Trading or the Market in Diablo Immortal is a feature in the game that refers to an interactive area  where players can transfer or trade items or commodities with one another. The market is a place players can visit and view what items have been put up to buy or sell. Not all items in the game are available for trading. Tradable items have been narrowed down to Gems, Legendary Gems, Runes and Skill Stones. In order to trade in Diablo Immortal, Platinum is required since this will be the main currency of trading at the Market.


Diablo Immortal Market

Market and Trading

Diablo Immortal players can buy and sell their materials and gems for a set market rate of Platinums. So far, there is no haggling or counter-offer features available in the game. Platinum is the Market currency and is obtainable through playing the game or by microtransaction with real-life cash through their shop. Players can head to the Market Sellers begin trading. Gold is also required as a fee to the Market trader in order to list an item. Unlike the Diablo 3 auction house, players won't be able to trade their gears and items. Instead, players can buy and sell gems and materials at the Market. As of now the only features at the market are to buy and sell, but a "coming soon" text suggest there may be more features to be added later on. The items you can find at the Market are sorted into five categories. 

  • Watchlist
  • Gems
  • Runes
  • Legendary Gems
  • Skill Stones


Platinum can be earned by logging in every day to gain 3000 Platinum once daily or by completing the available 12 daily Bounties or quests.


The Market allows players to buy and sell specific Items. 


  1. Items are bought and sold using Platinum.
  2. Items are listed for 48 hours and will be returned to seller if not sold. 
  3. When selling. there is a recommended price based on recent market activiity. 
  4. You can adjust an item's price above or below the recommended price.
  5. When an item sells, 15% of the sales price is charged as a fee.

Scarce Items 

  1. Legendary Gems and Skill Stones are considered scarce items, and have additional rules.
  2. Scarce items have a wider range of value, and are on public display for 12 hours before they can be purchased.
  3. Buying and selling scarce items is subject to manual review.

Taxes and Fees

  1. A small gold fee is charged to list items.
  2. Sold items are subject to a 15% fee.



List an Item

When selling items, the market will allow you to select the item you want to sell, and list it for the price of your choice. You can also modify the amount you want to list below the price.

Tapping through the pricing section will display the recommended price point for your item. These recomended prices are based on recent market activity around the item you are trying to list. The displayed price is only a recommendation and players are still free to price their item either higher or lower than the recomended price. Keep in mind that there is a small tax fee to be paid in gold and is required  in order to list your item. 

Listings are kept posted for 48 hours, and if the item has not been sold by then, the listed item will be returned to the seller. Scarce items such as Skill Stones and Legendary Gems have additional rules to their listing and will be avilable on the Market for viewing only for 12 hours before anyone can make a purchase.

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Once you are happy with your listing settings, list the item and wait for a buyer. You will see the following categories after you have selected a List Item.

  •  Price 
  • Amount
  • Total
  • Fee



This page will display all of your Sale and Purchases. The Sales tab will show the total you have made through your listing "Today " as well as your Overall earnings. Select your purchases to review all your previous purchases from the market. 

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This section can be used to bookmark any sought after items so that these specific listings or items can be easily found and returned to from the Watchlist page. Items can be bookmarked into the watchlist by tapping the heart located at the top right corner of the selected item. Items in the watchlist section are also set to notify you 3 minutes before the listing item is due to expire in case a player wants to make a last minute purchase. 

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Gems & Legendary Gems 

All Gem categories can be found as the first tab available at the Market. Tapping into the Gems will reveal all the Gem types that are already sorted so players can browse through all kinds of gems for each Rank. At the lower right corner, it will show how many of each type are available on the Market. Hover over each Gem and the desired Rank and it will also display their Type, Attribute bonus, Socket Type, and Required Gear Rank. The following are the Gem types that can be viewed in the Market. 

  • Tourmaline
  • Ruby
  • Ctrine
  • Topaz
  • Sapphire
  • Aquamarine

Legendary Gems are displayed the same way without the different Gem categories. All Legendary Gems are listed out along with their accompanying effects. Listing Legendary Gems in the market will require them to undergo a 12 hour display waiting period before they can be purchased since they are considerd a scare item.



Runes are a category found in the Marketplace. All Runes will be displayed under this table and it will indicate if there are any availabe for trade. 


Skill Stones

  • When looking for Skill Stones in the Market, they can be sorted and filtered according to which skills you are looking for. They can be specific to a Class so that only skill stones that contain skill for that class will appear, or more specifically, narrowed down to the preferred skill. This way, only skill stones that contain your selected skill for that class will appear for more convenient browsing. Listing Skill stones in the market will require them to undergo a 12 hour display waiting period before they can be purchased since they are considerd aa scare item.
  • Skill Stones are the Skill Bonus imprints obtained from Charms through the extraction process done thorugh a Charm Craftsman. These are used to Imbue Bonuses from a smaller pool of skills found on one Charm onto another charm in order to have an increased chance to add a more desired bonus skill onto another Charm, replacing one of the existing bonuses. Both the original charm and new charm receiving the new bonus will have be upgraded to a Rank 5 in order to obtain the skill stone through Extraction and Imbuing. 
  • These Skills Stones can then be traded at the Market to obtain a preferred set of skill bonuses found on the stones. Since the original Charm bonuses are randomized, players will likely have a number of unwanted bonuses on their charms that will not be compatible to their selected Classes. Players can now choose to trade them away instead of salvaging them.



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