Necromancer Skills in Diablo Immortal feature the different set of talents for the Necromancer class. Necromancers in Diablo Immortal are commanders of the dead and manipulators of life and death. Necromancers can conjure dark magic and are capable of summoning the undead and creatures of the underworld. In general, Skills in Diablo Immortal include 2 primary skills and several other skills that can be unlocked when you level up. In Diablo Immortal, each skill has different ranks, you need to level up your characters to upgrade the skills to higher ranks. This page covers the skills for the Necromancer class.

Primary and Basic Skills

Players can only equip 5 skills at once composed of 1 Primary and 4 Basic skills. Primary skills have no cooldown unlike Basic skills. Using a Primary skill also fills up the players Ultimate bar and once it's full players can cast their Ultimiate Ability. Skills can swapped out anytime as long as the player is outside of combat. 

Charms and Legendary Items

Skills will automatically increase in Rank as players level up. There are also Charms and Legendary Items that can help boost a player's skill. Charms add bonus stats that enhances a skill's power while Legendary Items modify a skill's power and behavior entirely or enhance it's stats. A player can only equip 1 Charm per character so it is important to find the right skill for the Charm.



Diablo Immortal All Necromancer Skills


Necromancer Primary Skills

bone spear necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide

Bone Spear

Unlock: 34

Shoot a piercing Bone Spear forward to inflict x damage, and pierce up to 2 additional enemies. Damage reduced 50% for each additional enemy pierced.

Ultimate: Dread Skullscythe - Enhance Bone Spear for 12 seconds, instead swinging a massive scythe that deals damage to all nearby enemies and knocks them away.

soulfire necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 1

Throw a ball of soulfire that explodes when it strikes an enemy, inflicting x damage to the target and 25% as much to all other nearby enemies.

Ultimate: Hungering Soulfire - Enhance Soulfire for 12 seconds, instead launching multiple greater bone spirits that seek out enemies and deal damage. Targets hit multiple times simultaneously take 75% cumulatively reduced damage.


Necromancer Basic Skills

bone armor necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Bone Armor

Unlock: 41

Role: Buff

Cooldown: 20 sec

Protect yourself and nearby allies with a shield of bones that absorbs x damage for 12 seconds.


bone spikes necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Bone Spikes

Unlock: 8

Role: Control, Charge

Cooldown: 12 sec

Summon bone spikes that erupt from the ground, stunning enemies for 2 seconds and dealing x damage. Charging longer increases range, and damage up to x.


bone spirits necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Bone Spirits

Unlock: 47

Role Channel, Damage

Cooldown: .5 sec

Unleash a continual barrage of bone spirits, dealing x damage to enemies. Using Bone spirits slowly consumes its energy, which recovers while Bone Spirits is not in use.


bone wall necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Bone Wall

Unlock: 28

Role: Control

Cooldown: 14 sec

Conjure a wall of bones for 9.2 seconds that blocks the movement of all enemies and allies, and also blocks all enemy projectiles. Maximum 3 charges.


command golem necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Command Golem

Unlock: 50

Role: Gather, Control

Cooldown: 36 sec

Summon a bone golem for 24 seconds. When summoned, it will deal x damage to all nearby enemies and Stun them for 2 seconds. While it is active, you can order the golem to leap to a nearby location, where it will deal damage and force all nearby monsters to attack it for 6 seconds.


skeletal mage necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Skeletal Mage

Unlock: 20

Role: Damage

Cooldown: 24 sec

Summon an immobile skeletal mage for 13 seconds that throws bolts of soulfire in a direction, each dealing x damage to all enemies in the bolt’s path. You may not command more than 6 total skeletal champions and skeletal mages.


corpse explosion necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Corpse Explosion

Unlock: 3

Role: Control

Cooldown: 1 sec

Detonate all corpses in the target area, each corpse dealing x damage to all nearby enemies. Enemies struck by multiple simultaneous explosions take 40% cumulatively reduced damage for each additional hit.


corpse lance necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Corpse Lance

Unlock: 38

Role: Damage

Cooldown: 1 sec

Summon projectiles from nearby corpses that impale the target and other random nearby enemies. Each corpse summons 3 lances that deal x damage. Multiple hits on the same target deal 20% cumulatively reduced damage.


grim scythe necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Grim Scythe

Unlock: 1

Role: Damage

Cooldown: 9 sec

Slash with a summoned scythe, dealing x damage to all enemies in front of you. Each enemy hit generates a corpse, up to a maximum of 2. Maximum 2 charges.


wraith form necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide
Wraith Form

Unlock: 15

Role: Buff

Cooldown: 9.4 sec

Transform into a wraith, gaining 50% increased movement speed and invulnerability for 2 seconds. During this time you cannot attack.

command skeletons necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide

Command Skeletons

Unlock: 1

Role: Damage

Cooldown: 8 sec

Active: Command your skeletal champions to charge to a location and increase attack speed by 80% for 4.5 seconds.
Passive: Raise a skeletal champion every 8 seconds to a max of 4. Skeletal champions deal damage per attack.

dark curse necromancer skills diablo immortal wiki guide

Dark Curse

Unlock: 44

Role: Control

Cooldown: 12 sec

Curse all enemies in the area, dealing damage to them over 6 seconds and greatly reducing their vision.

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