Combat for Diablo Immortal focus on the basic combat mechanic of the game, and the associated actions that you can execute. Combat in Diablo Immortal is similar to Diablo 3 and other ARPGS but with simplified controls for mobile gaming.


Combat in Diablo Immortal


Solo or Together

In Diablo Immortal, you can play alone or with any of the other adventurers, you will encounter as you explore the world. Each zone can host dozens of other players with whom you can join forces to tackle large-scale zone events and special quests that require multiple participants. If you encounter anyone you want to adventure with, you have the option to create a party of up to 4 players to continue the fun, or to form a guild to create lasting bonds and unlock even more social activities.

Paragon Levels

Hitting the level cap won’t be the end of your character progression. Paragon leveling returns, modified from its first iteration in Diablo III to fit the gameplay of Diablo Immortal and evolve a familiar Diablo gameplay system. As in Diablo III, Paragon leveling unlocks upon reaching max level in Diablo Immortal. Upon unlock, you will have access to Paragon trees, each featuring several paths of powerful, learnable abilities with branching points—similar to Diablo II’s skill trees—for robust endgame build customization.


Every class boasts a unique playstyle and devastating Ultimate abilities to unleash on your enemies when the time is right. Each class in Diablo Immortal offers extensive versatility in skill progression. Throughout your hunt for the Worldstone shards, you’ll be able to personalize your build and fine-tune your character to play the way you want.

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