Crusader Weapons in Diablo Immortal are specific equipment pieces that are fitted for the Crusader Class specifically. Only Crusders will be able to wield the equipment found below. The Crusader's available equipment include a Sword and Shield, with swords being the main hand weapons and shields regarded as off hands weapons. These weapons have several random generated attributes based on their Affixes, you can re-forge your weapons at a Blacksmith with Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build. Weapons can also be enhanced by upgrading to higher ranks or combine with Gems. They can be accompanied with additional effects and skill buffs skill buffs when equipment. This page features a list of all weapons for the Crusader Class.

Quality and Bonuses

In Diablo Immortal, Weapons have different qualities, from NormalMagicRare to Legendary, and their bonuses are determined by the Prefix and Suffix, aside from the legendary weapons. Set items will not be in Diablo Immortal.

Some weapons can be further empowered using Gems or Runes if they have sockets. Rare and Legendary items can also be further upgraded through a new system called item ranks. Rare (yellow) items drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 5 by visiting the appropriate Crafters and spending the necessary crafting materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the item. Legendary items can have a rank of up to 20, and they possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes.

Ranks and Reforging

Any single legendary item has a maximum item rank of 20. Ranking an item up to 6, 11, and 16 adds a Bonus Attribute to the item. These special affixes are rolled from a pool of six different groups. Once an item reaches rank 6, you can reforge it. Reforging allows you to reroll the Bonus Attributes of a Legendary item to fine-tune it for your build. You reforge items either with a normal Reforge Stone, which you can discover through gameplay, or with a specialized Reforge Stone, which you can purchase and use for a less random reroll of the item’s properties. 

How do I Enhance Weapons?

Equipment such as Charms can modify skills and Runes can help enhance a weapon. Gems can also be fitted to boost a Base stat of a weapon.


What are the Weapon Stats to look out for?

The Equipment stats are sorted into Base stats, Attributes and Magic Attributes. More powerful weapons have the potential to have sockets, and Legendary Attributes. Base stats can be found next ot the item icon, the attributes and magic are listed just below.  Attrubytes increase Offrense and Defense Ratings increasing damage and may provide additional defensive benefits (Blizzard News) 

Base Stats

  • Life increases your hit points.
  • Damage increases the damage dealt by weapons, and it’s increased by your primary Attribute.
  • Armor provides damage reduction against enemies’ non-magical attacks.
  • Armor Penetration reduces the effectiveness of enemies’ armor against your attacks.
  • Offense Rating increases your damage by a percentage based on your opponent's Defense Rating.
  • Defense Rating reduces your damage taken by a percentage based on your opponent's Offense Rating.
  • Potency makes your debuffs on enemies last longer.
  • Resistance reduces debuff durations on you.


  • Strength is the primary Attribute for the Barbarian, Monk, and Demon Hunter.
  • Intelligence is the primary Attribute for the Wizard.
  • Fortitude increases your Armor and Armor Penetration in addition to Offense and Defense Rating.
  • Vitality increases your Life in addition to Offense and Defense Rating.
  • Willpower increases your Potency and Resistance in addition to Offense and Defense Rating. 



Diablo Immortal All Crusader Weapons

Quick Search of All Crusader Weapons

Name & Icon


Weapon Effect/s

Tumult Main Hand Blade Storm Inscription: Falling Sword now summons a storm of blades around it continually damaging all nearby enemies, but can no longer be activated again for movement.
Karawan's Catch Main Hand Spinning Flail Inscription: Sweep Attack now consumes energy to continually damage all nearby enemies while you move.
Proof From On High Main Hand Leash Inscription: Falling Sword now chains enemies to a location, and pulls them to you when activate again.
Little Lance Main Hand Surging Sword Inscription: Falling Sword instead causes you to surge forward with your sword up to three times, damaging all enemies in your path.
Longpalm Main Hand  Thunderbolt Inscription: Sweep Attack now strikes all nearby enemies.
Closing Jaws Main Hand  Gathering Sweep Inscription: Sweep Attack now pulls all enemies it strikes you.
Air Splitter Main Hand  Empowered Sword Inscription: Falling Sword instead unleashes a shock wave that can be charged up to increase range and damage.
Pavise Of Ten Wings Off Hand  Spiraling Shield Inscription: Spinning Shield now spirals around you and does not return.
Bowyer's Remorse Off Hand Explosive Shield Inscription: Spinning Shield now explodes when it strikes an enemy instead of returning, damaging all nearby enemies and knocking them away.
Zaynula's Last Hymn Off Hand Consecration also slows enemy movement by 30%.
Constant Scrutiny Off Hand Starshine Inscription: Shield Glare now Blinds and damages all enemies around you.
Pouncing Shield Off Hand Avenger's Shield Inscription: Spinning Shield now bounces between several enemies instead of returning to you.
Sinkhole Cross Off Hand Hovering Shield Inscription: Spinning Shield hovers at a location, damaging enemies and decreasing their movement speed.
Bonebearer Off Hand Beam of Light Inscription: Shield Glare now consumes energy to reflect a beam of light that continually damages enemies in a direction, but no longer Blind enemies.

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