New Player Help of Diablo Immortal covers all the guides and tips for beginners. Whether you have played Diablo games before or new to slaying demons in Sanctuary, you will find useful information about this game.

Diablo Immortal Helpful Pages

  • Classes: Check out this page if you're not familiar with the classes, or if you want to know specific details about each class.
  • Skills: To familiarize yourself with the different skillsets of every class in the game.
  • Quests: For a list of all Quests, Bounties, and World Events that you can do in the game.
  • NPCs: Get to know the casts of Diablo Immortal and know their locations and features.
  • Monsters: Familiarize yourself with the different Monsters and Bosses that you will encounter.
  • Stats & Attributes: Information about the various attributes of a playable character.
  • FAQs: If you want to learn more about the other aspects of the game and any other frequent questions.
  • Difficulty: Introduces you to the types of difficulties you can do in the game.
  • Combat: Learn about the basic mechanics of the game and various features to help during combat.
  • Controls: Learn about the basic controls of whichever platform you're playing on.
  • Battle Pass: For information on the rewards you can get from the latest Battle Pass.
  • Locations: Get to know the different locations you can go to as your level progresses.




Diablo Immortal New Player Help

Diablo Immortal Codex

Your Codex is a menu where you can get Battle Points, Hilts, and Crafting Materials. It's a menu that keeps track of your rewards and goals after accomplishing tasks. It also contains all the menus like Battle Pass, Guide, Activities, Quests, PVP, Achievements, Exploration percentage, and many more features that are in the game to help you navigate.

Hard time choosing a class?

If you're having a difficult time choosing a class to your liking, you can always go ahead and try them all until you find what's best suited for your taste. The CrusaderBarbarian, and Monk are melee types or close-range classes, while the NecromancerWizard, and Demon Hunter are ranged and support types. Try them out!

How to become a Shadow?

To be recruited into the Shadow Faction, there are two ways:

  • First, enter the Shadow Lottery. This is a 60-minute lottery that takes place every single day at 12:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 9:00 pm server time. You can enter the Shadow Lottery by visiting the Mysterious Patron in the Tavern in Westmarch, then wait for 60 minutes to see if you've been chosen. Once you're greeted and welcomed, the Mysterious Patron will bring you to a room behind him where you'll have to fight three guardians before learning about all the Shadows' activities.
  • The second is to be invited by a player who is already a Shadow. Every day, Players who are Shadows can re-enter the Shadow Lottery for a chance to be rewarded with an Akeba's Signet, which can be used to recruit level 43 or higher members. Each time you recruit a new member, you will receive 20 Hilts and Experience. These must be obtained to recruit new members.

Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

Bounty Board

  • To level up fast in Diablo Immortal, head over to the city of Westmarch and do your daily bounties. There will be a Bounty board with two guards on each side which will be easy to spot. It's good to remember that all the bounties that you get will stack up for the first three days, giving you enough time to complete them and earn XP. Most importantly, it's important to complete all of your bounties when you're a new player because, upon completion of your first set of bounties, you will get extra rewards like more XP, platinum, and many more.

Shadow Contracts and Immortal Dailies

  • Another similar way of leveling is Shadow Contracts and Immortal dailies, which are extra tasks or events that players can do that will heavily reward you with XP and other rewards. These contracts are similar to bounty boards but are only for Shadows and Immortals. It's important to remember as well that Shadows and Immortals can still take advantage of Bounty Boards. 

Double XP from Featured Activities

  • One of the fastest ways of leveling up is taking advantage of featured activities. Normally, these will reward you by doubling the XP given by that specific event. You'll normally see the featured activities by checking your Codex in Diablo Immortal

Zone Events

  • Zone events usually happen every hour and in different zones in the game. What you can get out of those events are multiple enchanted dusts that can be used for upgrading gear levels. You can run the events on every difficulty, which is Normal, Hell 1, and Hell 2 for more rewards. It's important as well to run with a party to make things fast and easier for the event.


  • Mobs usually show up on your map as a skeleton icon or an icon that is glowing. These are usually good sources of rewards and XP. There are 3 types of colors for the mob icons, those colors are Blue, Purple, and Orange, The orange ones are usually the most rewarding, giving a big amount of XP and a guaranteed legendary item.

Library of Zoltun Kulle

  • This event is one of the zone events that happen throughout the game, but this one is quite different. There’s a specific mechanic where you collect 5 lost pages in different areas and upon collecting all 5, it allows you to open up a portal where it will bring you to randomized locations with random encounters like bosses or random enemies. But at the end of each location, you’ll be able to get enchanted dust which is used for leveling your gear and progressing rapidly.


  • As you’re exploring the game, you will come across exclamation marks, which are indicators of quests and side quests. Doing these quests will give you multiple rewards and XP. So, make sure to do them when you encounter them.


One helpful feature that Diablo Immortal has is Auto-Navigate. On the left side of your HUD, you can choose locations that you've already been to and the game will automatically walk your character there until you reach your desired location. Do take note that Auto-Navigate will not fight monsters for you, but will simply bring you to your desired location.

Diablo Immortal Immortal's Vault

The Immortal's Vault is the place to go if you're hunting for the best Legendary Items in the game. The Shadows will form a four-man party for this event and attempt to take the Immortals' rewards. The vault isn't always open, but when it is, the Immortals will be there to hunt down and kill any shadows attempting to reach the vault.

What are the different Difficulties?

At the very beginning, Diablo Immortal will always start on Normal Difficulty. Once you reach character level 60, you can start entering from Hell 1 difficulty to Hell 4 without restriction. It's worth noting that Hell Difficulties will increase the combat rating of Monsters and will force you to enter dungeons with a party of two and that Hell Difficulties will only drop items for a specified range of paragon levels. When you're in Hell Difficulties, you can also get set items.

How to become an Immortal?

The Immortals are a faction that has access to difficult events or challenges, high-tier loot, and more. Immortals, however, are not permanent. Every once in a while, the Shadows become the Immortals until their reign is over as well and is taken over by a new set of Shadows. To become an Immortal, you must first understand that there are a limited number of slots accessible. If you receive an invitation from one of the three Immortal factions, you can join. As previously stated, another option to become an Immortal is to join the shadows and challenge the present immortals. Lastly, make sure to contribute and optimize your Sigil of Dominance once you've become an Immortal. You might get booted out of the Immortals if you're a casual player who doesn't contribute.

Diablo Immortal Activities


  • Every month, a new Helliquary boss is introduced and during this period, you can go back every week to kill them for rewards. Heliquary bosses are difficult bosses to defeat so, make sure to bring friends or join up with others when taking on the Helliquary boss. If you’re a new player, and you die multiple times until you run out of revives, do not leave the Helliquary just yet. If any of your party members are left, and they manage to defeat the boss, they can still revive you and you’ll be able to claim the rewards for defeating the Heliquary boss.


  • First, you need to get to Westmarch before you can enter the rifts. There are two different rifts when playing Diablo Immortal, the first being the Challenge rifts. In challenge rifts, you’ll be starting with level 1, continuously leveling up more as you progress while challenges get harder as you progress as well. The benefit of doing challenge rifts is, that you get placed on a leaderboard, and at the end of every single day, you get rewards for your placement on the leaderboard. The second one would be Elder Rifts, this is where you put in your rare crests or legendary quests. At the end of your run with the elder rifts, you will automatically be given a big chest with high rewards depending on the type of crest that you put in. You can bring your friends or join with others, and still get more rewards when you put in your crests.

Upgrade your gear level

  • If you’re a new player, it’s important to know that you don’t have to rush the story or just upgrade your character when you want to get stronger. Make sure to upgrade your gear levels as well by taking part in dungeons or rifts and farming upgrades for your gear. Most of the time, you will encounter bosses or players with higher offensive ratings than your defensive rating, this causes you to take deadly damage and instantly get killed. So your best bet is not only to upgrade your character but to upgrade your gear to increase your offensive and defensive ratings. Normally, the game will show you the OR/DR of bosses that you’re about to take on, so make sure you’re either on par or higher than the Boss ratings.

Kion's Ordeal

  • Kion's Ordeal is a mini-raid for Immortals with four bosses that you need to defeat. You can do this event with up to 48 other players grouped by 12, but as each boss gets defeated, the other bosses get more powerful. You can complete more and more severe levels of Kion's Ordeal as you go through the Eternal Crown, providing immortals with strong loot and a faction wide buff called the "Blessing of Daedessa". Do take note that this is an Immortals exclusive raid.


  • Player vs Player usually opens up every 3 hours from 6:00 am to midnight every day, and it's called Ancient Arena. When the event starts, all players present can participate in the free-for-all PVP combat. Players who are defeated. respawn outside the arena, but cannot re-enter until the event is complete.

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