Challenge Rift in Diablo Immortal are randomly generated dungeons that let players prove their skills and earn rewards the first time you complete each difficulty level.


Diablo Immortal Challenge Rift


Challenge Rift

Level 1 - 100
Game mode Challenge Rift
Location Challenge Rift Entrance
Boss Randomly Generated
Rewards Honor and Runes

How to Complete Challenge Rift

To complete a Challenge Rift, you'll need to defeat hordes and hordes of enemies and then kill a randomly generated Rift Guardian Boss within the set time limit.



Challenge Rift Possible Spawns



Challenge Rift Possible Loots



Challenge Rift Rewards

Each time you first complete a level, you will earn Honor and Runes. You may replay any rift level but you won't be receiving anymore rewards after the first one.


Challenge Rift Modifier



Challenge Rift Leaderboard

You can also find Challenge Rift Leaderboards for each class. Showcasing players with the fastest clear times. You'll also acquire rewards based on your placement on the weekly Challenge Rift leaderboard.


Challenge Rift Notes and Tips

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Rift Level Rewards in Diablo Immortal



 1 Honer x30, Ati x3
 2 Honer x30, Ati x3
 3 Honer x35, Ati x3
 4 Honer x35, Ati x3
 5 Honer x40, Ati x3, Rare Crest x1
 6 Honer x40, Ati x3
 7 Honer x45, Ati x3
 8 Honer x45, Ati x3
 9 Honer x50, Ati x3
10 Honer x50, Ati x3, Nie x15, Rare Crest x3
 11 Honer x55, Ati x3
12  Honer x55, Ati x3
13  Honer x60, Ati x3
14  Honer x60, Ati x3
15  Honer x65, Ati x3, Rare Crest x1
16  Honer x65, Ati x3
17  Honer x70, Ati x3
18  Honer x70, Ati x3
19  Honer x75, Ati x3
20  Honer x75, Ati x3, Nie x15, Rare Crest x1
21  Honer x80, Ati x3
22  Honer x80, Ati x3
23  Honer x85, Ati x3
24  Honer x85, Ati x3
25  Honer x90, Ati x3, Rare Crest x1
26  Honer x90, Ati x3
27  Honer x95, Ati x3
28  Honer x95, Ati x3
29  Honer x100, Ati x3
30  Honer x100, Ati x3, Nie x15, Rare Crest x3
31  Honer x105, Ati x3
32  Honer x105, Ati x3
33  Honer x110, Ati x3
34  Honer x110, Ati x3
35  Honer x115, Ati x3, Rare Crest x1
36  Honer x115, Ati x3
37  Honer x120, Ati x3
38  Honer x120, Ati x3
39  Honer x125, Ati x3
40  Honer x125, Ati x3,  Nie x15, Crest x1
41  Honer x130, Ati x9
42  Honer x130, Ati x9
43  Honer x135, Ati x9
44  Honer x135, Ati x9
45  Honer x140, Ati x9, Rare Crest x1
46  Honer x140, Ati x9
47  Honer x145, Ati x9
48  Honer x145, Ati x9
49  Honer x150, Ati x9
50  Honer x150, Ati x9, Bol x15, Rare Crest x3
51  Honer x155, Ati x9
52  Honer x160, Ati x9,
53  Honer x165, Ati x9,
54  Honer x170, Ati x9,
55  Honer x175, Ati x9, Rare Crest x1
56  Honer x180, Ati x9,
57  Honer x185, Ati x9,
58  Honer x190, Ati x9,
59  Honer x195, Ati x9,
60  Honer x200, Ati x9, Bol x15, Crest x1
61 Honer x205, Ati x9
62 Honer x210, Ati x9
63 Honer x215, Ati x9
64 Honer x220, Ati x9
65 Honer x225, Ati x9, Rare Crest x1
66 Honer x230, Ati x9
67 Honer x235, Ati x9
68  Honer x240, Ati x9
69  Honer x245, Ati x9
70  Honer x250, Ati x9, Bol x15, Rare Crest x3
71  Honer x255, Ati x9
72  Honer x260, Ati x9
73  Honer x265, Ati x9
74  Honer x270, Ati x9
75  Honer x275, Ati x9, Rare Crest x1
76  Honer x280, Ati x9
77  Honer x285, Ati x9
78  Honer x290, Ati x9
79  Honer x295, Ati x9
80  Honer x300, Ati x9, Bol x15, Crest x1
81  Honer x305, Ati x30
82  Honer x310, Ati x30
83  Honer x315, Ati x30
84  Honer x320, Ati x30
85  Honer x325, Ati x30, Rare Crest x1
86  Honer x330, Ati x30
87  Honer x335, Ati x30
88  Honer x340, Ati x30
89  Honer x345, Ati x30
90  Honer x350, Ati x30, Tyr x15, Rare Crest x3
 91 Honer x355, Ati x30
92  Honer x360, Ati x30
93  Honer x365, Ati x30
94  Honer x370, Ati x30
95  Honer x375, Ati x30, Rare Crest x1
96  Honer x380, Ati x30
97  Honer x385, Ati x30
98  Honer x390, Ati x30
99  Honer x395, Ati x30
100  Honer x400, Ati x30, Tyr x15, Crest x1




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