Clans in Diablo Immortal,  are one of the social features in Clans are designed to provide players who share similar interests, gameplay schedules, or goals the ability to band together and form tight-knit groups. Once you reach level 30, the Adventurer tab on the menu will also reveal a clan menu. They're a great way to communicate with numerous friends at once, organize your play, and generally just keep in touch with those you game with the most. With a member limit of 100 players, clans are intended to be smaller and invitation-only. This means that while you can send a request to join a clan, you will not technically become a member unless you are invited or your request to join the clan is accepted. Also, while anyone can create or join a clan, you can only be a member of one clan at any given time.


Diablo Immortal Clans

Clans Overview

  • You may join a clan for free or create one using Platinum
  • Clans can have up to 100 members
  • To leave a Clan, tap on your portrait in the Clan roster. Tap [...] and select [Leave Clan] 

Currently, after clan creation, members will be able to view the current members as well as their clan number and Clan Message from the Leader. Since the release, the currency to create a clan has switched from Gold to Platinum and it will take 3000 Platinum to create a clan. This is not the same as Warbands, which is another party feature found in the game that can hold up to 8 members and have a record of Helliquary progress instead. 



A feature in Diablo Immortal is the available Factions you can join. You will have the option to choose between Adventurers, Immortals, and Shadow Clans. Adventurers are the default basic faction that everyone starts as. In order to join the Shadow Faction and work your way towards the Immortals, you must be a part of a Dark Clan. 

Players who eventually wish to become a part of the Immortals must first become a part of the Shadow faction, and progress as a clan before making their way up to face the Immortals. 

There are only 300 Immortals in a server at a time. A victorious Shadow Clan that replaces the Immortals will be allowed to bring in two other ally Shadow Clans with up to 100 members each. 



Clan Achievements

Achievements were done to earn rewards. Completed and Incompleted achievements and their objectives can be found in Clan Achievements. 

  • Master of the Hunt: Complete the following achievements
  • Mountains Beneath the sky: Complete 10 dungeons on Hell II difficulty with a Clan party of 4 Monks and no deaths
  • Rage and Fury Unbound: Complete 10 dungeons on Hell II difficulty with a Clan party of 4 Barbarians and no deaths. 
  • Clever Solutions: Complete 10 dungeons on Hell II difficulty with a Clan party of 4 Wizards and no deaths. 
  • Limitless Hatred: Complete 10 dungeons on Hell II difficulty with a Clan party of 4 Demon Hunters and no deaths. 
  • Add it to the Stack 1: Collect 100,000 gold 
  • Add it to the Stack 2: Collect 500,000 gold 
  • Add it to the Stack 3: Collect 1.000,000 gold
  • Add it to the Stack 4: Collect 2,500,000 gold 
  • All that Glitters: Defeat Gold Goblins
  • Hell II: Shatter the Throne Complete Mad King's Breach on Hell II difficulty with a Clan party and no deaths
  • Hell II: Beauty Fades Complete Forgotten Tower on Hell II difficulty with a Clan party and no deaths  

Clans Menu

The Clans menu is found under the Adventurer Tab. Under this menu, you can view different tabs that will have the details and information on aspects of the Clan starting with the basic Clan tab that will display a clan's members and number as well as the Leader's clan message if the leader has inputted one.

From this menu, you should also be able to view other details.  This page will display the clan and all the current members in your clan and you should be able to view who is active and online. The members on this list can be sorted according to their name, level, and class. As a leader, you will have an additional menu option when interacting with the members of the clan. There will be the option to Remove from Clan, Demote, and Make Clan Leader. Other regular options that can be seen on there are Chat, Invite to Party, and Invite to Clan. 

Since the official release, there has been an additional menu option under the clan menu. You now can view ClamActivities, Clan, Clan Details, Clan Members, Immortals, and Dark Clan. 

clan menu screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min

Leader Options

  • Remove from Clan
  • Demote
  • Make Clan Leader

Other Menu Options

  • Clan Achievements
  • Chat   



As you participate, your rank titles can increase, which will grant you access to more activities. This can be tracked under the rank tab. The Possible Rank Titles you can receive in a Clan are as follows:

  • Initiate
  • Apprentice
  • Watcher
  • Hunter
  • Blade
  • Phantom
  • Unseen
  • Whisper

rank faction clan notif shadow clan menu screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min



Adventurers are the largest Faction in the game since players start as adventurers by default. As a regular adventurer, you can gain regular rewards and gain access to the released bounties available. 


Shadows are players that have joined a Dark Clan. They have exclusive events and activities where they can eventually progress and make their way to become Immortals if they manage to win against them during the final events and battles. Players can only become shadows by joining the Shadow Lottery.


Becoming Immortals is the end goal of the Shadow Faction. They are replaced once they are defeated. There are only 300 immortals per server at a time. They have access to the point exclusive events and rewards. 


 Dark Clans

How to Join a Dark Clan?

Only once you've become a Shadow, can you then either create or join a Dark Clan. An existing Clan can be converted to a Dark Clan with 100 Akeba's Signets. This option is also only available once all members reach level 43 or above.


Becoming a Shadow

  • Note: Must be level 43 and up and have completed Bilefen Questline

Members of the Shadows could either be recruited or invited by an existing Shadow member or must enter the Shadow Lottery. 

 invitation shadow faction clan notif shadow clan menu screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min

Shadow Lottery

Players have a chance to become a Shadow by entering the lottery. To do this, speak to the Mysterious Patron. The Mysterious Patron can be found at the Tavern in Westmarch. Speak to him to join the lottery and there will be a chance for you to move on to the next stage to give you a chance to prove yourself. As you speak to him, he will mention what time enrollment ends, how many open spots there are and how many adventures have signed up so far. This event happens 3 times a day at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm and it will take 1 hour before the lottery ends and the winners are drawn. If you are selected, you will receive a message in your inbox stating that you are a Shadow Lottery Winner.

"Shadow Lottery Winnter!
A dangerous but important path has been opened to you. If you still wish to join the Shadows, speak with the one you call the Mysterious Patron at the Wolf City Tavern in Westmarch. "

Return to the Mysterious Patron and select ShadowMettle.


Shadow Mettle

Description: Learn about the Shadows and prove your worth. 


  • Find the Court of Whispers
  • Impress the Path of Blood Guide
  • Impress the Master Vault Raider

Path of Blood Guide

  • Players will then have to prove themselves. Speak to the Path of Blood Guide, Nuon, and once again, select Shadow Mettle. Players will be taken to another room to complete the challenge. You will need to Defeat 3 attacking hordes. Clear the area and exit through the portal then speak to the guide before you leave. 

Master Vault Raider

  • Speak to Fyggus and Raid the Vault. Listen to his instructions and clear the Vault Objectives. Destroy Vault Guards and steal Essentia. Show Fyggus the Essentia then exit the area through the Portal. 

Final Test

  • Return to the Mysterious Patron and he will tell you that you will face three powerful ancient champions. The objective will be to Defeat the Ancient Champions. After clearing the objectives, you can retrieve Akeba's Signet.

Return Akeba's Signet to the Mysterious Patron once you are ready to join the Shadows. An extra signet can be used to give to your friend in order to invite you will now have the option on your friend list to Invite to the Shadows. Take the pledge and click join to continue. 

pledge shadow faction clan notif shadow clan menu screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min

Your last step will be to trace the symbol. You will start off as an Initiate. Finally, select "Become a Shadow"  


Inviting Friends to Shadows (Akeba's Signet)

The process to invite friends is similar to joining the shadows. Players must be at a level 42 or higher for this to work. You must enter the lottery the same way and go through the same process. This time, after clearing the objectives, collect Akeba's Signet and recruit someone into the fold. The recruitment challenge will be completed and there will be a portal to return to the Court of Whispers. 

This process is repeated each time in order to recruit a new member. 


Shadow Faction Activities 

As a Shadow, your goal is to progress through the game enough and complete Shadow quests and objectives in order to eventually reach the top of the Dark Clans and gain a chance to overthrow the current Immortals. As Shadows, you will need to gain Marks which are rewarded to you as you participate in these regular events. This will improve the clan and will benefit your strength, adding additional bonuses. 

  • Raid the Vault
  • Contracts Overview
  • Shadow Lottery
  • Contracts
  • Battleground
  • Shadow War
  • Rite of Exile

Dark Clan Features

Become a Dark Clan to compete in the Shadow War, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the Immortals!

As a Shadow in the Dark Clan, you will have access to specific Shadow Activities that regular Adventuerers will not have access to. Some of these Activities will require the player to be a part of a dark clan such as the Shadow War. During this activity, the Shadows determine the top ten Dark Clans through weekly Shadow War battles. The eminent clans that win may challenge the Immortals in the Rite of Exile.



Creating a Dark Clan will allow you to decide on a focus, which are like objectives to complete. You will have 3 Focus options to choose from and only leaders can set a Dark Hosue Focus. 



Overview: Advantages unlock as your Dark Clan Ranks up.

  • When unlocked, the Dark Clan leader can select one of three randomly offered advantages.
  • Advantages provide a variety of different benefits to your Dark Clan. Dark Clan leaders should choose the one that best suits their strategy and members. 

As the clan ranks up, the leader will be able to select a clan advantage that will affect all players and members of the clan. Once a certain House Rank is accomplished, the leader can pick one of 3 available advantages. The leader will have one chance to refresh the set of advantages for a new set of 3 to choose from. 

An example of an advantage could look like this: Dark Conspiracy - Raiding the Vault and Contracts grant your Dark House members 5% more rewards. You will gain a total of 8 Advantages that can be viewed on the Dark House Advantage Overview page. Each advantage will unlock after surpassing each rank

  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 1
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 4
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 7
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 9
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 11
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 13
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 15
  • Advantage Unlocks at: House Rank 16


Possible Dark Clan Advantages

Below is a list of the Dark Clan advantage options that can be chosen by the Clan leader. 

  • By the Sword: Your Dark Clan members deal 3% more and take 3% less damage when fighting Immortals. 
  • Conspiracy Masters: Members can complete +1 Contract each Monday. 
  • Dark Conspiracy: Raiding the Vault and Contracts grant your Dark Clan members 5% more rewards
  • Freedom: Loss of control duration increased 10% on Immortals and decreased 10% on your Dark Clan members. 
  • Fury of the Shadows: When you damage Immortal guardians, you have a 5% chance to gain 20% increased damage done to Immortal guardians for a for a short time. 
  • House Discount: Your Dark Clan members pay 10% less for general goods from the Hilts Trader. 
  • Hunters: Your Dark Clan members deal 3% less damage when fighting Immortal guardians. 
  • Infiltration: 20% chance for a Vault floor to have no Wardens 
  • Leaps and Bounds: 10% increased Marks earned by your Dark Clan members. 
  • Master of Elements: 5% chance to Burn or Chill Immortal guardians. 
  • Rapid Progress:10% increased experience earned by your Dark Clan members. 
  • War without End: Immortal drop 1 to 3 health orbs when killed by your Dark Clan members.  
  • More Achievements to be added.


Immortal Features

As an immortal, you will gain access to exclusive events and features which will in turn also allow you to gain more rewards. 

  • Eternal Crowns
  • Kion's Ordeal
  • Raid the Vault Event
  • Crovus Expedition Event 


Becoming Immortal

In order to become immortal, a clan would need to reach one of the top 10 Dark Houses after joining the Shadow Faction, this means starting with a Dark Clan, an additional feature that can be activated at any time. The new ultimate goal will be taking down the Immortals and replacing them as immortals.

As a part of the Shadow faction, they must compete and progress through their Planning and Gathering stages. Clans must be active and participate in events and complete quests and contracts. These quests are exclusive to the Shadows along with the Path of Blood. This will allow them to Rank up. Being a part of the top 10 will allow clans to participate in the Rite of Exile & the Challenge of the Immortal. 

Shadows faction must also get through the stages past Planning, Gathering till the Show down. Once the Shadow Clan makes their way to the 8v8 battles and wins the majority, they will be able to take part in the Rite of Exile. 

Should the Shadow Clan win, they will be the new immortals along with two ally Shadow Clans that can join them. With 100 members per clan, this means there are up to 300 total Immortals in a server at a time. 

As an immortal, the other Shadow Clan's progress continues, and their new goal is to protect their title as Immortals. 

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