Kikuras Rapids

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Recommended Level 40
Boss Chieftain Ongori
Zone Bilefen

Kikuras Rapids is a Dungeon in Diablo Immortal. The Kikuras Rapids dungeon recommends a minimum level of 40. Players can re-run dungeons in Diablo Immortal on their own or with a party only if you've completed the dungeon for the first time and if it re-appears as an objective via Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts. Completing a dungeon yields rewards, such as Set Items.


A haunting pressence lurks within the village in the jungle, pleading and screaming villagers beg for their mercy as their souls have been siphoned into the living heart that is impaled on the staff of the Chieftain, Ongori.


Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Information

  • Rewards 15 Battle Points
  • Dungeon Run Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Contains/Rewards Moderate XP, Gold, Mystery Equipment


Kikuras Rapids Set Items Drops


Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Overview

  • Kikuras Rapids is the fifth dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, specifically by completing the story quest within the zone of Bilefen.
  • Kikuras Rapids features a jungle and it is a unique dungeon since you will be fighting mobs while you are on a raft, traversing the rapid waves of the lush area.
  • Upon completing the dungeon for the first run in normal difficulty, players will gain access to unlocking the Trove bundle for Kikuras Rapids. It is a one-time purchase that provides extra rewards. You will need to purchase it from the in-game shop for $4.99. Kikuras Rapids Trove included Eternal Orbs, Rare Crests, and Legendary Crests.


Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Objectives

  • Explore the jungle.
  • Reach the river.
  • Board the raft.
  • Ride the raft into the jungle.
  • Survive the fiery onslaught.
  • Find the Fetish Chieftain.
  • Kill Chieftain Ongori.


Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Walkthrough

Kikuras Rapids is the fifth dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, it can be found within the Bilefen zone, it unlocks at level 40 and as the story progresses. During your exploration of the Destruction's End dungeon in the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, you were able to find information on how to destroy the three corrupted Worldstone shards. You will need to acquire the other known angelic weapon that is located here in Bilefen. In order to acquire the Yl'nira angelic sword that rests in the Temple of Namari, you are tasked by the ghost of Namari to find three Nephalem Beacons, and one of them is said to be found within Kikuras Rapids - you can find the entrance to Kikuras Rapids at the southeast section of Bilefen.

Encountered Mobs

  • Risen
  • Foul Raptor
  • Frog Demon
  • Fetish Flayer
  • Wood Wraith
  • Thorned Hulk
  • Plague Bearer
  • Fetish Shaman
  • Fetish Painmender
  • Fetish Dartthrower

The Lush Jungle

The Kikuras Rapids dungeon only features one map layout but it is divided into three parts, the entrance section, traversing via the raft, and fighting Chieftain Ongori. Upon entering the dungeon, move forward through the jungle and you'll encounter groups of mobs, clear the path until you reach the far east side of the map to find a treasure chest. Open it, retrace your steps, and  make your way through the village where you'll encounter more enemies, your task is to reach the gate that leads to a river and to ride the raft - when you are ready, stand on the raft and prepare for more enemies that will spawn as you traverse the river.

 As you ride the raft, look to your left and you'll see three Fetish Flayer enemies on the raft, quickly kill these enemies and make sure to watch out for the other enemies that are standing on the sides since they will start to throw projectiles at you. As the raft moves, more waves of Fetish Flayers will appear and board the raft. Just remember to quickly kill them so that you avoid getting outnumbered and it will be less overwhelming to deal with. As the raft moves down the river, it will stop and remain stuck at a makeshift bridge where you will see three Fetish Shaman enemies and will start shooting fireballs at you. Don't bother with trying to kill these enemies, your character will mention that you will simply just need to avoid their attacks long enough for about 10 seconds, and the dam will eventually be destroyed by the enemies' own attacks.

The raft will continue to move down the river, but at some point, you will see another raft that moves close to yours, be ready, since the Fetish enemies will attach their raft to the one you are riding. Quickly kill the enemies and stop the ones that are trying to chain both rafts together. Eventually, you will reach a waterfall and land to the bottom of it where you'll find the area where the Fetish Chieftain is.

Boss Battle: Chieftain Ongori

As you land at the bottom of the waterfall, make your way straight and cross the bridge where you'll find the main boss of this dungeon, Chieftain Ongori. Ongori starts off by locking onto a random player if you are playing with a team, or will lock onto you (if you are playing solo), and start to shoot out purple projectiles in four straight lines in a cone shape. If you're lucky, you can just move to the sides, but if you are caught in a tight spot, use the gap that are in between those four lines to avoid getting hit. As you fight the chieftain, Ongori will continuously summon more Fetish Flayer enemies to fight you, if this happens, make sure to quickly take out Ongori's minions before shifting your focus onto Ongori. On the other hand, if you are in a party, have one or two party members kill the Fetish Flayers, while the other two continuously attacks the chieftain.

Ongori will also cast a totem on certain parts of the map and will emit a purple energy around it, make sure to move away from its radius and have one of your team who specializes in ranged attack to quickly destroy it to stop its AoE attacks. This way, you can reclaim sections of the area, making it easier to move around. If Ongori jump into the air, be ready to dodge since he will randomly land onto a player or will just land on you if you are playing solo. As he lands, a purple circle will appear on the ground, move away from its radius as fast as you can to avoid the damage over time effect.

Once Ongori's health is low, if you noticed, there are four pillars around the arena. These pillars will (one by one) begin to spray flames like a flamethrower and spin in its place until you defeat Ongori. It can be overwhelming especially when all four pillars are shooting out the flames, but as soon as one of the pillars activate, quickly take out Ongori. If you are also careful, you can dodge the flames by watching the direction the flames are headed to - you'll complete this dungeon upon killing Chieftain Ongori.


Kikuras Rapids Notes and Tips

  • Kikuras Rapids Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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