethes and Xul will begin. After this, defeat all the Undead enemies on the bridge and then speak with Xul. Once done, speak to Guard Bramden kneeling on the bridge to begin the next quest.

Consulting the Guards

Back track to the northwest and continue onwards to the Guard's Watch through the path north of the Groundskeeper's Home. Upon arrival, help the guards defeat all the Undead attacking the area. Once done, speak to Captain Azmir inside the camp. Speak to Paulie the Blacksmith to get half the order of weapons and then return to Azmir to learn the location of the Handmaiden, leading to the next quest.

The Handmaiden

Exit the camp and head northeast past the all the graves to find the Handmaiden's Cottage. Defeat all the Undead surrounding the area and then head inside. Light the candle on the table and follow the blood trail to the cellar. Shortly after, Xul will enter the room and several Undead will emerge from the ground to ambush you. Defeat them all and then speak to Xul who will reanimate the dead Handmaiden. Speak to her afterwards to proceed.

The Tomb of the Queen

Leave the cottage and head back to the main road in the southwest. Follow it to the northwest to find Queen Asylla's Tomb. Inspect the entrance to the tomb by the altar to head inside. Follow the linear path northwest until you reach the large chamber with the Burial Vault in the center. Defeat all enemies and inspect the vault to release a Skeletal Mage. Defeat the mage and leave the tomb using the portal at the back.

Into Ashwold Manor

Back outside the tomb, take the northeast path towards Ashwold Manor. Upon arrival, defeat the 5 Royal Guards by the entrance and then speak to Xul by the gates. Follow him further into the manor and you will encounter a Bone Golem and its Skeletal Mage companion. Defeat them and then interact with the Death Ritual banner in the middle of the area to destroy it. Speak to Xul once again and he will task you with destroying two more Death Rituals. There is one in the northeast guarded by a Blood Golem and one in the southeast guarded by a Decay Golem. Once complete, head further into the manor past the courtyard to rejoin with Xul.

Masters of Death

Shortly after, you will come across another cutscene with Xul and Lethes and then a fight with Lethes's Simulacrum will commence. Defeat it and speak to Xul once more who will instruct you to enter the Mad King's Breach. This is the first dungeon of the game and you can enter using the portal by the main manor building's entrance. From the dungeon menu, you will be able to queue for Matchmaking to run the dungeon with other players.

Your objective is to kill Leoric, The Skeleton King, the dungeon's main boss. However, there are other bosses and obstacles to face before you can reach him. See the Mad King's Breach Dungeon Guide for details.

Battle for the Shard

After completing Mad King's Breach and teleporting back to Ashwold Manor, return to where you left Xul and speak to him. He tasks you with killing Lethes who can be found far to the northwest in an area called Lord's Rest. Make your way there and begin the encounter. After defeating Lethes, collect the Worldstone Shard she leaves behind and speak to Xul once more, who will arrive shortly after your triumph. This concludes the questline for Ashwold Cemetery.



First Visit

Quest: City of the Light

  1. Open a Portal to Westmarch
  2. Enter the Portal

Quest: Find Cain

  1. Speak to Lieutenant Dunn and Piri along the entrance bridge
  2. Find Charsi in Rakkis Square

Quest: Fragments of the Past

  1. Go to Cain's Workshop
  2. Speak to Cain and hand over the Worldstone Shard

Quest: Legends of Eld

  1. Speak to Cain about the weapon obtained from Ashwold
  2. Examine Cain's research on Legendary Gems and then speak to him again
  3. Exit the workshop and speak to Charsi outside
  4. Follow Charsi to the Elder Rift stones in Palace Courtyard

Quest: Braving the Rift

  1. Speak to Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant
  2. Complete an Elder Rift empowered by a Legendary Crest
  3. Return to the Crest Merchant

Quest: Bounties Abroad

  1. Find Charsi at the Bounty Board
  2. Examine the Bounty Board to obtain your first Bounty
  3. Return to Charsi

Quest: Diamond in the Rough

  1. Follow Charsi to Rakkis Square
  2. Defeat the Brigands and help Vic up
  3. Speak to Vic
  4. Deliver the gems to Seril, the Apprentice Jeweler at Vic's shop
  5. Speak to Vic once more.

Quest: Tools of the Trade

  1. Follow Charsi back to her smithy
  2. Speak with Charsi

Quest: To the Dark Wood

  1. Enter the Portal
  2. Reach the Dark Wood


City of the Light

Continuing on from the last quest in Ashwold Cemetery, inspect the glowing circle nearby to open a portal to Westmarch and enter it to reach the city. 

Westmarch serves as the main city hub in Diablo Immortal and there are plenty of merchants and other services to be found in here. Players will be returning to Westmarch quite often to buy, sell and upgrade gear, trade and more. Your first story-related visit to the city will see you following a chain of rather straightforward "tour" quests where you are guided around town by an NPC and introduced to its many facilities and services. This starts as soon as you enter the city with the Find Cain quest.

Find Cain

You enter the city through the Wolf Gate. Speak to Lieutenant Dunn by the bridge and then look for Piri a bit further in to begin the search for Deckard Cain in the city. Piri will send you to look for Charsi who can be found further northwest in Rakkis Square. Charsi is the city's Blacksmith and will inform you of Cain's workshop which can be found northwest past the fountain.

Fragments of the Past

Make your way to Cain's Workshop and speak with him to hand over the Worldstone Shard you've recently obtained. He will cast a spell to conceal the Shard from prying eyes. Speak to him once again after he's done to reveal the location of a third stone and complete this quest.

Legends of Eld

Speak to Cain once more at his workshop, this time about the Weapon you obtained in Ashwold Cemetery and he will teach you about weapon sockets and point you towards some research on Legendary Gems somewhere in the room. Examine the glowing circle to the right to reveal a short cutscene regarding weapons, sockets, and gems and then speak to Cain once again. He will mention the Elder Rift and will tell you to ask Charsi about it. Exit his workshop and speak to Charsi just outside. Follow her northeast to Palace Courtyard to the Elder Rift stones. 

Braving the Rift

Upon reaching the area, speak to Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant and select the Quest option. After a brief conversation, he will gift you with a Legendary Crest which you can use to empower an Elder Rift to gain increased rewards. Your next objective is to complete an Elder Rift empowered by the Legendary Crest you just obtained.

Elder Rifts are randomly generated dungeons where you fight through hordes and hordes of enemies to reach a powerful Rift Guardian boss which is also randomly generated. Successfully completing a run will yield rewards such as equipment, gold and experience. Using Crests to empower the rifts will add modifiers to the dungeon which can yield both positive and negative effects to players and the enemies found within. In exchange for the increased effort, using Crests will guarantee extra loot such as Runes and Legendary Gems depending on the rarity of the Crests used. Elder Rifts can be completed solo or in a party of up to 4 players.

Head up the steps behind the merchant and inspect the Elder Rift Entrance Obelisk to begin a run. Note that if you can complete an Elder Rift run within the time limit, you will receive additional rewards. Once you kill the Rift Guardian, a Portal will be created so you can return to Westmarch. Make your way back to the Crest Merchant and speak with him. He will reward you with several more Crests, ending the quest.

Bounties Abroad

Your next task is to find Charsi at the Bounty Board which is just to the north of the Crest Merchant. She will give a brief explainer on Bounties which are limited daily tasks players can take on to earn extra experience, gold and other various rewards. Bounties typically task the player with exploring a certain location and killing a certain amount of enemies. After speaking with Charsi, inspect the board to obtain your first Bounty. Be sure to check the board daily as the guards will refresh it with new Bounties regularly. Speak to Charsi once more to complete the quest.

Diamond in the Rough

Next up, you are to follow Charsi to Vic's shop near her smithy in Rakkis Square. As you approach the fountain plaza, a group of Brigands will attack Vic. Defeat all the enemies and help Vic up. Speak to him and he will hand you a shipment of gems to deliver to his apprentice in his shop. Continue on to Rakkis Square to find his shop and speak to Seril, the Apprentice Jeweler, chossing the Quest option. Vic will arrive with Charsi shortly after the conversation. Speak with Vic once more to complete the quest.

Tools of the Trade

This simple quest involves leaving Vic's shop and following Charsi back to her smithy. Speak to her there and select the Quest option to complete the quest and have her open the Portal to the Dark Wood.

To the Dark Wood

This quest follows directly from the previous one. Simply enter the Portal Charsi created to reach the Dark Wood, your next major destination in the campaign.


Dark Wood

Level 20 - 29

Quest: Blackstone Village

  1. Help the injured man
  2. Speak to Lucian
  3. Pick up Lucian's Letter

Quest: Lucian's Hope

  1. Investigate Blackstone Village
  2. Inspect the Villager's Corpse
  3. Inspect the Strange Bud
  4. Inspect the Shredded Cloth
  5. Follow the voice's source
  6. Defeat the Bloodsworn enemies and open the cellar
  7. Speak to Alyssa
  8. Escort Alyssa north of her home
  9. Defeat the Bloodsworn ambushers
  10. Speak to Alyssa and fend off another wave of ambushers
  11. Inspect Alyssa

Quest: Bloodsworn Den

  1. Speak to Kashya
  2. Enter the Bloodsworn Den
  3. Defeat Kayla the Nightshade
  4. Free Hemlir from the vines
  5. Speak to Kashya
  6. Defeat Lakrii and exit the den

Quest: The Horadric Bestiary

  1. Speak to Isolde
  2. Head to the Rogue Battlecamp in the northeast
  3. Kill the Fallen enemies attacking Liene and speak to her
  4. Report to Kashya
  5. Speak to Akara and follow her to the altar nearby
  6. Inspect the Tome in the altar
  7. Speak to Akara and then Hemlir

Quest: Gathering the Reagents

  1. Enter the Arach's Den and obtain the Crimson Arach's Eye
  2. Reach the Fetid Swamp
  3. Investigate the Blood Flower
  4. Defeat Priestess Vassarici and collect the Blood Flower Thorns
  5. Reach the Fallen Village
  6. Examine the Bonfire and collect the Blackened Branch
  7. Return to Hemlir and hand over the reagents

Quest: Between Two Evils

  1. Speak with Hemlir
  2. Wait for Akara to perform a ritual and then speak with her
  3. Speak with Hess the Blacksmith to obtain a gift from Hemlir
  4. Head for the Cult of Damnation's Camp
  5. Go towards the Ritual Circle and watch the cutscene
  6. Defeat the Cultists at the circle and collect the Ember of Dark Magic

Quest: Tree of Inifuss

  1. Meet Hemlir at the Tree of Inifuss
  2. Defeat the Bloodsworn enemies attacking Hemlir
  3. Speak to Hemlir
  4. Protect Hemlir as he performs the ritual
  5. Speak to Hemlir
  6. Wait for Hemlir's second ritual to conclude
  7. Defeat Hemlir's Shadow Clone

Quest: Blood Resurrection

  1. Head to the Sanguine Ruins
  2. Speak with Liene
  3. Head inside the Blood Rose's Lair
  4. Fight your way towards the Blood Rose
  5. Defeat the Blood Rose and attempt to exit the Lair
  6. Defeat the Blood Rose after it is resurrected and empowered
  7. Exit the Lair and speak with Akara
  8. Use the Waypoint to return to the Tree of Inifuss
  9. Enter the Forgotten Tower and defeat The Countess

Quest: Delivering the Shards

  1. Speak to Kaysha at the Forgotten Tower Waypoint
  2. Return to Westmarch


Blackstone Village

A new quest begins as soon as you enter the Dark Wood. From the entrance, head north a short distance until you hear a man calling out. He is getting attacked by a Dark Creeper. Defeat the creature and speak to the man whose name is revealed to be Lucian. He implores you to save his daughter who's still in the village and leaves you with a letter to give to a commander Kashya. Pick up the letter to begin the next quest.

Lucian's Hope

Your next objective is to investigate Blackstone Village a short distance to the northwest. Make your way there and defeat any Bloodsworn enemies and their minions that you encounter. Check one of the dilapidated buildings and inspect the Villager's Corpse. Next, inspect a Strange Bud growing off a tree branch to the left of the building. Finally, head slightly south to inspect the Shredded Cloth near an emaciated coprse.

Shortly after inspecting all three objects, a young female voice will call out. Follow the voice to the house just north of the first building you investigated. Defeat the Bloodsworn enemies around the house and then open the cellar door. Alyssa, the daughter of Lucian will emerge from the cellar. Speak to her and she will lead you to Kashya at the camp of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye

Follow Alyssa north and you will get ambushed by a group of Bloodsworn enemies. Defeat the small group of 3 and then speak to Alyssa. She will get ensnared by vines as a larger group of Bloodsworn attack. Kashya will arrive shortly and will aid you in defeating the enemies. Once they're all defeated, Alyssa will collapse to the ground. Inspect her body to determine her fate as you convese with Kashya, ending the quest.

Bloodsworn Den

Following on from the previous quest, interact with Kashya as she speaks with Flavie, another member of the Sightless Eye to determine your next objective. Kashya tasks you with entering the Bloodsworn Den first as she helps Flavie ensure the safety of the Sisterhood. Head west and over a fallen tree-bridge to find a portal into the den.

Inside, follow the linear path as you fend off all the Bloodsworn enemies. You will eventually run into Kayla the Nightshade, the den's mid-boss near an imprisoned man named Hemlir. After defeating the boss, free Hemlir from the vines and Kashya will have caught up to you. Speak to her and she will escort the injured Hemlir back to camp while you deal with Lakrii, the den's final boss. Head further west in the lair and a cutscene will begin with Lakrii and a Bloodsoaked Woman, after which, the boss encounter will begin. After defeating her, exit the den through the portal in the back to complete the quest.

The Horadric Bestiary

Back outside the Bloodsworn Den, speak to Isolde on the right. She is another member of the Sightless Eye. She will direct you to the Rogue Battlecamp to the northeast. Make your way there and about halfway through, you will encounter Liene, another Sightless Eye sister under attack by Fallen Imps. Lend her a hand then speak to her and continue along the road towards the camp. At the camp, report to Kashya who will direct you to Akara, the High Priestess of the Sightless Eye. Head further in the camp and speak with her. She will tell you about the Horadric Bestiary, an artifact left to her by Cain and she will ask you to follow her to an altar with a tome. Inspect the tome to unlock the bestiary feature.

The Bestiary serves as a logbook of monsters you've encountered including common, rare and unique enemies as well as bosses. However, its pages require deciphering. From here on out, as you continue your adventure, you will collect Monstrous Essences as you defeat enemies. Essences are rare drops from all enemies and once you've collected 10, you can turn them in to a Horadric Altar at any zone's home base. This will award you with a new page chosen entirely at random. Every time you unlock a new page entry, you will be rewarded with an assortment of treasure including gold, exp and other items such as Legendary equipment. You can turn in 10 Essences a maximum of 3 times per day. This will reset along with all other daily gated activities. Note that you can only hold a maximum of 10 Monstrous Essence at once but you will receive an on-screen notification once you have enough to turn in so be sure to do so.

Once you're done with the altar, speak to Akara once more and she will direct you to speak with Hemlir to end the quest and begin the next one.

Gathering the Reagents

Speaking with Hemlir at the end of the previous quest, he requests your help in gathering three special reagents to perform a ritual to cleanse the Dark Wood of corruption: a crimson arach's eye, a thorn from the largest blood flower and a branch of the darkest wood. The first reagent requires you to enter the Arach's Den. Follow the road north of camp to spawn the Crimson Arach boss. Upon its defeat, inspect the glowing spot on the ground to obtain the Crimson Arach's Eye quest item.

Next, head to the northwest towards the Fetid Swamp area. Once there, clear the area of enemies and then inspect the Blood Flower. A projection of the Bloodsoaked Woman from earlier will appear an summon Priestess Vassarici to attack you. After defeating her, inspect the glowing spot on the flower to obtain the Blood Flower Thorns.

The final reagent can be found in the Fallen Village to the south. Follow the road southwest from the swamp to reach the village. Clear the area of enemies and then inspect the Bonfire in the middle. Collect the Blackened Branch from it. Head east from the village to return to the Rogue Battlecamp and speak with Hemlir to hand over the reagents so he can begin the ritual. This concludes the quest and begins the next one.

Between Two Evils

Speak to Hemlir who exclaims that the ritual has failed and calls for Akara's help. Wait for Akara to perform the ritual and then speak with her and Hemlir will inform you of your next task, as well as ask you to speak with Hess the Blacksmith to obtain an item he had made for you. After this, make your way to the Cult of Damnation's Camp which can be found further north from the camp, past the Arach's Den.

At the camp, clear the enemies and head towards the ritual circle where a cutscene will ensue concerning a conversation between Lakrii and a projection of Skarn. After the cutscene, defeat all the enemies around the circle and then collect the Ember of Dark Magic right in the center. This concludes the quest and begins the next one.

Tree of Inifuss

From the Cult of Damnation's Camp, travel further northeast to find the Tree of Inifuss. You will find Hemlir surrounded by Bloodsworn enemies. Defeat them all and then speak with Hemlir to hand over the Ember. He will begin the ritual with the Tree and you will need to protect him as more Bloodsworn appear. After defeating all enemies, speak to Hemlir and he will perform yet another ritual. Wait for it to conclude and Hemlir's Shadow Clone will appear nearby. Defeat the boss and then speak to Hemlir once more. He will reveal the source of the corruption to be emanating from a Countess in a pool of blood inside the Forgotten Tower. He will then disappear in a mist of blood and Flavie will appear at the tree. Speak with her to conclude the quest and begin the next one.

Blood Resurrection

Before you can enter the Forgotten Tower, you must first destroy the Blood Rose empowering the Countess. From the Tree of Inifuss, head directly west to reach the Sanguine Ruins. Once there, head southwest to find Liene by the Blood Rose Waypoint. Speak with her and then continue along the path to enter the Blood Rose's Lair.

Follow the linear path along the lair while fighting off Bloodsworn enemies. At the end of the path, you will find the Blood Rose boss, drinking the blood of several rogues before initiating the fight. Defeat the boss and exit the lair. Before you can do so, you will be stopped by Lakrii and a cutscene will ensue where she sacrifices herself to resurrect the Blood Rose, empowered with her blood. This begins phase 2 of this boss fight. Defeat the Blood Rose once more and then exit the lair.

Akara will be found outside, by the Waypoint, tending to the corpse of Liene. Speak with her and then use the Waypoint to travel back to the Tree of Inifuss. The final step of this quest involves delving into the Forgotten Tower and defeating The Countess within. The Forgotten Tower is another dungeon activity which can be completed with other players. See the Forgotten Tower Dungeon Guide for details.

Delivering the Shards

Once you've completed the Forgotten Tower and defeated The Countess, return to the Forgotten Tower Waypoint to speak with Kashya. From here, you can return to Westmarch to conclude the Dark Wood storyline.



First Revisit

Quest: Shard Bearer

  1. Return to Cain's Workshop
  2. Talk to Cain
  3. Wait for Cain's ritual to complete
  4. Assist in Cain's ritual
  5. Defeat the demons
  6. Check on Cain
  7. Leave Cain's Workshop

Quest: A Walk Through Westmarch

  1. Speak to Charsi outside Cain's Workshop
  2. Follow Charsi to the Challenge Rift
  3. Speak with Charsi by the Challenge Rift Obelisk

Quest: Rift of the Elders

  1. Inspect the Challenge Rift Obelisk (Attempt/Completion optional)

Quest: Tools of the Trade Part 2

  1. Head to Charsi's Smithy
  2. Speak to Charsi
  3. Inspect the Armor Rack

Quest: Trading at the Market

  1. Head to Wynton's Grand Market
  2. Speak to Dya

Quest: The Hilts Trader

  1. Speak to Lieutenant Fizriah

Quest: Answers in the East

  1. Return to Cain's Workshop
  2. Speak to Cain
  3. Examine the scroll by Cain's bookshelf
  4. Speak to Cain once more
  5. Leave Cain's Workshop
  6. Head to the Wolf City Tavern
  7. Speak to the Bartender

Quest: A Captain's Need

  1. Leave the Tavern
  2. Defeat all the Pirates
  3. Speak to the Jacktar Brute
  4. Speak to Captain Rehm twice

Quest: To the Docks

  1. Head to the Docks

Quest: Docks of Westmarch

  1. Speak to Cain
  2. Speak to Captain Rehm and set sail


Shard Bearer

This quest begins right as you reach Westmarch after completing the Dark Wood storyline. Return to Cain's workshop and speak with him to hand over the third Worldstone Shard. He will perform a ritual using all three stones you've collected. After the ritual ends in failure, speak to him again. He will call for your assistance as he performs the ritual once again. Interact with the shards and an explosion will occur, releasing demons into the workshop consisting of Destruction Spawns, Festering Appendages and then finally, Ventar the Unholy. Defeat all the demons and then check on Cain. After the conversation, leave his workshop to complete the quest.

A Walk Through Westmarch

Directly after leaving Cain's Workshop, you will find Charsi standing outside. Speak with her and then follow her to the Challenge Rift Obelisk in Palace Courtyard. Challenge Rifts, like Elder Rifts are comprised of randomly generated dungeons filled with hordes of enemies and a powerful Rift Guardian boss. The difference is that while in an Elder Rift, there is a timer that you can beat to earn extra rewards while in a Challenge Rift, you must beat the timer or you will fail the challenge altogether. Rewards can only be obtained on successful clears and mobs will not drop any loot while the challenge is in progress.

Challenge Rifts are also available in progressively higher difficulties. Each player starts at Challenge Rift Level 1 and each successful clear will grant access to the next level. It is also possible to run a Challenge Rift with a much higher level than yours by joining a party. In these cases, the Rift's level is determined by the highest level attained by a member of the party although it is generally not recommended to skip too far ahead with this method as Challenge Rifts are, as their name implies, incredibly challenging. Challenge Rifts are a great source of useful rewards including gold, HiltsScrap Materials and other upgrade components, Runes as well as Rare and Legendary equipment.

There are a plethora of ways to obtain rewards from Challenge Rifts such as first completion of a challenge level, solo, duo and 4-man party clears, placing on the Weekly Leaderboards and more. There are even rewards to be obtained whenever any player on your server obtains the server-first clear of challenge levels divisible by 10. These can be claimed by all players on that server by checking the Challenge Rift Obelisk at the Palace Courtyard so be sure to check it often. For more details on Challenge Rifts and how to obtain rewards, see the Challenge Rifts Guide page.

Rift of the Elders

After speaking with Charsi by the Challenge Rift Obelisk, you are automatically given this quest. Simply inspect the Obelisk to complete the quest. You technically do not need to complete a Rift or even attempt one. You can always come back to them later.

Tools of the Trade Part 2

Whether you choose to attempt a Challenge Rift or simply inspect the Obelisk, meet Charsi at her Smithy at Rakkis Square. Speak to her and she will express that most of Rakkis Square is now open for business and suggests you visit the Market.  She will also have a gift waiting for you at the Armor Rack. Inspect the rack to claim it and complete the quest.

Trading at the Market

From Charsi's smithy, head slightly southeast to find Wynton's Grand Market. Speak to Dya and select the Quest option to get a brief explainer on the Market.

The Market is a place where players can buy from and sell items to other players using the Platinum currency. Players can put up items for sale and they will be listed for up to 48 hours and returned to the player if not sold within that time. Certain "scarce" items can only be listed for 12 hours. Platinum is a semi-premium currency that can be acquired by completing certain daily activities, trading at the Market or by purchasing them with Eternal Orbs, which is the game's top-tier premium currency obtainable only via real money purchase. Platinum plays a big role in Diablo Immortal's economy by allowing free-to-play only players a way to purchase rare items or make use of premium services without having to spend any real money as they can sell rare items they find at the Market. 

The Hilts Trader

After speaking with Dya, an NPC will walk towards the Market entrance. This is Lieutenant Fizriah, the Hilts Trader. Simply speak to him to unlock his services and complete the quest. You will be able to find him at the Immortals' Overlook east of the Palace Courtyard. Fazriah will trade you valuable goods such as Crests, Gems, Crafting Materials, Legendary Equipment and more in exchange for Hilts. Hilts are another type of currency that can be obtained by completing certain activities such as Bounties or climbing up the Challenge Rift Weekly Leaderboards among others. The Hilts Trader sells a wide variety of useful items and it is a good idea to check his inventory from time to time as he also has a Limited Time tab with a rotating inventory that puts several items on sale at a discount, refreshing twice a day.

Answers in the East

After speaking to the Hilts Trader, it will come time to check back on Cain at his workshop. Return to Cain and speak with him to learn of his breakthrough and then examine the scroll by the bookshelf to his left for a drawing of Zoltun Kulle, a Horadrim who had extensive knowledge about the Worldstones. Speak to Cain once more and he will task you with taking a letter to the captain of a ship in the Wolf City Tavern in order to gain passage to the Shassar Sea and search for one of Zoltun Kulle's archives. Exit Cain's Workshop and head for the Tavern which is just around the corner to the southwest of the workshop. Inside, speak to the Bartender who will tell you that the man you are looking for is outside the Tavern. A noise signifying a fight breaking out outside concludes the quest and begins the next.

A Captain's Need

Leave the Tavern to check on the commotion outside. Wait for the dialogue between the Pirates to conclude and then defeat all of them and then speak to the Jacktar Brute who begs for mercy. Afterwards, speak to Captain Rehm and show him Cain's letter and then speak to him once more to complete the quest.

To the Docks

This is a simple transition quest as you head for the Westmarch Docks northwest of the Wolf City Tavern and Cain's Workshop.

Docks of Westmarch

At the docks, you will find Cain looking to send you off. Speak to him and then get on the ship and speak to Captain Rehm to set sail for the Shassar Sea, beginning the next questline.


Shassar Sea

Level 28 - 36

Quest: Sea of Fire

  1. Find where Zoltun Kulle's Library is hidden

Quest: A Trail in the Sand

  1. Defeat Thiago the Bloodthirsty and his Bandits
  2. Speak to Zov
  3. Search Thiago's corpse for the key
  4. Free Zov and follow him to a safer place to speak

Quest: Amber Blades

  1. Follow Zov to Tabri's Encampment
  2. Speak to the Injured Lookout

Quest: Lacuni's Roar

  1. Kill the Lacuni
  2. Find Tabri and speak to her
  3. Return to Zov

Quest: Loyalty's Price

  1. Rescue the Amber Blade Bandit
  2. Kill Alvas and collect his hide
  3. Return to Zov outside Tabri's Encampment
  4. Give Alvas's Mangled Hide to Tabri
  5. Hang the Lacuni skin on the southern gate
  6. Return to Tabri
  7. Speak to Zov and follow him to Emigne
  8. Speak to Zov and follow him to Peth
  9. Speak to Peth twice
  10. Collect the Map Piece

Quest: Wisdom's Fragment

  1. Reach the Chamber of Wisdom
  2. Investigate the Chamber of Wisdom
  3. Defeat the Undead
  4. Examine the doorway
  5. Inspect the three Mummified Corpses in the hall
  6. Inspect the armored corpse sitting by a pillar
  7. Defeat the Watep the Sacrificed and collect the Lingering Souls from his corpse
  8. Channel the souls in to the two braziers by the sealed door
  9. Enter the Chamber
  10. Kill Corphet the Venomwing
  11. Collect Fahir's Command
  12. Leave the Chamber through the eastern stairway
  13. Speak to Zov
  14. Deliver Fahir's Command to Tabri in Sereth Outpost

Quest: Fahir's Legacy

  1. Reach the Tomb of Fahir
  2. Complete the Tomb of Fahir and retrieve Fahir's Visage
  3. Return to Sereth Outpost and deliver the piece to Tabri
  4. Speak with Tabri to obtain the final Map Piece

Quest: Final Fragment

  1. Reach the Chamber of Truth
  2. Search for a secret entrance
  3. Enter the secret chamber
  4. Explore the Prison of the Scorpion
  5. Kill Skorspine the Marrowrot
  6. Head to the end of the chamber
  7. Collect Fahir's Light
  8. Leave the Prison of the Scorpion
  9. Deliver Fahir's Light to Tabri
  10. Speak to Tabri twice

Quest: Revealing the Path

  1. Follow Peth
  2. Reach Sereth Outpost
  3. Defeat Jarsem the Tracker and his bandits
  4. Rescue Peth
  5. Follow Peth to the Library
  6. Talk to Peth and wait for him to reveal the path
  7. Reach the Library of Zoltun Kulle


Sea of Fire

This is a very short transitional quest as you arrive in the Shassar Sea desert. From your entry point, simply head north until you encounter a bunch of bandits, leading into the next quest.

A Trail in the Sand

You encounter Thiago the Bloodthirsty and his Sand Scorpion Bandits harassing a man named Zov. Defeat them all and then speak to Zov who is chained up and asks that you grab the keys to his shackles from Thiago's corpse. Speak to him again after freeing him from his shackles and then follow him to a safer place to discuss your objective, completing the quest and beginning the next one.

Amber Blades

Follow Zov to Tabri's Encampment west of where you met him. Upon arrival, he notices the guards are not at their post. Speak to the injured guard to reveal what happened. The outpost was attacked by the feral Lacuni and the Amber Blades' leader Tabri went off to repel them. Zov says you will need her to find the library and so asks that you come to her aid.

Lacuni's Roar

Follow one of the Amber Blades to the encampment's southern gate and repel the Lacuni invasion. After defeating all the invaders, look for Tabri a little further down the road, fighting more Lacuni. After they are all dead, speak to Tabri who unfortunately refuses to help outsiders while the Lacuni beasts assault her people. Head back towards the encampment to find Zov standing outside. He devises a plan to get Tabri to aid you, beginning the next quest.

Loyalty's Price

Head south of Tabri's Encampment after speaking with Zov. Shortly after, you will come across a wooden barricade with some corpses strung up on poles, barring the way to the Lacuni's Incursion. Destroy the barricade and clear any incoming Lacuni enemies then untie the Amber Blade bandit sitting by the wall behind the barricade. Continue further in, fighting your way through the burning piles of corpses. You will eventually come across Alvas, one of the Lacuni leaders. Defeat him and the rest of the enemies and collect Alvas's Mangled Hide from his corpse as proof of your deed.

Return to Zov outside Tabri's Encampment. Speak to him and then follow him inside to meet with Tabri. Speak with her and deliver Alvas's Mangled Hide. She will then task you with hanging the skin on the gates of her camp to incite fear amongst the Lacuni. Head to the southern gate and interact with it to hang the skin and then return to Tabri. She finally hears you out and agrees to help you find the Library of Zoltun Kulle but asks you to first aid her in bringing peace to the Shassar Sea by finding three fragments of the Scepter of Fahir. She also rewards you with a Tourmaline gem which can be socketed into equipment. Speak to Zov and he will lead you to Emigne, the camp's Apprentice Jeweler where you can socket your new gem if you wish. Speak to Zov once more and follow him to Peth the scholar. Speak to him twice and then inspect the nearby table for a Map piece which will point you towards the first fragment of the Scepter. This ends the quest and begins the next one.

Wisdom's Fragment

The Map you collected from Peth points to the Chamber of Wisdom, west of Tabri's camp. Follow the road from the south gate towards the chamber and then head inside. As you step inside, you will become ensnared by a trap as a cutscene plays revealing Valla, the Demon Hunter. She frees you after realizing you are not a demon and then leaves.

Soon after, Undead enemies emerge from the ground to attack. Defeat them all and then examine the doorway in the back which is sealed. Inspect the two Mummified Corpses in the left of the hall and one on the right while fighting off any rising Undead. Finally inspect the corpse sitting by a pillar near the third mummy to trigger a fight against Watep the Sacrificed. After defeating him, collect the Lingering Souls from his body and use them to unseal the door by inspecting the two braziers near the doorway and then enter the Chamber.

Inside, a large snake statue sinks into the ground and in its place emerges Corphet the Venomwing, triggering a boss fight. After defeating him, a pedestal will arise from the center, holding Fahir's Command, the first fragment of the Scepter. Leave the Chamber through the eastern stairway and speak to Zov outside. He will hand you the second Map Piece and instruct you to meet Tabri in the Sereth Outpost just around the corner to the northwest. Speak to Tabri and deliver Fahir's Command to complete the quest and begin the search for the next piece.

Fahir's Legacy

Your next destination is the Tomb of Fahir which is just around the corner to the southwest of Sereth Outpost where you spoke with Tabri. Tomb of Fahir is the third dungeon encountered in the storyline and can be completed with a party. It features several bosses including King Fahir himself. At the end of the dungeon, you are pitted against Segethis and will obtain Fahir's Visage, the second piece of the Scepter upon his defeat. See the Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Guide for details on completing the dungeon.

After completing the dungeon and taking the Portal back outside, return to Sereth Outpost to find Tabri in combat with someone. Wait for the fight to finish and then deliver the Scepter piece to her. Speak to her once more to receive the final Map Piece and begin the next quest.

Final Fragment

Your next objective is to reach the Chamber of Truth. Head northeast from Sereth Outpost to find it. The chamber itself is hidden underground and you will need to find a way to get in. Inspect the Stone Mechanism in the center to reveal the secret entrance nearby. Inside, fight your way through the linear path until you reach the large area in the northeast where a boss fight against Skorspine the Marrowrot will ensue. After defeating him, navigate to the end of the chamber and Fahir's Light, the final scepter piece will appear from a hidden compartment by the wall. Collect it and then take the Portal to leave the prison.

Outside, Tabri and the Amber Blades will be waiting for you. Deliver Fahir's Light to her and then speak to her twice to complete the quest.

Revealing the Path

Tabri fulfills her end of the bargain by having Peth escort you to the library's location. Follow him out of the Chamber of Truth to The Oasis Waypoint and teleport to Sereth Outpost. Upon arrival, Peth will have been captured by a Jarsem the Tracker and his Sand Scorpion Bandits at the north bridge. Defeat them all and unshackle Peth. Follow him until he stops and then speak with him. He will reveal the path to the Library of Zoltun Kulle, completing the Shassar Sea questline.


Library of Zoltun Kulle

Level 35 - 41

Quest: Library Beneath the Sand

  1. Enter the Library of Zoltun Kulle

Quest: Unseen Guardian

  1. Defeat the Mysterious Phantoms
  2. Defeat The Curator

Quest: Restoring Order

  1. Speak to The Curator
  2. Kill monsters in the Library
  3. Reach the Statue of Resurgence
  4. Speak to The Curator
  5. Inspect the pedestal

Quest: Lost Runes

  1. Find the first Rune
  2. Light all nine lamps at once
  3. Take the Rune
  4. Place the Rune
  5. Find the second Rune
  6. Defeat Grimaldi the Flaming Soul
  7. Collect the second Rune
  8. Place the Rune
  9. Find the third Rune
  10. Inspect the third Rune
  11. Reposition mirrors to illuminate the Rune
  12. Defeat the Mirrored Wraiths and collect the Rune
  13. Use the Portal to return to the Library
  14. Place the Rune
  15. Wait for The Curator to regain his strength and then speak to him

Quest: At Its Core

  1. Reach the Central Core
  2. Escort The Curator to the Central Core
  3. Defeat the Core's guardians
  4. Speak to The Curator

Quest: Source of Knowledge

  1. Find the Master's Journal in the Well of Knowledge
  2. Inspect the Master's Journal
  3. Defeat the Arcane Thralls
  4. Obtain the Master's Journal
  5. Give the Journal to The Curator
  6. Speak to The Curator

Quest: The Eternal Guardian

  1. Head to the Chaos Engine
  2. Help the Golems kill the Undead
  3. Speak to Insightful Sands
  4. Follow Insightful Sands to the Hidden Alcove camp
  5. Inspect the Golem's remains
  6. Speak to Insightful Sands
  7. Find the Eternal Guardian
  8. Defeat the Undead blocking the bridge
  9. Defeat the Eternal Guardian
  10. Search for an exit

Quest: Reforging the Soul

  1. Place the remains in the Chaos Engine
  2. Activate the first Orb
  3. Protect the Orb from the Burning Dead
  4. Activate the second Orb
  5. Protect the Orb until the Chaos Engine charges
  6. Take The Spark of Life

Quest: Recalling the Past

  1. Give The Spark Of Life to The Curator
  2. Wait for the Gates to fall
  3. Speak with The Curator
  4. Find The Curator in the Archive of Secrets
  5. Talk to The Curator when he is finished
  6. Follow The Curator to the alcove

Quest: The Dark Exile

  1. Enter Destruction's End
  2. Complete the Destruction's End scenario and defeat Baal

Quest: Heart of the Unknown

  1. Stand next to The Curator
  2. Speak to The Curator
  3. Enter the Portal to Bilefen


Library Beneath the Sand

The Library of Zoltun Kulle questline follows directly after the final quest in the Shassar Sea. You are to enter the library after Peth opens the way. Note that you must be Level 35 or above in order to enter the Library and begin the questline. If you have not yet achieved this, some great ways to quickly increase your level is to complete activities such as Bounties, Elder and Challenge Rifts, Dungeons as well as claiming your Codex rewards. Important: It is recommended that you do not claim any further Codex rewards after hitting Level 35 as there will be another point later on in the story where you may need to gain some levels quickly so it is best to save your rewards for later.

The Library is a massive structure with many pathways and a long questline involving your search for the archived knowledge of Zoltun Kulle regarding the Worldstone Shards. Entering the first hall called the Grand Vestibule begins the next quest.

Unseen Guardian

As you enter the Grand Vestibule, you will be assaulted by a dozen Mysterious Phantoms as a strange voice objects to your trespass. After defeating them all, the Library's Curator will rise up from the center of the room. He is a living sand clone of Zoltune Kulle himself and you must defeat him to complete the quest and advance the story.

Restoring Order

After defeating The Curator, speak with him to let him know that you are not trying to steal but are in search of information. He will ask you to prove your innocence by helping him regain his strength and repair the Library, that he may guide you to the knowledge you seek. Your first task is to reach the Statue of Resurgence while killing monsters in the Library. Simply head northwest and kill anything you encounter. Once you reach the Statue, speak with The Curator who tells you that three Runes have been removed from the statue, disabling its power. Inspect the pedestal to complete the quest and begin the search for the Runes.

Lost Runes

To find the first Rune, take the path southwest from the Statue of Resurgence. You will eventually come across a set of lamps and a pedestal with the Rune. Examine it to learn how to awaken the Rune via a trial. You will need to light all 9 lamps at once. There is a tome to the west that provides some hints on how to do this. To solve the puzzle, light the 4 corner lamps and then light the central lamp. Collect the Rune and return to the Statue of Resurgence to place it on the base.

The second Rune can be found just a short distance to the southeast of the statue. The Rune is etched into an orange circle in the ground. Inspect it and you will be attacked by its guardian, Grimaldi the Flaming Soul. Collect the Rune after defeating the guardian and return it to the Statue.

The third Rune is found northeast of the Statue. You will eventually come across a tall mirror-like structure that you can examine. It will transport you into an extradimensional space, a large room with several smaller mirrors. The Rune can be found behind the mirrors. Inspect it and a beam of light will fire towards the mirrors. Your goal is to redirect the beam towards the Rune by repositioning the mirrors. You only need to move the two mirrors sitting directly in front of the Rune. At the beginning of the puzzle, one of these should have the beam pointed at it. Push the mirror to the right of that one once so it now catches the beam and then move that first mirror down twice. As you approach the Rune, several Mirrored Wraiths will attack you. Defeat them all and collect the Rune then use the Portal to return to the Grand Vestibule and return the Rune to the statue.

Wait for The Curator to regain his strength and then speak to him to complete the quest.

At Its Core

According to The Curator, you must bring the Central Core to life in order to restore the Library. Head up the stairs behind the Statue of Resurgence to find the gate to the core. The Curator will unlock it for you. Escort him inside and he will attempt to reawaken the Core to no avail. Soon after, the Core's guardian Golems will begin attacking you both. Defeat them all and then speak to The Curator. He will task you with acquiring the Master's Journal in the Well of Knowledge to the west, beginning the next quest.

Source of Knowledge

Exit the Core and head far west from its entrance, past the Writhing Ingress Waypoint. You will eventually come across a tome on a pedestal. Inspect it and several Arcane Thralls will attack you. Defeat them all and obtain the Master's Journal then return to The Curator at the Central Core. Deliver the Journal and then speak to him to complete the quest and determine the next course of action.

The Eternal Guardian

Your next objective is to find the Chaos Engine to the east and use it to extract the life essence from Golems in the area in order to reanimate the Core. Exit the Central Core and head east from its entrance. Along the way, you will come across a group of Golems fighting off the Undead forces. Help the Golems and then speak to the one named Insightful Sands. Follow him to the Hidden Alcove camp just ahead and inspect the Golem's Remains on the ground. Speak to Insightful Sands once more and he will tell you of a much larger golem that has gone mad called the Eternal Guardian whose life essence may be of use. Your next objective is to seek this golem. Do note that the camp has all the usual home base amenities should you require them.

Exit the camp and head northeast. You will eventually enter a solo story dungeon section called the Master's Sanctum with several Undead blocking a bridge. Defeat them all and then cross the bridge to initiate the fight against the Eternal Guardian. After defeating it, collect its remains and then head for the large portal device in the back. Examine it to get transported directly to the Chaos Engine, completing the quest and beginning the next.

Reforging the Soul

Head southwest from where you teleport in and place the golem's remains in the Chaos Engine. You will need to activate the Orbs of Power nearby and protect them as Chaos Engine does its job. Activate the first orb on the right side of the area and you will be attacked a horde of the Burning Dead. Defeat 20 enemies and then repeat the same process with a second Orb to the left of the engine. This one will spawn more enemies and you need to hold out over 45 seconds. Once complete, collect The Spark of Life from the engine to complete the quest and move on to the next.

Recalling the Past

Return to The Curator back at the Central Core and deliver The Spark of Life. A cutscene will play as The Curator reawakens the Core, dispelling all the magical barriers in the Library. He will then go on ahead to the Archive of Secrets to the west. Exit the Central Core and follow the path on the left and take the first turn north. At the archives, wait for The Curator to finish his search and then speak to him. Afterwards, follow him north to an old chamber Zoltun Kulle used for reliving memories. Once you reach the Forbidden Archive, the quest ends and the next one begins.

The Dark Exile

In the chamber, The Curator will place the tome he found on a pedestal, creating a portal to the Destruction's End dungeon. Just like all the other dungeons you've come across, this can be completed in a party. This dungeon transports players to the past, when the Horadrim pursued the Three Prime Evils and this specific story has players help Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha defeat demons and pursue their master Baal, one of the Three, all the while searching for the means to destroy the Worldstones. See the Destruction's End Dungeon Guide for details on completing this dungeon.

Once the Baal is defeated and the dungeon is complete, take the portal to return to the Library. Speak with The Curator to learn about two angelic weapons that once graced Sanctuary with their presence. He concludes that you will want to go for the weapon hidden away in the island of Bilefen. This completes the quest.

Heart of the Unknown

The Curator wishes to give you one last gift and teleports you both across the library. He will grant you access to the Library's teleport nexus, allowing you to reach Bilefen much quicker. Note that you will not be able to continue and speak to The Curator here until you reach Level 40. Complete Bounties, Elder Rifts, Dungeons and other activities to level up and claim any Codex rewards as you need them. Again, do not claim more Codex rewards than you need as you will be required to reach a certain level again later.

After speaking to The Curator, enter the Portal to Bilefen. This concludes the storyline for the Library of Zoltun Kulle.



Level 40 - 45

Quest: Welcome to the Jungle

  1. Enter Port Justinian
  2. Speak to Sandro the Mouth
  3. Reach Talva Silvertongue
  4. Wait to speak with Talva
  5. Speak with Talva

Quest: Overgrown Temple

  1. Reach the Temple of Namari
  2. Defeat the Temple Guardians
  3. Speak to Jin
  4. Speak to Namari
  5. Speak to Jin once again
  6. Return to Port Justinian

Quest: Blazing Raid

  1. Speak to Jin
  2. Find Talva in Port Justinian
  3. Defeat the Soul Killer Shaman
  4. Speak to Talva
  5. Leave Port Justinian

Quest: Among the Bodies

  1. Find Cadeus
  2. Follow Cadeus
  3. Investigate the corpse in the water
  4. Kill the maggots
  5. Speak to Cadeus
  6. Follow the corpses up the river
  7. Kill the Maggot Brood
  8. Reach the Abandoned Village
  9. Speak with Cadeus
  10. Find the Elder's Home
  11. Speak to Elder Owens
  12. Kill Elder Owens
  13. Take the Nephalem Beacon
  14. Speak with Cadeus

Quest: Heart of the Jungle

  1. Rescue the Survivors
  2. Speak to Watts
  3. Free the survivors inside the Fetish Village
  4. Search for Geli
  5. Rescue Geli
  6. Talk to Geli
  7. Head for the Kikuras Rapids
  8. Enter the Kikuras Rapids and kill Chieftain Ongori

Quest: Parlay with Peril

  1. Reach the Crimsonblade Haven
  2. Find Jin
  3. Follow Jin to Rhodri's Private Dock
  4. Enter Rhodri's Ship
  5. Search the cabin
  6. Inspect the desk
  7. Inspect the iron cage
  8. Kill Rhodri the Red
  9. Raise the cage to free the Beacon
  10. Collect the Beacon and then speak to Jin
  11. Leave Rhodri's Ship

Quest: The Final Summoning

  1. Return to the Temple of Namari
  2. Place the Beacons
  3. Speak to Namari
  4. Enter the Temple of Namari and kill Sargoth
  5. Speak to Jin
  6. Return to Sandro the Mouth in Port Justinian

Quest: To the Arena

  1. Read the Mysterious Letter
  2. Go to the Ancient Arena in Bilefen
  3. Examine the Glownig Symbols
  4. Defeat the Returned Mages and Returned Warriors
  5. Meet with The Unspoken
  6. Pick up the Timeworn Scroll

Quest: Back to Westmarch

  1. Return to Westmarch


Welcome to the Jungle

You teleport in to an unfamiliar swampy island. Make your way to Port Justinian just ahead and you will be called over by Sandro the Mouth. Speak with him and he will escort you to check in with Talva Silvertongue, the portmaster. Follow him north to Talva's office. Wait for Talva's current audience to conclude and then speak with him. He will tell you the location of the Temple of Namari in the southeast, with a warning about the dangerous swamplands. This concludes the quest and begins the next.

Overgrown Temple

Head out of the port's southeast exit and follow the path through the swamp to the Temple of Namari. Defeat 6 Temple Guardians by the gates and then speak to Jin, the Wizard who aided you against the enemies. She will invoke a spell at the altar to summon the spirit of Namari, the Temple's prime guardian. She will task you with returning the Temple's three Beacons in order to unbind her, so that you may join forces to defeat Sargoth, a powerful demon imprisoned within the Temple. In exchange, she will entrust to both of you the ancient texts sought by Jin and the angelic weapon that you seek. 

Speak to Jin afterwards. She will tell you about a pirate that was trying to sell some stolen temple artifacts and suggests you start there. Return to Port Justinian and walk to towards the Crimsonblade Smuggler by the entrance to complete the quest and begin the next one.

Blazing Raid

Speak with Jin by the Port Justinian entrance. She asks that you speak with Talva regarding stolen goods while she pursues the Crimsonblade Smugglers lead. This will automatically transport you into a solo story dungeon instanced version of Port Justinian. The port is under attack by fetish shamans. Fight your way through to Talva's Office in the north where you will encounter the Soul Killer Shaman boss. Defeat him and then speak to Talva in the corner. He tells you about two possible stolen relics, one purchased by an explorer that never made it off the island and one in a cursed village to the east. He tells you to speak with Cadeus if you wish to pursue this lead. Leave the port through the eastern gate to complete the quest.

Among the Bodies

Your next objective is to find the man named Cadeus. Make your way northeast from the port to the Abandoned Village. You will eventually run into Cadeus kneeling on the ground along the path. Speak with him and he will suggest working together to aid the village. Follow him down to the river nearby and inspect the corpse in the water. Several Venomous Larvae will emerge from it. Destroy them all and then speak to Cadeus to confirm his suspicion that a creature is causing the village's affliction. He asks you to follow the corpses upriver to discover more. Fight your way through the river heading northeast and you will eventually come across the Maggot Brood boss. Defeat it and then continue heading east into the village where you will find Cadeus waiting. Speak with him once again and then continue onwards to find the Elder's Home in the village. You will eventually hear Elder Owens call out. Speak with him and he will eventually succumb to the maggots in his body and will attack you, triggering a fight. Kill the Elder and then collect the Nephalem Beacon that emerges. Speak with Cadeus once more and he will direct you to your next objective: killing the Fetish Shamans' chieftain. This begins the next quest.

Heart of the Jungle

Head southeast from the Abandoned Village towards the Fetish Village. You will eventually come across some captives from Port Justinian being held in the village, speak to the one named Watts. He asks you to free his friends still held inside the village. Head inside and untie three survivors and then search for their leader Geli, tied to a totem further in the south. Defeat any enemies surrounding him and then free the man and talk to him. He reveals that the Chieftain hides within the Kikuras Rapids to the southeast of the village. Make your way there and inspect the entrance.

The Kikuras Rapids is one of the dungeons in Bilefen. As with all dungeons, you can complete this in a party. Your objective is to make it through the jungle and defeat Ongori, the Fetish Chieftain and then obtain the second Nephalem Beacon. See the Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Guide for details. Completing the dungeon also completes this quest and begins the next.

Parlay with Peril

This quest begins directly after taking the portal back outside from Kikuras Rapids. Head west from the dungeon to find the Crimsonblade Haven. It seems Jin's negotiations with the pirates went badly and they will be hostile upon your arrival. Fight your way through their camp to find Jin and speak with her. Follow her to Rhodri's Private Dock to find the pirate leader's ship where they keep stolen goods. As you approach, you will be transported to a solo Story Dungeon instance. Enter the ship and then search the cabin as Jin suggests. Next, head to the east to find Rhodri's desk and inspect it. Jin will find a note revealing that the Beacon had been placed in Rhodri's private stash with a security mechanism. Inspect the iron cage in the cabin to the north and captain Rhodri will appear to attack you. Defeat him and then inspect the cage once again. This will begin a mini-game. Follow the on-screen prompts to raise the cage and free the final Nephalem Beacon. Collect it and speak to Jin and then leave the ship to complete the quest.

The Final Summoning

With all three Nephalem Beacons in hand, return to the Temple of Namari and place them on the altar as Jin summons Namari once more. Speak with Namari and follow her to the Temple's entrance. The Temple of Namari is the second dungeon of Bilefen. Your objective is to accompany Namari throughout the prison, disrupting rituals and finally defeating Sargoth. See the Temple of Namari Dungeon Guide for details on completing this dungeon.

After completing the dungeon and teleporting back outside, return to Jin by the altar to hand over the texts she is looking for. Now that you have the angelic weapon Yl'nira, it is almost time to return to Westmarch but before you go, return to Port Justinian to speak with Sandro the Mouth again. He will hand you a mysterious letter, concluding the Bilefen storyline and beginning the Cycle of Strife storyline.

To the Arena

The Cycle of Strife storyline is a PVP-centric questline that gives an introduction into endgame PVP content as well as Factions. Whether you are interested in PVP or not, you will need to complete this questline in order to continue with the Main Campaign. Read the Mysterious Letter you got from Sandro the Mouth. It invites you to the Ancient Arena in eastern Bilefen. The easiest way to get there is to portal to the Kikuras Rapids Waypoint and then heading north. Once at the Arena, head to the back and examine the glowing symbols on the ground. This will summon several Returned Mages and Returned Warriors. Defeat them all and you will hear a Mysterious Voice speak. Shortly after, a ghostly figure will arise from the symbols. This is The Unspoken. Speak with him and pick up the Timeworn Scroll he leaves behind. Take the Portal to leave the Arena and complete the quest.

Back to Westmarch

After leaving the Arena, it is finally time to return to Westmarch.



Second Revisit

Quest: Shard Bearer Part 2

  1. Return to Cain's Workshop

Quest: Fragments of the Past Part 2

  1. Enter Cain's Workshop
  2. Speak to Cain
  3. Wait for Cain to begin the ritual
  4. Use Yl'nira to destroy the Worldstone Shards
  5. Speak to Cain once again
  6. Leave Cain's Workshop

Quest: The Cycle Begins

  1. Read the Mysterious Letter
  2. Go to Selynne's Basilica
  3. Speak to The Unspoken
  4. Place the Timeworn Scroll on the Altar
  5. Speak to The Unspoken
  6. Speak to the Historical Archivist
  7. Inspect the Wall of Honor
  8. Give the Timeworn Scroll to Kion
  9. Wait for Kion to read the Timeworn Scroll
  10. Relive Kion's memory
  11. Approach the Heart and gain the Immortal's power
  12. Defeat all the Shadows
  13. Leave the Memory and speak with the Historical Archivist
  14. Speak to the Mysterious Patron in the Wolf City Tavern
  15. Enter the Court of Whispers
  16. Speak to The Unspoken in the Court of Whispers
  17. Touch the Everburning Fount
  18. Give the Timeworn Scroll to Akeba
  19. Wait for Akeba to read the Timeworn Scroll
  20. Relive Akeba's memory
  21. Speak with Akeba
  22. Challenge the Immortal
  23. Pick up the Eternal Crown
  24. Return to Akeba
  25. Speak with The Unspoken

Quest: Fragments of the Past Part 3

  1. Return to Cain's Workshop


Shard Bearer Part 2 / Fragments of the Past Part 2

Back at Westmarch, return to Cain's Workshop and speak with him to show him the angelic weapon. He will begin a ritual to prepare the Worldstones Shards and then ask you to do the honors by using Yl'nira to destroy them completely. Interact with the shards to do so and then speak with Cain once again. He will reveal the location of a fourth Shard on Mount Zivain which is your next destination. Unfortunately, Captain Rehm is not ready to set sail at this time and Cain instead hands you a letter to continue the Cycle of Strife questline. Leave Cain's Workshop to complete the quest.

The Cycle Begins

Note that you will need to be Level 43 in order to read the letter obtained from Cain and continue the questline. Claim any of your saved Codex rewards and complete Bounties, Dungeons, Elder Rift and other activities to get there faster.

Once you are Level 43, read the letter from Cain. It will instruct you to go to the Selynne's Basilica to the east of Rakkis Square. As you approach, The Unspoken will appear by the entrance to the building. Speak with him and he will ask you to place the Timeworn Scroll on the altar. Head inside the chapel and do as he says to begin a cutscene. Speak to The Unspoken once more afterwards to learn about The Immortals and The Shadows factions. He tells you to seek the Historical Archivist at the Immortals' Overlook the northeast of the city. Make your way over and speak with the archivist. She will instruct you to examine the Wall of Honor behind her. Doing so will summon a vision of Kion, the First Immortal. Give him the Timeworn Scroll and wait as he reads it. Another cutscene will begin explaining more about The Immortals and then you will be transported to Kion's memory. He instructs you to approach the structure ahead and obtain his power. You will transform into Kion and will need to defeat the incoming members of The Shadows. Once done, take the Portal to leave the memory.

Back outside, speak with the Historical Archivist once again and learn as much as you can about joining The Immortals faction and then head for the Wolf City Tavern in the southwest to speak with the Mysterious Patron in the back who is a representative of The Shadows. He will grant you access to the Court of Whispers. The entrance is just to the right of the Patron. Inside, look for The Unspoken in the Assembly Hall which can be found further in by following the linear path. The Unspoken will instruct you to touch the Everburning Fount in the center of the room. This will summon a vision of Akeba, founder of The Shadows. Give her the Timeworn Scroll and wait for her to read it. A cutscene will begin, giving more insight into The Shadows and then you will be transported into Akeba's memory. Speak with her inside the memory and she will instruct you to defeat the Immortal. Upon his defeat, pick up the Eternal Crown and return to Akeba. After speaking with her, leave through the Portal. You are returned to the Basilica. Speak with The Unspoken once more to complete the introductory questline. If you wish to learn more about the struggle between The Immortals and The Shadows, and how to participate, see the Cycle of Strife page.

Fragments of the Past Part 3

After completing the Cycle of Strife introductory questline, return to Cain's Workshop to resume the Main Campaign. He will tell you that Captain Rehm is waiting at the docks, ready to set sail. However, you will need to have reached Level 46 to leave for Mount Zavain. Follow all the usual steps to quickly gain levels and then head for the docks to begin the next storyline.


Mount Zavain

Level 46 - 52

Quest: Mountain of the Faithful

  1. Talk to Captain Rehm at the docks
  2. Go to Mt. Zavain

Quest: Into the Mountains

  1. Search Mount Zavain for the Worldstone Shard
  2. Kill the attacking beasts
  3. Speak to Oza
  4. Follow Oza to Sentinel's Watch

Quest: Khazra Aggression

  1. Speak to the Captain in Sentinel's Watch
  2. Listen to Captain Vereks' plan
  3. Follow Lieutenant Ralvar
  4. Defeat the Khazra

Quest: Free the Captives

  1. Reach the razed village
  2. Examine the corpse
  3. Follow Ralvar into the village
  4. Remove the debris from the well
  5. Talk to Guard Krynn
  6. Free Guard Weir
  7. Defeat the Khazra
  8. Inspect the ritual site
  9. Speak to Ralvar

Quest: Devious Magic

  1. Return to Captain Vereks in Sentinel's Watch

Quest: Into the Khazra Den

  1. Reach Oza outside Sentinel's Watch
  2. Speak to Oza
  3. Enter the Khazra Den
  4. Explore the Khazra Den 
  5. Eliminate the Cultists and their Khazra allies
  6. Kill the Cultists to unseal the passage
  7. Find the Cultists' Lair
  8. Defend against the summoned demons
  9. Defeat the Roiling Horror
  10. Leave the Khazra Den

Quest: The Stranger's Identity

  1. Return to Oza

Quest: Track Dravec

  1. Travel into the Misty Valley
  2. Speak to Oza
  3. Defend Oza
  4. Follow the Spirit Orb
  5. Defend Oza
  6. Follow the Spirit Orb

Quest: Suspicious Cave

  1. Investigate the cave
  2. Kill the ambushing Undead
  3. Search for clues
  4. Speak to Oza

Quest: Continue the Chase

  1. Reach the Zakarum Chapel

Quest: Strange Wooden Hut

  1. Defeat the Cultist Flamebearer
  2. Extinguish the flames
  3. Examine the scorched papers

Quest: Continue the Chase Part 2

  1. Follow Oza to the Eastern Shrine
  2. Speak to Oza
  3. Talk to Oza about the vision
  4. Search for the Cultists' Shrine

Quest: Evil Stronghold

  1. Disrupt the Cultists' ritual
  2. Reach the High Priest of Damnation
  3. Survive against the demonic assault
  4. Kill the High Priest of Damnation
  5. Examine the map

Quest: Dravec's Conspiracy

  1. Reach the Profane Ritual
  2. Defeat the emerging demons
  3. Release the Captives
  4. Destroy the Portal
  5. Defeat the emerging demons

Quest: Save the Temple

  1. Reach the Sanctified Earth Monastery
  2. Kill demons
  3. Destroy demonic catapults
  4. Speak to Oza

Quest: Take Back the Worldstone Shard

  1. Reach the Monastery shrine
  2. Speak to Oza
  3. Kill the demons summoned by Dravec
  4. Search the Training Grounds for Dravec
  5. Kill Agronix
  6. Follow after Oza and Dravec
  7. Aid the injured acolyte
  8. Reach the summit
  9. Witness Oza and Dravec's duel

Quest: Showdown at the Peak

  1. Talk to Oza
  2. Reach Dravec and the Worldstone Shard


Mountain of the Faithful

After reaching the Level 46 prerequisite, speak to Captain Rehm at the Westmarch docks and set sail for Mt. Zavain.

Into the Mountains

Upon arrival, head west into the troubled town. It has been invaded by the Moon Clan Khazra. Defeat all the enemies and speak with Oza the monk who was fighting with them. Follow her into the Sentinel's Watch nearby to begin the next quest.

Khazra Aggression

Head further into Sentinel's Watch to speak with Captain Vereks twice to listen to his plan on how to fight the Khazra. After a guard calls out, follow Lieutenant Ralvar to the south and fight off the Khazra invading at the gates. After the fight, speak to Guard Parker to begin the next quest.

Free the Captives

Head west from Sentinel's Watch to find a small village burnt down by the Khazra and examine the corpse by the gates. Afterwards, follow Ralvar further in. You will eventually hear Guard Krynn call out. Defeat any enemies and clear the debris from the nearby well to free the guard and speak with him. This puts you in a solo Story Dungeon instance within the village. Continue further down to find a sacrificial circle. Defeat all the enemies and then free the guard tied up to a pole. This will cause more Khazra to attack. Defeat them all and inspect the center of the ritual circle to destroy it and then speak with Ralvar to complete the quest.

Devious Magic

Return to Sentinel's Watch and check in with Captain Vereks. He will ask you to join Oza for the next quest.

Into the Khazra Den

Leave Sentinel's Watch from the northwest exit and follow the road north to find Oza fighting some Khazra. Assist her and then speak with her. She will task you with eliminating the thread inside the Khazra Den to the east. Follow the road north and fight through the Moon Clan Encampment to find the entrance deep in the eastern section. Inside, fight your way through the linear path. You will eventually come across a guard tied to a tree. Free him and continue onward. You will encounter some Cultists from the Cult of the Damned working with the Khazra and a large barrier blocking your path. Kill the Cultists to unseal the path and continue on to find more of them performing a summoning ritual. Fight through the demons they summon until the Mysterious Stranger in the center devours their life essence. After a brief conversation, he summons a Roiling Horror boss. Defeat it and after a brief monologue, leave the den through the portal to complete the quest and begin the next.

The Stranger's Identity

Back outside the Khazra Den, return to Oza where you left her outside the Moon Clan Encampment. Speak with her to reveal the Stranger's identity as Dravec, a monk from the same sect as her but was exiled and is now working with the cultists. You are to search for his trail and uncover his plot.

Track Dravec

Travel with Oza into the Misty Valley in the northwest. Speak to Oza at the next quest checkpoint and she will begin communing with the mountain. Defend her from enemies as she does so. Once her ritual is complete, a memory of Dravec is revealed a Spirit Orb will be summoned to guide you through the dark valley. Follow it to the west as you fight through enemies. When the Orb dissipates, Oza will commune with the mountain once more to create another one. Defend her once again and watch another of Dravec's memories. Follow the second Spirit Orb further to the west until you reach a bridge leading up to a cave. This begins the next quest.

Suspicious Cave

Cross the bridge into the cave that the Spirit Orb lead you to. Shortly after entering, bones on the floor will begin springing to life. Defeat the Undead forces and then continue on to search for clues. Examine the desk by the bookshelves, defeat the Tomb Roaches that emerge from it and then inspect the Monk's Journal, Torn Journal and the Map that dropped to the ground. Afterwards, speak to Oza to begin the next quest.

Continue the Chase

Take the cave's northeast exit an follow the road to the Misty Valley Waypoint and then head southeast towards the Zakarum Chapel.

Strange Wooden Hut

Once at the Zakarum Chapel, defeat the Cultist Flamebearer and extinguish the flames surrounding the area. Afterwards, inspect the scorched pages and then speak with Oza. She will lead you to a shrine mentioned in the notes.

Continue the Chase Part 2

Follow Oza to the east towards the shrine. You will come across a dead monk on the ground and will be prompted to speak to Oza. She will perform another vision ritual to determine what happened to the dead acolyte on the ground. After watching the vision, speak to Oza once again. She will return to the Monastery to rally the other monks while you continue the search for the Cultists' Shrine in the east. Once you approach the shrine, a new quest begins.

Evil Stronghold

Upon arrival at the shrine, you will see a group of Cultists performing a ritual. Defeat them to disrupt the ritual and the High Priest of Damnation will call out to you. Approach him and a vision of Skarn will appear for a quick verbal threat and then the priest will release several demons to attack you. Survive the assault and then kill the High Priest of Damnation. After another brief appearance by Skarn, inspect the map that dropped from the priest's robes to discover the location of another ritual site, beginning the next quest.

Dravec's Conspiracy

Follow the map and head northwest from the shrine to reach the Profane Ritual site. Once you reach the site, you are transported to a solo Story Dungeon instance. Head for the center and a cutscene will play as Dravec summons a demonic portal, releasing a large number of foes to attack you. Defeat them all and then release the captives around the ritual circle. Each captive released will cause enemies to spawn. After releasing all the captives, interact with the Portal to destroy it and defeat more emerging demons to complete the quest.

Save the Temple

Now that the Demonic Portal has been destroyed, you can catch up to Oza at the Sanctified Earth Monastery. Head southwest and then follow the road north to reach the Monastery. As you approach, Oza will call out for assistance. Defeat the demons and destroy the two demonic catapults besieging the temple. Speak to Oza after completing both objectives.

Take Back the Worldstone Shard

Follow Oza into the Monastery shrine while defeating any demons along the path. As you approach, Oza will break down at the site of the slain monks. Speak with her and a cutscene will begin afterwards as Dravec steals the Worldstone Shard. Kill the demons he summons and then chase after him in the training grounds area to the north. After another cutscene, you are transported to a solo Story Dungeon instance. Dravec will taunt you from a distance as he sends Agronix to kill you. Defeat the demon and then head towards the northeast path to find an injured Acolyte. Aid him and he will tell you Oza and Dravec went towards the temple summit. Follow after them.

Showdown at the Peak

Witness the duel between Oza and Dravec. After the cutscene, approach Oza and clear any enemies nearby before checking on her. Afterwards, check on Dravec's corpse which reanimates and then disappears after taunting you, asking you to go to the Frozen Tundra. This concludes the questline for Mount Zavain. Note that you will need to have reached Level 51 in order to continue on with the Main Campaign.


Frozen Tundra

Level 51 - 55

Quest: To the Frozen Tundra

  1. Travel to the Frozen Tundra

Quest: Cold Pursuit

  1. Head into the Frozen Tundra
  2. Talk to Ull
  3. Search the Ruins of Sescheron for Dravec
  4. Kill the demons attacking Navair
  5. Speak to Navair

Quest: Through the Ruins

  1. Continue to search the ruins for Dravec
  2. Defeat the summoned demons
  3. Speak with Dravec
  4. Return to Navair and Ghirn
  5. Speak to Ghirn
  6. Take the Portal to Bitter Hearth

Quest: The Iceburn Tear

  1. Follow Navair
  2. Speak to Chieftain Kientarc
  3. Speak to Tassi
  4. Speak to Navair
  5. Enter the Cavern of Echoes dungeon and obtain the Iceburn Tear
  6. Return to Tassi in Bitter Hearth
  7. Speak to Navair
  8. Give the Iceburn Tear to Tassi
  9. Speak with Tassi

Quest: Those Who Came Before

  1. Head to the Ice Clan Village
  2. Kill Zagraal
  3. Destroy the Khazra Shrine
  4. Collect The Ice Clan Banner
  5. Gather the Barbarians' Weapons
  6. Place the Banner upon the Ancient Grave
  7. Place the Barbarians' Weapons upon their graves
  8. Return to the Ancient Grave
  9. Speak with Ronkosh
  10. Wait for Ronkosh's gift
  11. Speak to Navair
  12. Use the Portal to reach the Plains of Blood

Quest: Blessing of the Slain

  1. Search for fallen Barbarian Warriors
  2. Kill the frost demons
  3. Collect the Broken Axe
  4. Bury the Barbarian with their weapon
  5. Speak to the Barbarian Spirit
  6. Find and bury fallen Barbarian Warriors
  7. Speak to the Clan Elder
  8. Find Torr's corpse
  9. Kill Feram Icejaw
  10. Bury Torr's corpse
  11. Give Torr the signet of his ancestors
  12. Receive the Blessing of the Slain
  13. Find Navair in the Ruins of Sescheron

Quest: The Realm of the Damned

  1. Examine Navair's corpse
  2. Speak to Chieftain Kientarc
  3. Speak to Tassi further in the ruins
  4. Wait for Tassi's ritual
  5. Find Dravec in the Realm of the Dead
  6. Fight through the spirit realm
  7. Help the Barbarian spirits fight the demon army
  8. Continue the search for Dravec
  9. Kill Dravec and Tayev
  10. Use the Iceburn Tear to return to the living world


To the Frozen Tundra

After reaching the prerequisite Level 51, you can now travel to the Frozen Tundra zone. You can get there by traveling west from the Sanctified Earth Monastery in Mount Zavain and following the road past the Zakarum Cemetery Waypoint

Cold Pursuit

As you enter the Frozen Tundra, you encounter a barbarian named Ull. Speak with him. He will point you towards the Ruins of Secheron in the northeast to begin your pursuit of Dravec. Once you reach the ruins, you will come across a female barbarian named Navair. Defeat the demons attacking her and then speak with her to begin the next quest.

Through the Ruins

Fight your way through to the inner sections of the ruins until you reach the throne, where a cutscene will begin, showing Dravec performing a ritual with a dead body and summoning demons. A spirit named Ghirn also appears. Defeat all enemies and then speak with Dravec who will escape once again. Return to Navair and Ghirn and speak with them. Ghirn will direct you towards a pilgrim in Bitter Hearth and create a Portal for you with the last of his strength. Take the Portal to begin the next quest.

The Iceburn Tear

Upon arrival at Bitter Hearth, follow Navair to the Chieftain of the Shadow Wolves. Speak with Chieftain Kientarc who will direct you to Tassi, the pilgrim whose presence is being felt by the spirits from the ruins. Speak with Tassi in her camp. It seems your goals are aligned and she tasks you with obtaining the Iceburn Tear, a powerful stone in the nearby Cavern of Echoes. Before departing, speak with Navair who will attempt to rally her tribe when it comes time for you to assault Secheron. Leave town through the eastern exit and follow the road down towards the Frozen Lake. The cavern's entrance can be found in the northwest section of the lake.

The Cavern of Echoes is a dungeon filled with Yeti and Ice Clan Khazra enemies. Your main goal is to obtain the Iceburn Tear which is guarded by enemy forces and the Glacial Colossus boss. See the Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Guide for details on completing this dungeon.

After obtaining the Iceburn Tear and completing the dungeon, return to Tassi in Bitter Hearth. As you approach town, you will encounter Navair at the gates. After a brief conversation with her, deliver the tear to Tassi by the bonfire in the center of town and then speak with her to compete the quest and begin the next.

Those Who Came Before

Your next objective is to have the spirits guide you to their realm by heading north into the Ice Clan Khazra Village where they have taken over the graveyard of the ancients. Follow the path north of the Bitter Hearth and once you reach the village, a cutscene will commence showing Zagraal, the village chieftain performing a sacrificial ritual. Defeat him and all his Khazra underlings and then destroy the Khazra ritual shrine. Collect the Ice Clan Banner north of the pit and gather the Barbarians' Weapons behind it. Continue northeast past the wooden bridge to find the Ancient Grave and place the banner upon it. A Mysterious Voice will speak with you and ask you to reunite his kin with their weapons. Place the Barbarians' Weapons upon their graves which are found around the main Ancient Grave monument. Once complete, return to the Ancient Grave where a spirit named Ronkosh will appear before you. Speak with him and he will task you with aiding a spirit named Torr and gift you the Ancestors' Signet as a symbol of your pact. Shortly after, Navair will have caught up with you at the graveyard. Speak with her and she will reveal that Torr was her father. After your conversation, take the portal opened by Ronkosh to reach the Plains of Blood and begin the next quest.

Blessing of the Slain

You are to search for fallen Shadow Wolf Barbarians. Upon teleporting in, walk to the east slightly to find the first Barbarian. Several frost demons will emerge to attack you. Defeat them all and collect the Broken Axe they drop and then interact with the Barbarian's corpse to bury them with their weapon. The Barbarian's spirit will emerge. Speak with him and he will ask you to find and bury his kin as well. Head east and fight through the monsters to find the first of three barbarians and bury him. The next barbarian is slightly northeast and the last one is further east. After burying the third barbarian, the spirit of the Clan Elder will appear before you. Speak with him to learn of Torr's last known location before he fell and he will task you with restoring the chieftain's spirit. Continue further northeast and inspect the frozen corpse locked in combat with a large frost demon. Torr's spirit will emerge, showing his final battle and the frozen demon will break free from the frost. Defeat this demon, Feram Icejaw and then bury Torr's corpse. His spirit will emerge once more. Speak with him and show him the Ancestors' Signet to receive the Blessing of the Slain. Follow the path northwest to meet with Navair in the Ruins of Sescheron. You will come across her dying just before the throne, beginning the next quest.

The Realm of the Dead

After clearing the area, inspect Navair's corpse. Chieftain Kientarc will arrive shortly after. He will ask you to find Tassi further in the ruins. Speak with her and she will perform a ritual that will allow you to walk within the Realm of the Dead. Travel eastwards and you will come across the barbarians whose spirits you've helped. Help them fight off the Demon Army within the realm and a brief conversation with Skarn will ensure. Afterwards, the spirits will help you dispel the barrier ahead. A cutscene will commence showing Skarn merging the spirits of Dravec and his fallen brother Tayev. Kill the abomination and then use the Iceburn Tear as instructed by Tassi to return to the world of the living. Speak with her to complete the Frozen Tundra questline and begin the final questline of the Main Campaign. Note that you will need to have reached Level 56 before you can enter the Realm of Damnation so perform all the usual activities and claim any of your Codex rewards you still have.


Realm of Damnation

Level 56 - 60

Quest: Into the Woods

  1. Journey into the Realm of Damnation
  2. Defeat the Gnarled Pawn and its defenders
  3. Travel through the Forest of Misery
  4. Examine the Angelic corpse
  5. Defend against the demonic assault
  6. Kill Vrytix the Aggrieved
  7. Find a path out of the Forest's Heart
  8. Search for another exit
  9. Examine Yl'nira

Quest: Light Imprisoned

  1. Find the Voice's source
  2. Kill the Baron of Pestilence
  3. Destroy the Soul Siphon
  4. Free Verathiel
  5. Speak to Verathiel

Quest: Carved in Blood

  1. Find Mikayel's prison
  2. Reach the Cavern's Entrance
  3. Enter the Bloody Cavern
  4. Search for Mikayel
  5. Speak to Mikayel
  6. Kill The Butcher
  7. Rescue Mikayel
  8. Acquire The Butcher's Cleaver
  9. Use the Cleaver to rescue Mikayel
  10. Speak with Mikayel
  11. Use the Portal to leave the cavern
  12. Reach Skarn's Citadel
  13. Search for the first Pit of Anguish

Quest: The Citadel's Shadow

  1. Evade the Eye of Skarn
  2. Defeat the demonic ambushers
  3. Choose a Portal
  4. Kill the Punisher of Sin
  5. Find the Pit of Anguish
  6. Kill the demonic assailants
  7. Destroy the Pit of Anguish

Quest: The Desiccated Legion

  1. Reach the Hall of Punishment
  2. Examine the Angelic corpse
  3. Search for Andalon
  4. Kill the Monarch of Ruin
  5. Reach Andalon
  6. Survive the Flames of Purus
  7. Kill Purus the Decimator
  8. Destroy the Soul Siphon
  9. Free Andalon

Quest: Within Flames

  1. Search for the second Pit of Anguish
  2. Defeat the Siegebreaker Assault Beasts
  3. Destroy the Pit of Anguish

Quest: The Last Lieutenant

  1. Search for Shaddox
  2. Destroy the Soul Siphon
  3. Speak to Shaddox
  4. Defeat Shaddox
  5. Speak to Shaddox
  6. Destroy the Pit of Anguish

Quest: Lord of Damnation

  1. Enter the Pit of Anguish and defeat Zaka the Abyssal Worm
  2. Reach Terror's Fall
  3. Defeat the ambushing demons
  4. Speak to Verathiel
  5. Defend the Angels from demonic assault
  6. Speak to Verathiel
  7. Enter the Portal to Skarn's Chamber
  8. Reach Skarn's Throne
  9. Kill Skarn, Lord of Damnation
  10. Reclaim Yl'nira
  11. Collect the Worldstone Shard
  12. Leave the Realm
  13. Examine the Portal
  14. Speak with Mikayel

Quest: Bearer of Ill Omens

  1. Return to Westmarch
  2. Return to Deckard Cain
  3. Speak to Cain
  4. Destroy the Worldstone Shard
  5. Speak to Cain


Into the Woods

After reaching the prerequisite Level 56, return to the Ruins of Sescheron in the Frozen Tundra and navigate your way to Skarn's Hell Portal. Use it to enter the Realm of Damnation. Upon entry, you will be greeted by the Gnarled Pawn and its defenders. Defeat them all and then continue onwards through the Forest of Misery, heading northeast. You will eventually come across the corpse of an angel. Inspect it and defend against an onslaught of demons and then defeat Vrytix the Aggrieved. From here, attempt to escape from the Forest's Heart and you will get pulled back in. Repeat this several times until Yl'nira comes to your rescue, releasing a burst of light and dispelling the miasma around the heart. Inspect Yl'nira and a Heavenly Voice will call out to you, beginning the next quest.

Light Imprisoned

Find the source of the Voice by heading east towards The Pestilent Copse. Soon after, a cutscene will play showing the Baron of Pestilence taunting the imprisoned angel Verathiel. Kill the Baron and then destroy the Soul Siphon he placed near the angel. Release her from her prison and then speak with her. Allow her to regain her strength by lending her Yl'nira and then speak with her once again. She requests that you search for her Lieutenant Mikayel, beginning the next quest.

Carved in Blood

Head north from Verathiel and then turn west at the end of the path. Head north once again when the path splits to find the Bloody Cavern. Inside, follow the linear path until you come across Mikayel and speak to him. This will begin a boss fight against The Butcher.  Once he is defeated, examine the grate in the center of the arena. Pick up The Butcher's Cleaver and use it to flip the grate and then destroy the Soul Siphon to rescue Mikayel. Speak with him and then use the Portal to leave the cavern. Your next objective is to reach Skarn's Citadel. Head west to find an Abyssal Gate. A cutscene will play as you approach. Afterwards, interact with the gate to teleport to the Citadel of the Damned. On the other side, keep moving forward and the next quest will begin.

The Citadel's Shadow

As you approach the Citadel of the Damned, an Eye of Skarn will fire a beam around it, moving counter-clockwise. Evade the beam and keep moving northwest towards the Citadel proper. You will eventually come across a vision of Skarn who will summon demons to ambush you and create two Portals, asking you to pick one to rescue a person on the other end. Choose either Portal. Whichever you choose, kill the Punisher of Sin on the other side and then head onward to find the Pit of Anguish. A brief cutscene will play showing Demons emerging from the pit. Defeat all the enemies and then destroy the pit to complete the quest and begin the next.

The Desiccated Legion

After destroying the pit, Skarn will call out and taunt you once again and then Verathiel will call out, sensing Andalon, another of her brethren nearby to the north in the Hall of Punishment. Make your way east of the pit and you will find another Angelic corpse. Examine it and then continue northeast towards Andalon's location. You will come across the Monarch of Ruin. Kill him and Andalon will call out. Continue onwards to the north to find him being drained by another Soul Siphon. Survive against the incoming Flames of Purus until Purus the Decimator himself appears. Slay him and then destroy the Soul Siphon to free Andalon. Speak with the Angel to complete the quest.

Within Flames

Your next objective is to find the second Pit of Anguish to the west. Along the way, a cutscene will play showing two Siegebreaker Assault Beasts breaking free from their chains. Defeat them both and then destroy the pit just ahead.

The Last Lieutenant

After another brief taunting from Skarn, Verathiel will once again detect another angel, the last of her Lieutenants, Shaddox. Hurry north towards Terror's Fall to search for the angel. Once you reach him, destroy the Soul Siphon draining him. Speak to Shaddox and a cutscene will show Skarn further corrupting the Angel which causes him to attack you. You will need to defeat Shaddox twice and then speak to him. He will succumb to the corruption and disappear. Destroy the final Pit of Anguish. Before Yl'nira can destroy the pit, Skarn will appear and steal and corrupt the blade. This ends the quest, leading into the next.

Lord of Damnation

After the corruption of Yl'nira, the only way to destroy the final Pit of Anguish is to shut it down from within. This unlocks the Pit of Anguish as a dungeon. Your objective here is to defeat Zaka the Abyssal Worm whose death will destroy the pit. See the Pit of Anguish Dungeon Guide for details on how to to complete it.

After destroying the pit and using the Portal to return, head west towards Terror's Fall. Kill the ambushing demons along the path. Verathiel and her Lieutenants will appear afterwards. Speak to her and defend the Angels from demons as they open the gateway to Skarn's Chamber. Once complete, speak to Verathiel once more and then enter the Portal towards the final battle. After a cutscene, it is finally time to slay the Lord of Damnation once and for all. After defeating Skarn, reclaim the corrupted Yl'nira and collect the Worldstone Shard left behind by the demon. Another cutscene will show Diablo making an appearance and Verathiel telling you to flee.

Back outside in Terror's Fall, examine the Portal to attempt to rescue Verathiel. Unfortunately, her Lieutenants will be unable to keep it open and the Portal is closed shut. Speak with Mikayel to complete the quest.

Bearer of Ill Omens

After conversing with the Angels, return to Westmarch and make your way to Cain's Workshop to seek his advice. Speak to Cain to begin the ending sequence. Halfway through, you will be prompted to destroy the Worldstone Shard using the corrupted Yl'nira which shatters after serving its purpose. This concludes the Main Campaign.


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