bilefen location zone diablo immortal wiki guide
Waypoint/s Yes
Dungeons Kikuras Rapids
Temple of Namari
Recommended Level 40-45

Bilefen is a Location or a Zone in Diablo Immortal. Bilefen has a recommended level range of 40-45. Locations in Diablo Immortal are divided into various zones, and each zone features a unique Dungeon where players can explore solo or with a party to clear story objectives, farm XP, fight against challenging Bosses, and to acquire various rewards. Apart from that, there are various NPCs that players can encounter and participate in completing Quests, Events, and different Activities.


Welcome to the Bilefen. A more turbulent and accursed place you may never find.


Bilefen Zone Map for Diablo Immortal

[map goes here - to be uploaded when available]


All NPCs in Bilefen Diablo Immortal

  • Sandro the Mouth
  • Talva
  • Namari
  • Jin
  • Cadeus
  • Village Elder


All Quests & Events in Bilefen Diablo Immortal

Bilefen Quests

  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Overgrown Temple
  • Among the Bodies
  • Parlay with Peril
  • The Final Summoning


Bilefen Events

  • Ancient Arena - Proving Grounds


All Item Drops in Bilefen Diablo Immortal


  • Weapons, Armor


Set Items

  • Awakener's Urge
  • The Subjugator
  • Broken Palm
  • Mountebank's Marvel
  • The Prisoner
  • Shameless Urge
  • Modest Urge
  • The Mailed Fist
  • Issatar's Open Hand
  • Shepherd and Begetter
  • Stump-Stir



  • Gems
  • Legendary Gems


Upgrade Materials

  • Runes
  • Upgrade Mats.
  • Reforge Stones


All Enemies & Bosses in Bilefen Diablo Immortal

Bilefen Bosses

  • Ancient Guardian


Bilefen Enemies

  • Temple Guardians
  • Soul Killer Shaman
  • Maggots
  • Elder Owen
  • Rhodri the Red


Bilefen Notes and Tips

  • Bilefen Zone Diablo Immortal Notes, Tips, and other Trivia go here



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