Combat for Diablo Immortal focus on the basic combat mechanic of the game, and the associated actions that you can execute. Combat in Diablo Immortal is similar to Diablo 3 and other ARPGS but with simplified controls for mobile gaming.


Combat in Diablo Immortal

Solo or Together

In Diablo Immortal, you can play alone or with any of the other adventurers, you will encounter as you explore the world. Each zone can host dozens of other players with whom you can join forces to tackle large-scale zone events and special quests that require multiple participants. If you encounter anyone you want to adventure with, you have the option to create a party of up to 4 players to continue the fun, or to form a guild to create lasting bonds and unlock even more social activities.

Paragon Levels

Hitting the level cap won’t be the end of your character progression. Paragon leveling returns, modified from its first iteration in Diablo III to fit the gameplay of Diablo Immortal and evolve a familiar Diablo gameplay system. As in Diablo III, Paragon leveling unlocks upon reaching max level in Diablo Immortal. Upon unlock, you will have access to Paragon trees, each featuring several paths of powerful, learnable abilities with branching points—similar to Diablo II’s skill trees—for robust endgame build customization.


Character Vitality:

  • Your own level and HP are displayed towards the top left of your screen and is indicated with the red Bar. During Combat, when your health reaches a low level, players can use a Potion to restore health.

Enemy Vitality

  • As you engage in combat with different opponents, their title and HP bar will be displayed at the top, indicating their total HP and how much they have left. This bar is in addition to the individual HP bars that appear directly above each opponent and the numbers that indicate how much damage was dealt. 


Every class boasts a unique playstyle and devastating Ultimate abilities to unleash on your enemies when the time is right. Each class in Diablo Immortal offers extensive versatility in skill progression. Throughout your hunt for the Worldstone shards, you’ll be able to personalize your build and fine-tune your character to play the way you want.



These are the main abilities that appear on your screen when engaging in Combat. These vary in stats and effects and are sorted into your main Primary attacks and Skills which appear as the smaller icons. Once your ultimate ability is fully charged, an extra icon appears while it is available and will disappear once it is used. These skills will usually have a cooldown period after usage and is indicated with the number that is displayed while the skill is greyed out. This shows the time left before the skill becomes available again. 

Each Class has their own set of skills to unlock which include multiple Paragon Specialization Skills

Paragon System 

These are special Talent trees that give the player unique passive abilities. Gain exp stand earn Paragon Points to progress on these talent trees.



Diablo Immortal Combat Tutorial 

Tutorial Prompts

attack combat diablo immortal wiki guide 600px min min

Your main attack button will appear as the largest on the screen. This can be held to attack continuously. Other skills will appear around your main attack button. These buttons can be dragged and held to aim or long-pressed to charge depending on the skills you have equipped. Other skills will have extra range and can attack multiple opponents with a single use. These can be dealt strategically since they are usually followed by a short cooldown period, indicated with the number on the skill icon. 

The following are combat tutorial prompts that appear at the start of the game.

  • Press and Hold to attack continuously
  • Scorch attacks multiple Enemies
  • Drag and Hold to Aim
  • Long-press to Charge

aiming combat diablo immortal wiki guide 600px min minDrag and hold to aim

Other Items that aid in combat is the Ultimate Ability and Potions. The Potions icon will appear above your Skills Hub which can be tapped to use any time in order to regenerate health when you are low as long as you have Poitions in your inventory.

An extra Ultimate ability will appear to the left of the Skill hub once the ability is fully charged and available for use. This icon disappears when the Ultimate ability is not available. 

Skills and Inventory Menu

Skills and equipment can be swapped out from the top menu. Enter your skills menu to swap in any new or available skills into your skill slots or enter your Inventory to reveal the option to equip or destroy items you have obtained.

inventory combat diablo immortal wiki guide 600px min min


Skill Button Layout

Within your settings, you can choose how you want to set up your combat layout. There will be two options for you to choose from. 

layout 1 combat diablo immortal wiki guide 600px min min
Layout 1


layout 2 combat diablo immortal wiki guide 600px min minLayout 2

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