In Diablo Immortal Monk Weapons have several random generated attributes based on their Affixes, you can re-forge your weapons at a Blacksmith with Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build. Weapons can also be enhanced by upgrading to higher ranks or combine with Gems.



Monk Weapons in Diablo Immortal

Name & Icon Class Slot Effect
Dragon's Indignation
Monk Main Hand Incinerate: Seven-sided Strike turns to Fire, with additional Burning effect.
Intervening Law
Monk Main Hand Sick Care: Shield of Zen now charges to a designated spot, granting you a Shield of Zen and nearby allies a shield that absorbs damage.
Rod of Echoes
Monk Main Hand Mystic Allies cooldown reduced by 15%.
Spirit's Reach
Monk Main Hand Seven-Spirit Strike: Seven-sided Strike now places a runic circle inside which all enemies will be struck by your spirit allies.
Power of Undulation
Monk Off-Hand Energy Wind: Wave Strike now continuously channels energy waves forward.
Reaching Rebuke
Monk Off-Hand Crushing Palm: Exploding Palm now launches you at a location and strikes that area with a giant palm as you land, damaging all nearby enemies, 
Respite's Sigh
Monk Off-Hand Inner Sanctuary duration increased by 30%.

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