The Battle Pass System in Diablo Immortal is a progression system that allows players to earn rewards by playing, completing timed Quest, and other in-game activities. See Monetization and Market for details on the game's monetization system.


Diablo Immortal Battle Pass


Battle Pass Rewards

Diablo Immortal Battle Pass system: Like many other "Free to Play" games, Diablo Immortal features both free and paid tracks. All players can claim rewards such as Reforge Stones and Crests through the free tracks, while players with the paid track will have access to exclusive cosmetics and even more rewards.




Battle Pass Progression

Progression is made through the completion of Seasonal Quests and other in-game activities and after earning enough points you'll rank up and receive your rewards. The number of points needed per rank on the track goes up each time. The current cap of the Battle Pass is 40 at the time of writing and from then on every 180 points you will receive the Gift of Renown reward.




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