Barbarian Skills in Diablo Immortal feature the different set of talents for the Barbarian class. Barbarians in Diablo Immortal prefer charging into battle and crush skulls with brute force and reckless abandon. They have 2 primary skills and several other skills that can be unlocked when you leveling up. In general, Skills in Diablo Immortal include 2 primary skills and several other skills that can be unlocked when you level up. In Diablo Immortal, each skill has different ranks, you need to level up your characters to upgrade the skills to higher ranks. This page covers the skills for the Barbarian class.

Primary and Basic Skills

Players can only equip 5 skills at once composed of 1 Primary and 4 Basic skills. Primary skills have no cooldown unlike Basic skills. Using a Primary skill also fills up the players Ultimate bar and once it's full players can cast their Ultimiate Ability. Skills can swapped out anytime as long as the player is outside of combat. 

Charms and Legendary Items

Skills will automatically increase in Rank as players level up. There are also Charms and Legendary Items that can help boost a player's skill. Charms add bonus stats that enhances a skill's power while Legendary Items modify a skill's power and behavior entirely or enhance it's stats. A player can only equip 1 Charm per character so it is important to find the right skill for the Charm.



Diablo Immortal All Barbarian Skills


Barbarian Primary Skills

lacerate diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 1

Launch a series of attacks that deal x to x damage with each hit. Every third hit heals you for 15% of the damage done.

Ultimate: Blood and Rage - Enhance Lacerate for 12 seconds, increasing its healing to 20% of damage done on each attack, increasing its range, and causing every third attack to knock enemies away. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum Life for 3 seconds.

frenzy diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 34

Launch a frenzied attack for x damage. Each hit increases Frenzy's attack speed by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Ultimate: Restless Demon - Enhance Frenzy for 12 seconds, allowing movement while attacking and unhindered movement through enemies, granting Stun immunity, and increasing attack speed as if fully stacked. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum Life for 3 seconds.


Barbarian Basic Skills

chained spear diablo immortal wiki guide
Chained Spear

Unlock: 3

Role: Gather

Cooldown10 sec

Hurl 3 chained spears that deal x damage and then return. dragging impaled enemies back to you and dealing another XXX damage.


cleave diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 1

Role: Damage

Cooldown9 sec

Unleash a powerful attack that deals x damage to all enemies in front of you, and causes them to Bleed for x damage over 3 seconds. Maximum 3 charges.


furious charge diablo immortal wiki guide
Furious Charge

Unlock: 20

Role: Dash, Damage

Cooldown9 sec

Charge forward, knocking away all enemies in your path and dealing x damage. Maximum 3 charges. Players may only be affected once every 3 seconds by this skill.


hammer of the ancients diablo immortal wiki guide
Hammer of the Ancients

Unlock: 1

Role: Damage

Cooldown12 sec

Call forth a massive hammer which smashes enemies in front of you for x damage and shakes the earth itself, dealing x additional damage over 2 seconds.


leap diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 28

Role: Control, Dash

Cooldown12 sec

Leap to a location, dealing x damage to all nearby enemies when you land and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Each full life enemy struck by Leap will reduce Leap's cooldown by 1 second.


sprint diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 15

Role: Buff, Damage

Cooldown16 sec

Increase your movement speed by 50% for 4.5 seconds. While active, you may move unhindered through enemies and you are immune to movement impairing effects.


whirlwind diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 8

Role: Channel, Damage

Cooldown0.5 sec

Become a whirlwind of steel, continually striking all nearby enemies for x damage while moving at 70% reduced speed. Using Whirlwind slowly consumes its energy, which recovers while Whirlwind is not in use.


demoralize diablo immortal wiki guide

Unlock: 38

Role: Control

Cooldown16 sec

Release a ferocious shout that forces nearby monsters to attack you. Also deals x damage to all nearby enemies and reduces their damage done by 30%. Lasts 8 seconds.


ground stomp diablo immortal wiki guide
Ground Stomp

Unlock: 41

Role: Control

Cooldown9 sec

Stomp the ground, stunning nearby enemies for up to 1.5 seconds and dealing x damage. Charging longer increases range and duration up to 3 seconds.

wrath of the berserker diablo immortal wiki guide
Wrath of the Berserker

Unlock: 50

Role: Buff

Cooldown30 sec

Enter a berserker rage that increases your attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 20% for 6.5 seconds.


Unlock: 47

Role: Damage

Cooldown20 sec

Seize a nearby monster and wield it as a weapon, replacing your Primary Attack with a swing for X to Y damage against all enemies directly in front of you. Activate again to throw the monster, dealing Y damage to enemies in the path. Doesn't work against other players, elites, bosses or otherwise large enemies.

Undying Rage

Unlock: 44

Role: Buff

Cooldown30 sec

Enter a rage for X seconds that prevents you from dying and causes all your attacks to heal you for 30% of damage done. Undying Rage activates automatically when you take fatal damage.

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