Crafting in Diablo Immortal allows players to Upgrade, Reforge, and enhance their Primary and Secondary items. Reforging and Upgrades are usually done with the Blacksmith in Westmarch, giving players a chance to boost their Combat ratings and attributes. Crafting materials can usually be obtained through Merchants, the Marketplace, and through farming.


Diablo Immortal Crafting & Reforging Guide

Crafting Materials

There are various types of crafting materials in Diablo Immortal which are used in various ways. You have the Upgrades, which are done with the Blacksmith using Scrap Material, Enchanted Dust, and Glowing Shards. Then you have Reforging, which is used for your equipment using Reforge Stones to craft. Then lastly you have Legendary Gems, which use Runes to be crafted.

What are the different Crafting/Reforging Materials?

Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards

  • Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, and Glowing Shards can be obtained by salvaging certain items at the Blacksmith depending on the rarity. These crafting materials are used to upgrade your Gear, increasing your combat ratings.

Fading Ember

  • Fading Embers are crafting materials used to buy Legendary Gems from the Fading Ember Merchant, giving you a chance to stack up on Legendary Gems and use those to craft and enhance your main Legendary gems.

Legendary Gems


  • Runes are another crafting material in Diablo Immortal, that can be used to craft Legendary Gems. Runes can be obtained from the Elder Rift event and also from the Fading Ember Merchant using Fading Ember.


  • Scoria can be obtained by doing your daily activities because it comes as a reward. Scoria is used to enhance your Helliquary levels, giving you a chance to fight other Helliquary bosses. But as of now, Hellfire Scoria is the only one available. 

Reforge Stones

  • Reforge stones are used to re-roll the certain attributes that your equipment has. With the use of Reforge Stones crafting material, you can get bonus attributes if your Reforge stones fall under the same Family.

Alchemical Powder

  • Alchemical Powders are used to enhance or add skills to your Charm. You can obtain Alchemical Powder crafting materials by salvaging other charms.


Is there a Max Level for upgrading or crafting?

There are different level caps that you can upgrade your equipment to. Rare Primary items can only be upgraded until Rank 5, while Legendary Items can be upgraded until Rank 20. 

For Rare Secondary equipment, you can upgrade that until Rank 5, while Set items for secondary equipment can be upgraded until Rank 10. So the max levels are different, depending on the rarity of the items that you're upgrading.

Crafting Legendary Gems

You can craft Legendary Gems if you have enough Platinum and Runes at the Jeweler. Legendary Gems can also be used to enhance other Legendary Gems. So, if you want to enhance or rank up a specific Legendary Gem, it's going to require the same kind of Gem to craft. So give that, if you have multiple Legendary Gems that you have no use for, you can either sell those to get platinum or, you can use those extra gems to craft or enhance the Legendary Gems that you're using.

What are the different currencies used for crafting?


  • Gold is used when you're crafting upgrades for your equipment at the Blacksmith. It's probably the most common currency in Diablo Immortal that you can farm.


  • Hilts are currencies exclusive to Shadows or Immortals. You can use Hilts at Westmarch, just look for the Hilts trader, and use it to buy crafting materials that are hard to get.


  • Platinum currency is mostly used in the market to buy items and crafting materials from other players. You can earn Platinum by selling items in the Marketplace or completing dailies.


  • Crests are currencies used for the Elder Rift event to get more rewards. you can get more crafting materials like Legendary Gems and Runes if you run your Elder Rift event with Legendary Crests or Rare Crests


  • Essentia is the exclusive currency for the Immortals, which is collected by having players complete the dailies of the Immortals. It's used to buy keys to open Kion's Ordeal. It's important to take note that the Shadows can steal this currency in the Vault, making it harder for the immortals to farm this currency. 

Sigil of Dominance

  • This is a currency awarded for completing immortal dailies. This can help increase the Dominance of the Immortals once Contributed.

Eternal Orbs

  • These are currencies used with real money to purchase other types of currencies in the game.

What is Salvage Crafting in Diablo Immortal?

Salvage crafting in Diablo Immortal takes place when you want to upgrade your Primary or Secondary equipment. This basically breaks down Primary or Secondary items that you're willing to use for upgrading your main gear. Salvaging Normal and Magic items will give you scrap metal, Rare items will give you Enchanted Dust, and Legendary Items will give you Glowing Shards. Do take note that all Blacksmiths have Salvaging services.



Diablo Immortal Crafting Materials

Reforge Stones

Reforging gear becomes available once Upgrades for a piece of Primary gear have reached Rank 6 at the Blacksmith. Reforge Stones will be your crafting material if you want to start reforging your gear. The use of this is to re-roll or change a certain attribute from your Primary item. You can get Bonus Attributes if your Reforge Stones fall under the same Family.


Upgrades are available at the Blacksmith. This is primarily used to upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal. The purpose of this is to boost your combat rating, increasing your survivability when joining raids or battling bosses. The crafting materials that you'll be farming for to upgrade your gear would be Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, and Glowing Shards


Runes are crafting materials used to craft Legendary Gems. You can get these either by running Elder Rift or buying it from the Marketplace. This is another good way of earning more copies of a specific Legendary gem for enhancement, rather than just always using your crests in Elder Rift.

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