Paragon System or Paragon Levels in Diablo Immortal allows players to enhance their characters by gaining bonus stats and unlocking passive attributes and specialization skills. Players will develop their characters by investing Paragon Points into the unique trees, in addition to using their Equipment to optimize their Builds.

Paragon System Overview

The Paragon System is an endgame content that once you've reached the max level which is Level 60, you will unlock Paragon Level 1. From there, everytime you level up, you will instead gain 1 Paragon Point, you can use these to unlock certain skills in different Paragon Trees.

How to gain access to Paragon Trees?

Players would need to reach the max level 60 in order for the Paragon System to be available. Once you've reached level 60, all the XP you gain will be available to spend for the Paragon Trees and you will also gain Paragon Levels. You get 1 point for every Paragon Level, and you can use these to unlock nodes from the Paragon Trees.

As of now, there are only 6 Paragon Trees available, each with their own set of skills and different bonuses. There's the Survivor and Vanquisher, which you will immediately unlock at Paragon Level 1. You will then unlock Treasure Hunter once you've reached Paragon Level 50. Gladiator after you've reached 100, then both Soldier and Mastermind Once you've reached Paragon Level 150.

How to earn Paragon Points?

You earn Paragon Points simply by gaining XP once you hit the level cap. You can spend these points across all the Paragon trees you have unlocked, so you could, for instance, spend one point in the Survivor tree, then the next point in the Vanquisher tree, and so on. However, while diversification is useful and even something we want to encourage, there is a catch: only one tree can be set to active at any time.

What that means is that each Paragon tree offers Permanent Attributes and Specialization Skills. Permanent Attributes are stat boosts you get continually from points spent. Specialization Skills only benefit you when you choose to activate their Paragon tree. If you change which Paragon tree is active, you get access to a different group of Specialization Skills, but the Permanent Attributes always remain.


Certain skills from the Paragon Trees will require players to unlock previous skills from the same tree. It can be seen from the ingame preview of each Paragon Tree that some skills branch out other skills and there are arrows pointing to the next skill that can be unlocked. For example, to unlock the Life on the 2nd row of the Survivor Paragon Tree, players would need to either obtain Stalwart or Escape Artist first.

How many Paragon Trees are there?

The game will release with 10 unique Paragon Talent Trees, and the developers have announced that they play to add more as the game's lifecycle continues. For now, only six Talent Trees have been revealed: SurvivorTreasure HunterVanquisherGladiatorSoldier, and Mastermind.

 paragon system talent trees diablo immortal wiki guide

Types of Nodes

All Paragon Trees have two types of nodes, the Permanent Attributes and the Specialization Skills. Player's can differentiate both from looking at the icons, Permanent Attributes have circular icons while Specialization Skills have square icons.

  • Permanent Attributes are stat boosts that will always apply to the player's character once it's unlocked.
  • Specialization Skills will only benefit the player if they choose to activate the respective Paragon Tree of the Skill.

The player can always choose which Paragon Tree to activate but there can only be one at a time.

Recommended Upgrades

Regardless of what Paragon Tree you choose to activate, it is recommended to upgrade the Permanent Attributes first rather than the Specialization Skills. As previously stated, Permanent Attributes carries over all the Paragon Trees once you've unlocked them and it will remain active to your character regardless of what Paragon Tree you choose to activate. Specialization Skills will only activate if you choose the corresponding Paragon Tree of that said skill.

If you want to increase your character's damage output from the start, it is recommended that you unlock as much Damage and Armor Penetration nodes as possible from all across the Paragon Trees.

If you wish to have increased defensive capabilities, then upgrading Life and Armor nodes is the best choice.

Server Paragon Levels

Server Paragon Levels or SPL is a new system featured in Diablo Immortal. The player's SPL will start at Paragon Level 0 and it will increase by 2 levels per day every time the server resets. The SPL and the player's Paragon Level will be compared and bonuses or penalties will then be applied depending on the player's current Paragon Level.

Results are determined by the player's current Paragon Level:

Below Server Paragon Level

  • 200% if below Server Paragon Level

Above Server Paragon Level:

  • 25% if 5 or more above Server Paragon Level
  • 5% if 10 or more aboe Server Paragon Level


All Paragon Trees in Diablo Immortal

Survivor Paragon Tree

The Survivor Paragon Tree will be unlocked alongside the Vanquisher Paragon Tree once players reach max level 60 where the Paragon System will be available and they will start at Paragon Level 1. The main focus of this tree is to grant players defensive bonuses and vitality stats.

Vanquisher Paragon Tree

The Vanquisher Paragon Tree is also one of the first skill trees available once you've reached Paragon Level 1. The main focus of this skill tree is to grant players offensive bonuses to increase their character's damage output.

Treasure Hunter Paragon Tree

The Treasure Hunter Paragon Tree can be unlocked at Paragon Level 50. This skill tree provides bonuses to to equipment/gold drop rate, defenses, and XP gain.  


Gladiator Paragon Tree

The Gladiator Paragon Tree can be unlocked at Paragon Level 100. This skill tree focuses on enhancing the combat effectiveness of the player's character in PvP as it provides offense and endurance bonuses.

Soldier Paragon Tree

The Soldier Paragon Tree can be unlocked at Paragon Level 150 alongside the Mastermind Paragon Tree. This skill tree focuses on supporting teammates in the battlefield as it provides stats that boosts vitality and damage reduction bonuses to the player and its party.

Mastermind Paragon Tree

The Mastermind Paragon Tree can be unlocked at Paragon Level 150. This skill tree focuses on buffing damage output of both the player and its party.

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