PvP for Diablo Immortal refers to the mechanics involving fighting other players in the world of Sanctuary. Players can find information on various mechanics that are applied and guidelines for those who wish to engage in combat with other players. On this page, you can find various tips and relevant information regarding PvP for Diablo Immortal.


Diablo Immortal PvP Guide

Diablo Immortal Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds in Diablo Immortal is a timed event where a total of 16 players (8v8) compete in either Defending or Attacking the Ancient Heart. Players must reach at least Level 55 in order to queue and join which is done by talking to the Captain of the Battleground. In Battlegrounds, there is Match Making Rating System where the system places you with other players that are based on the games you've played and win rate.

Once each team is given their role of either Attacking or Defending, each party is given 60 seconds to prepare and strategize and to check the opposing team's scoreboard. The attacker's objective is to complete 3 Objectives and they must complete it within its own time limit. And as for the Defenders, they must stop the attackers from completing their objective within the time limit or by killing the Attackers for about 55 times.

  • Sacred Guardians: Attackers are given 7 minutes to find three Sacred Guardians that spawn in 3 different lanes. Their task is to simply move in and attack these guardians. As for the Defending team, they must prevent the Attackers from killing the Sacred Guardians. Attackers must kill all three Sacred Guardians in order to win the round.
  • Zealous Idols: Upon spawning, the attacking team must escort these idols and successfully move them to the other side of the map within 7 minutes. The more team members that are within range of the idol, the faster it moves. Defending Team, on the other hand, must stop the attackers from moving it. Attacking Team wins if they successfully move 1 Idol from point A to point B.
  • Ancient Heart: The final round for Battlegrounds is the Ancient Heart. The Attacking Team is given 6 minutes to complete their objective, and that is simply to destroy the Ancient Heart. Although it is a singular target, it takes a team effort to completely destroy the objective. As for the Defending Team, they must interrupt and prevent the Attacking Team from destroying the Ancient Heart.

Upon completing the PvP event, each team will still be rewarded with Battle Points that is used on Diablo Immortal's Battle Pass. And as for completing 3 Battlegrounds, you can unlock a new one time reward per day such as:

  • Gold
  • Scrap Material
  • Experience Points
  • Rare Items and a chance to acquire a Legendary Item.


PvP Mechanics for Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, some may wonder if they are free to do what they want when it comes to interacting or even fighting other players. We will be listing down various mechanics that you need to know to better understand how PvP works for Diablo Immortal:

  • PvP in Diablo Immortal only occurs within certain events or areas such as the Battlegrounds, Ancient Arena, and the Rite of Exile. If you are wondering if you can go around and start to challenge or attack other players, unfortunately, that cannot be done.
  • Players can use their Equipment and Skills in the open world during PvP.
  • Any buffs you acquire from your party member can still be applied, granted that they are in the same 4-player group.
  • In PvP, players will not have access to health potions, but instead, they can use Bandages while they are not engaged in combat.
  • Participating in PvP events is a great way to acquire rewards such as Legendary Items, Gold, Glowing Shards, Upgrade/Crafting Materials, and more.
  • All players Combat Rating is scaled down to 10% of the original percentage/value.
  • All players Block Chance is also reduced to 20% during PvP.
  • Critical Hit is adjusted to 10% against all players.
  • Other Negative Status Effects' duration are reduced by 5% for all players.
  • We highly recommend that you group up with your friends if you want to partake in PvP for better communication and coordination.
  • Before you partake in PvP, make sure that you have a better understanding of the Strengths and Weaknesses of your character, as well as your friends who are in a party. A well-organized team always has a better chance of winning in PvP.

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