Weapons in Diablo Immortal includes one-handed weapon and 2-handed weapons, they can be found in chests, bought from Merchants,  or drop from Bosses/Enemies. Note that in Diablo Immortal, your character can only get equipment of their own class. 


Quality and Bonuses

In Diablo Immortal, Weapons have different qualities, from Normal, Magic, Rare to Legendary, and their bonuses are determined by the Prefix and Suffix, aside from the legendary weapons. Set items will not be in Diablo Immortal.

Some weapons can be further empowered using Gems or Runes if they have sockets. Rare and Legendary items can also be further upgraded through a new system called item ranks. Rare (yellow) items drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 5 by visiting the appropriate Crafters and spending the necessary crafting materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the item. Legendary items can have a rank of up to 20, and they possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes.


Ranks and Reforging

Any single legendary item has a maximum item rank of 20. Ranking an item up to 6, 11, and 16 adds a Bonus Attribute to the item. These special affixes are rolled from a pool of six different groups. Once an item reaches rank 6, you can reforge it. Reforging allows you to reroll the Bonus Attributes of a Legendary item to fine-tune it for your build. You reforge items either with a normal Reforge Stone, which you can discover through gameplay, or with a specialized Reforge Stone, which you can purchase and use for a less random reroll of the item’s properties. 


Legendary Weapons

In Diablo Immortal, Legendary Weapons have an extra Bonus Attribute that enhances one of your Skills that is unique to that Legendary Weapon. Just like ordinary Weapons, you can reforge your legendary weapon at a Blacksmith with Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build. Legendary Weapons can reach rank 20.

More powerful Legendary Weapons can be acquired by playing the game on the Hell 1 and Hell 2 difficulty modes of Diablo Immortal, and you cannot find Level 45 Legendary Weapons unless you play at least Hell 1.



Legendary Weapons

Name & Icon Class Slot Effect
Rending Bite
Barbarian Main Hand Lacerate now inflicts Bleeding that deals 730 damage over 3 seconds.
Sellena's Iron
Barbarian Main Hand Leap causes the ground to shake where you land, dealing ??? damage to all enemies in the area over 3 seconds.
Svot's Reach
Barbarian Main Hand Broad Sweep Inscription: Cleave now strikes in a full circle around you.
The Tempest
Barbarian Main Hand Stormbringer: Whirlwind radius increased, but Whirlwind movement speed reduced.
Broken Soul Barbarian Off-Hand Cruelty inscription: Wrath of the Berserker now increases Critical Hit Chance instead of Attack Speed.
Fearhammer Barbarian Off-Hand Demoralize duration increased by 30%.
Obin's Many Fingers
Barbarian Off-Hand Chained Spear hurls 2 additional spears.
Barbarian Off-Hand Empowered Hammer Inscription: The range and damage of Hammer of the Ancients can now be increased by charging it up.
The Remembered
Barbarian Off-Hand Spirit of the Ancients Inscription: Hammer of the Ancients now summons a Spirit of the Ancients who stuns all nearby enemies and then fights beside you for a while.
Virulent Fist
Barbarian Off-Hand Enemies killed by Cleave will explode, inflicting 270 damage on all nearby enemies.
Dreadlands Requital
Demon Hunter Main Hand Rain of Vengeance damage increased by 10%.
Demon Hunter Main Hand Flaming Arrow: Multishot now fires flaming arrows that damage and Burn enemies.
Unrelenting Furor
Demon Hunter Main Hand Strafe duration increased by 40%.
Demon Hunter Main Hand Sentry also launches a rocket every 2 attacks, dealing an additional ??? damage.
Watcher's Salvation
Demon Hunter Main Hand Sentry maximum number active increased by 1.
Demon Hunter Off-Hand Demolition: Strafe instead throws explosive grenades, each damaging all nearby enemies.
Demon Hunter Off-Hand Explosive Shot now also causes enemies to Burn for ??? damage over 2 seconds.
Shredder Vane
Demon Hunter Off-Hand Orbital: Chakram now orbits your location for several seconds.
The Hungerer
Demon Hunter Off-Hand Crossbow Shot will now pierce through enemies and strike additional enemies behind.
Dragon's Indignation
Monk Main Hand Incinerate: Seven-sided Strike turns to Fire, with additional Burning effect.
Intervening Law
Monk Main Hand Sick Care: Shield of Zen now charges to a designated spot, granting you a Shield of Zen and nearby allies a shield that absorbs damage.
Rod of Echoes
Monk Main Hand Mystic Allies cooldown reduced by 15%.
Spirit's Reach
Monk Main Hand Seven-Spirit Strike: Seven-sided Strike now places a runic circle inside which all enemies will be struck by your spirit allies.
Power of Undulation
Monk Off-Hand Energy Wind: Wave Strike now continuously channels energy waves forward.
Reaching Rebuke
Monk Off-Hand Crushing Palm: Exploding Palm now launches you at a location and strikes that area with a giant palm as you land, damaging all nearby enemies, 
Respite's Sigh
Monk Off-Hand Inner Sanctuary duration increased by 30%.
Wizard Main Hand Surging Wind: Arcane Wind now summons a Tornado that damages enemies in a line. Also increases Arcane Wind maximum charges by 1.
Force of Harakas
Wizard Main Hand Increases Magic Missile damage by 10%.
Maelstrom Orb
Wizard Main Hand Lightning Nova damage increased by 10%.
Negation Blade
Wizard Main Hand Black Hole also absorbs nearby enemy projectiles.
Wizard Main Hand Hungering Wind: Arcane Wind now summons a Tornado that follows enemies and continually damages all enemies in its path.
Devouring Void
Wizard Off-Hand Momentum: Black Hole moves forward a short distance, pulling in and damaging enemies as it travels.
Heart of the Storm
Wizard Off-Hand Storm Armor: Ice Armor becomes Storm Armor, continually damaging nearby enemies.
Icon of Synchronicity
Wizard Off-Hand Winter Mantle: Ice Armor now also grants damage absorption to your nearby allies.
The Siphon
Wizard Off-Hand Casting Lightning Nova temporarily increases your movement speed by 60%.
Unrepentant Gale
Wizard Off-Hand Maximum Arcane Wind charges increased by 1.

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