Merchants and Vendors in Diablo Immortal are non-playable characters that offers the players services like weapon creation and upgrades. Please read on for more details. Below is a list of all of the available vendor or merchants found in the Diablo Immortal.


Diablo Immortal Merchant and Vendor 

seril apprentice jeweler
Apprentice Jeweler

The Apprentice Jeweler handles all of the Gem related upgrades and services.


The Blacksmith is where you can salvage and upgrade your equipment.

charm craftsman
Charm Craftsman

The Charm Craftsman offers Charm related services such as Salvage, Upgrade, Extract and Imbue.


jondo mouren crest merchant
Crest Merchant

The Crest Merchant sells Crest for Eternal Orb that can add modifiers on the Elder Rifts.

luuko crystal merchant
Crystal Merchant

The Crystal Merchant sells Echo Crystal for Eternal Orbs.

enigmatic crusader
Fading Ember Trader

A trader that takes your Fading Embers for Runes and Legendary Gems.


lieutenant fizriah
Honor Merchant

A trader that takes your Honor (the currency) for miscellaneous items.

lanali identifier

The identifier reveals Legendary Items.

yakin rarities and antiquities
Rarities and Antiquities

A merchant that sells Mystery Items.


yverius reforge stone vendor
Reforge Stone Vendor

A merchant that sells different kinds Reforge stones.


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