Items in Diablo Immortal includes Consumables, Quest Items, and Crests. Items are usually obtained from looting chests, destroying breakable objects, dropped by killed enemies, bosses, sold by merchants, or obtained as a reward from completing a quest. This page covers a list of all the items in Diablo Immortal as well as its individual properties and relevant information.

The Horadric Altar

Each of the 6 classes that are featured in Diablo Immortal can loot one special consumable item from the Horadric Altar, all with different buffs depending on the class. Players would need to kill enemies and loot 10 Monster Essence to bring to the Horadric Altar. This will add permanent bonus to the Life and Damage stat and also reward other materials and consumable item.

Quest Types

In Diablo Immortal, there are 3 types of Quests where players can obtain Quest Items. Listed below are the different types of quests and their descriptions:

  • Main Quests - Focuses on the progression of the main story of the game.
  • Side Quests - Optional tasks that are given by NPCs or are acquired from specified series of events.
  • Elite Quests - Quest-chains that aren't necessarily connected to the main quest but requires time to complete.

Diablo Immortal will also feature Contracts which are unique side quests that's available for the Shadow Faction.

How to obtain Crests

Crests are items used to enhance the player's Elder Rifts with extra rewards. A player will automatically receive one Legendary Gem per Legendary Crest, Rare Crests will reward Runes and other crafting materials. These Crests are limited for free-to-play players, but there are a number of ways to obtain Crests.

  • Legendary Crests can be bought from the Crest Merchant limited to 1 per day for 3000 Platinum. If players are using Eternal Orbs for purchasing Crests, there is no limit as to how many they can buy.
  • Can be bought from the Hilts Trader.
  • Eternal Orbs can be bought using real money, and purchase the right currency in-game to acquire crests.
  • Completing the battle pass can reward crests as well.

All Items in Diablo Immortal



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Horn of Arreat Consumable Increase all damage done by you and your nearby allies by 10% for 20 minutes.
Scroll of Ice Armor Consumable You and your party members gain a 30% chance when attacked to apply 20% Chill to the attacker for 1 additional second, up to a maximum of 20 minutes.
Incense Candle  Consumable Increase the chance for magical equipment to be found by you and nearby allies by 5% for 20 minutes.
Tracking Kit  Consumable Increase movement speed for you and your nearby allies by 10% for 20 minutes.
Shining Skull  Consumable Summon a Soul Keeper. For 2 minutes, it can recharge your empty Resurrection Stone. Only usable in outdoor areas and dungeons.
Battle Hymnal  Consumable Reduce all damage taken by you and your nearby allies by 10% for 20 minutes. 
Monstrous Essence Quest Item Bring 10 Monstrous Essence to the Horadric Altar to unlock an entry in the Bestiary.
Ancestors' Signet Quest Item Contains the spirit of Barbarian ancestors. Hold it to your ear and you can hear indomitable roars from Mount Arreat.
Book Page Quest Item They desperately wanted to destroy the documents saved from the fire. It makes you wonder what was written on the pages.
Iceburn Tear Quest Item The soul's flame burns quietly in ice that never melts.
Helmond's Fees Quest Item A tax levied on freelance traders operating under the auspices of Westmarch in Sentinel's Watch.
Energy-Losing Chaotic Crystal Quest Item ??
Cold Frost Crystal Quest Item It's cold, it's a powerful drug for anesthesia and pain... But it doesn't help the injury.
Zagraal's Banner Quest Item The banner of the Ice Tribe, bearing the insignia of an ancient fiend.
Abyss Quest Item All souls crave their souls to return to the sea; The Roar of the Deep, the Voice of the Spirit.
Chaotic Crystal Quest Item ??
Crimson Arach's Eye Quest Item The unblinking eye is still slick with the creature's blood.
The Founding of Westmarch Quest Item One of Scholar Pavats Bimmi's tomes recounting the history of Westmarch. It's heavy with criticism.
Thorpe's Badge Quest Item A family relic to confirm blood.
Fallen Blood Quest Item Satisfying to spill, far less so to smell.
Blood Flower Thorns Quest Item A thorn of the Blood Flower is more akin to a nail that a needle.
Miniature Statue Quest Item A scaled-down-miniature statue for tourists made by the merchant Ono.
Adventure Journal Quest Item The Adventure Seeker accepts records of your journey in trade for leads on new quests.
Ichthid Skin Quest Item The skin is remarkably tough despite having the consistency of wet mud.
Blackened Branch Quest Item The Fallen make their camps among trees that were deeply affected by Andariel's foul magics.
Battle Record: Lord of Destruction Quest Item Documents the story of the battle with Baal.
Fahiran Burial Gyve Quest Item An ancient Shassarite burial amulet, rough-hewn but similar to those made for Fahir's descendants.
Truth Serum Quest Item A mysterious and potent-smelling potion.
Ember of Dark Magic Quest Item Even one small Ember of the Burning Hells could ignite a fire that consumes the world.
False Kingsgyve Quest Item The collaboration of an expert smith and forger. Easily mistaken for the real thing.
Frog Demon Eye Quest Item The green fluid oozing out of this eye makes it difficult to hold.
Bloodstained Key Quest Item A sand-encrusted key fished from Thiago's pocket.
Broken Axe Quest Item A broken axe. Its wielder must have splite the weapon upon the corpse of their enemy.
Kingsgyve Quest Item The purpose of the Kingsgyve was known only to the Fahiran aristocracy, and it died with them. But its power did not.
Fetish Poison Darts Quest Item These poisonous darts will render a target unconscious within seconds.
Fahir's Command Quest Item The bejeweled haft of this scepter is a shameful display of opulence in a destitute land.
Scroll: Shadow Guild Quest Item A strangely warm scroll depicting the history of the Cycle of Strife.
Bracer of Command Quest Item Zoltun Kulle used this time-worn runic bracer to control dozens of stone servants at once.
Fahir's Visage Quest Item So eternal was Fahir's rule that his likeness still symbolizes the office of monarch.
Julianne's Fees Quest Item A tax levied on freelance jewelcrafters operating under the auspices of Westmarch in Sentinel's Watch.
Tassi's Cloak Quest Item This well-worn travel cloak carries the scars of Sanctuary and realms beyond.
Hunter's Lodestone Quest Item The hunters dispatched to end Zoltun Kulle came to his library with seeking stones in hand. Most never saw the sun's light again.
Fahir's Light Quest Item It signifies dominion over three of the most feared killers in Shassar: score[ion stings, snake venom, and time itself.
Kventin's Fees Quest Item A tax levied on freelance traders operating under the auspices of Westmarch in Sentinel's Watch.
Splintered Javelin Quest Item ??
Map Quest Item The map marks a mysterious location.
Alvas' Mangled Hide Quest Item This knotty length of skin bears as much scar tissue as fur.
Damaged Supplies Quest Item Tattered furs, caps, and cloth bandages - many of them with claw marks.
Shaping Stone Quest Item A fine sculpting stone, made rarer by the difficulty of transporting it from the wastes of Arreat.
Nephalem Beacon Quest Item Wounds seem to disappear in the presence of this unusual relic.
Pocket Lyre Quest Item This device appears to play soft musical notes when wounded.
Runic Silver Quest Item This mutable silver stone probably found its way to the tower through theft and murder.
The Master's Journal Quest Item The heavy brass and mystic ornamentation of an Ennead tome keep the worlds within inviolable.
Varanid Haunch Quest Item Even the meaty tissue of this haunch has tiny bile-green scales.
Demon Chest Quest Item ??
Lacuni Fur Quest Item This fur smells like it's been soaking in a basin of blood for hours.
The Spark of Life Quest Item It throbs in a perfect echo of the living apparatus from which it was birthed.
Ryston's Service Badge Quest Item "The mission is the honor of my life." - Ryston Arondel
Sin-Knight's Remains Quest Item Pieces of an immense demon drawn into the Realm of Damnation. Though well-ossified, they are frightfully sharp and sturdy.
Dune Wolf Paw Quest Item Dune wolf paws, freshly shorn.
Veszta's Ring Quest Item There's a name inscribed on the ring: Eperke.
Curse Quest Item The devil in hell releases the weapon of the curse, full of evil and decay.
Wolf Quest Item Special paper needs special material.
Fulminating Potion Quest Item Marked with the Wolf of Westmarch on the bottom of the bottle.
Burning Innards Quest Item Tiny flames flicker about this pile of entrails. It is painfully hot to the touch.
Desert Scorpion Quest Item Special paper needs special material.
Legendary Crest Crest Adds two Rift Modifiers and guarantees Rune and Legendary Gem drops
Rare Crest Crest Adds one Rift modifier and guarantees Rune drops
Crest Crest Can be used to open a rift to add modifiers to the rift.
Eternal Legendary Crest Crest ??
Immortal Rock Essence Crest ??

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