Charms in Diablo Immortal are Accessories that provide buffs to players in the game that can be upgraded or modified with Skill Stones or Alchemical Powder. All Accessories include rings, amulets, and charms and are usually sorted into the the Neck, Waist, Ring, Feet and Hand Slots and are considered a player's secondary gear. Charms are their own kind of endgame accessory and are not fitted to any of these slots. Instead, there is a place for it as one of the primary gear slots. A character can only have one equipped at time. Equipping charms also comes with unique bonuses. Their bonuses are usually tied to specific class Skills and are unlike other set accessories, they do not belong to any accessory set and must be upgraded instead in order to add on their skill bonuses.



Diablo Immortal Charms Guide

How do you get Charms?

Charms can be purchased from the Hilts Merchant or are obtained as rewards from completing Bounties in the game. They are obtained intitally as a Rank 1 Charm with one preset skill bonus. Up to 5 bonuses can be added to a Charm by upgrading the Charm's Rank. They can be ranked up to a rank 5, holding 5 total skill bonuses.


Charm Craftsman Overview

Salvaging Charms

  • Charms ranked 1-4 can be Salvaged to obtain Alchemical Powder
  • Alchemical Powder can be used to upgrade Charms

Upgrading Charms

  • Upgrade a Charm using Alchemical Powder to add new skill bonuses
  • Bonuses are randomly chosen from all classes
  • Charms can be upgraded to a maximum rank of 5.


  • You can extract a Skill Stone from a Rank 5 Charm. 
  • Extraction consumes the Charm.
  • The Extracted Skill Stone is imprinted with the skills that were on the Charm. 

Imbuing Charms

  • Rank 5 Charms can be imbued by a Skill Stone
  • Imbung replaces on of the augmented skill on a Charm with a skill chosen randomly from eh skill imprinted on the Skill Stone. 
  • You will be able to choose to accept the new bonus or keep the existing one.
  • Imbued bonuses can appear as +1, +2 or +3 to a skill. 
  • Each skill can only appear once on a Charm. 


What are Skill Stones and Alchemical Powder?

These materials are obtained through the different charm services offered by the Charm Craftsman. You will need to already have charms on hand to obtain the rest and make them usable.

  • Alchemy Powder: This material is obtained from Salvaging unwanted Charms and is used to upgrade other Charms to a high rank, adding bonuses to a Charm. 
  • Skill Stone: A skill stone is the imprinted Skill Bonuses from a Charm. It requires 500 Platinum and can be later used to imbue a bonus from an imprinted stone onto a new Charm


  • Platinum can be earned by logging in every day to gain 3000 Platinum once daily or by completing the available 12 daily Bounties or quests.


Skill Stone Trading

At the Trade Market, Skill Stones can be traded through the Marketplace where players can trade skill stones imprinted with unwanted skill bonuses that perhaps are not compatible with their selected class but are deemed valuable to another class. When looking for Skill Stones in the marketplace, there will be an option to filter in what you are looking for, selecting a Class then the desired skill. This would filter and display only the Skill Stones with your desired skill.


Salvaging Charms in Diablo Immortal

Salvaging Charms is a process that scraps Charms and turns them into powder. The powder obtained from this process is the material used or required in order to upgrade other charms. Players can choose to salvage Rank 1 Charms with unwanted skill bonuses to obtain Alchemical Powder. The required amount of powder to upgrade another charm will be indicated under the Upgrade tab once a charm is selected. 

charm salvage alchemy powder upgrade screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min  

Charm Bonuses in Diablo Immortal

Rank 1 Charms are obtained with 1 set skill bonus. Each time a Charm is upgraded a Rank, a new Random Skill Bonus is added from any of the available Classes. This means there is a chance to acquire a charm and upgrade it to Rank 5 without having any useful skills for your chosen Classes, deeming it unusable since the bonuses wont apply to the selected class skills. This can be modified through Extracting and Imbuing process, a service provided by the Charm Craftsman. 


How are Charms Upgraded?

Charms can be upgraded with a Charm Craftsman. With the Charm Craftsman, there should be the option to Salvage, Upgrade, Extract and Imbue. The upgrade option will indicate what is required to rank up the charm, which will grant a Random Skill Bonus. The materials required is known as Alchemical Powder, a material obtained through salvaging Charms with unwanted skill bonuses. Through this process, Charms can be ranked up to a Maximum Level of 5. Each time a Charm is upgraded, a new random skill bonus is added, which stacks on to the bonuses of the charm. Acquiring a skill belonging to the desired Class is entirely luck-based.

Since these bonuses are skill dependent, ideally, players will hope that the random skill bonuses that is acquired can apply to a skill that belongs to their chosen Class. It is possible to upgrade a charm to rank 5 and acquire a variety of skill bonuses that belongs to multiple classes, deeming the bonus less effective than one that acqures multiple skill bonuses of the same class. To decrease the chances of having a charm with undesired skills, players can consider the Extraction and Imbuing process. This increases the odds of imbuing a desired skill, since the odds are now 1/5, onto another charm.

  charm upgrade screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min

What is Extracting and Imbuing? 

Extracting is the option to extract an imprint of the skill bonuses on a Charm and turn it into a Skill Stone. Only Rank 5 Charms can be extracted.  Be sure when extracting since it consumes the charm and all its skills This is also done sparingly unless a player has a lots of Platinum to spare since it costs 500 Platinum for the extraction process alone. Ideally, extract a charm with more desired skills for a higher chance of transfer during the next process. Keep in mind that only one skill can be imbued onto the new charm.

Afterwards, there is the option to Imbue this extracted Skill Stone onto another Charm, replacing an existing bonus on the charm as well. The Charm that will have a new replaced skill must also be rank 5.  Keep in mind, only one of the original skills from the skill stone will carry over to replace the skill from the new charm and it is determined by luck giving you a 20% chance of each bonus transferring over. Players will want to think carefully about the skills that are extracted and imbued to ultimately build a Charm containing all the desired skills through this process. 


Material Requirements for each Charm Process

Process Name
Materials Required
Charm 1 Charm =
x10 Alchemy Powder
Alchemical Powder 20
Platinum 500
Skill Stone  1


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