The Handmaiden

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Type Main Quest
Zone Ashwold Cemetery
  • 3,780 Experience
Previous Quest Consulting The Guards
Next Quest The Tomb of The Queen

The Handmaiden is a Quest in Diablo Immortal. Quests refer to objectives and tasks that are tied to game progression. The Handmaiden is one of the Main Quests in Ashwold Cemetery. Main Quests drive the narrative forward and require completion in order to advance in the Main Campaign. They are done in sequential order from zone to zone and cannot be skipped.



The handmaiden's home lies to the northeast, beyond the graves. Reach her before it's too late.



The Handmaiden Quest Description

The Handmaiden is the fourth quest in the Ashwold Cemetery Storyline. It follows directly after Consulting The Guards and leads to the The Tomb of The Queen quest upon completion. 

This quest concerns your search for the Handmaiden's cottage after obtaining information from the Guard's Watch in Ashwold Cemetery.


The Handmaiden Objectives

  1. Find the Handmaiden's Cottage
  2. Kill the Undead surrounding the cottage and search for the Handmaiden inside
  3. Light the candle
  4. Follow the Bloodstain
  5. Defeat more Undead
  6. Speak to Xul
  7. Speak to the reanimated Handmaiden
  8. Speak to Xul once more


The Handmaiden Characters & NPCs


The Handmaiden Walkthrough

Exit Guard's Watch and head northeast past the all the graves to find the Handmaiden's Cottage. Defeat 8 Hungry Corpses and Plague Bearers surrounding the cottage and then head inside. Light the candle on the table in the back to illuminate the room. You will notice a blood trail leading into a cellar. Remove the debris blocking the path and head inside to find the Handmaiden's corpse lying on the ground.

Shortly after, Xul will enter the room and a group of Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages will emerge from the ground to ambush you. Defeat them all and then speak to Xul who will reanimate the dead Handmaiden, raising her spirit from her body. After his ritual is complete, speak to the spirit of the Handmaiden who reveals that she was forced to divulge the location of Queen Asylla's Tomb to Lethes who subsequently killed her. Consult with Xul one more time before setting off. He will implore you to not allow Lethes near the Queen's body, beginning the next quest: The Tomb of The Queen.



The Handmaiden Notes, Trivia, Tips & Tricks

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