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Role NPC
Location Ashwold Cemetery

Xul is an NPC in Diablo Immortal. Your first encounter with Xul will be at Ashwold Cemetery. Xul is a Necromancer who took Lethes as a student. NPCs can provide information about Quests and Lore of the game.


The enigmatic Necromancers hold a belief that all Creation exists in a delicate balance between Light and Darkness. Should either side gain control, the world of Sanctuary would fall into ruin. As a member of their ancient order, Xul fights to preserve that balance no matter where his travels may take him, or what foes stand against him.


Where to find Xul in Diablo Immortal?

  • Information on where to find Xul goes here


Associated Quests of Xul in Diablo Immortal

  • List of quests associated with Xul


Notes & Tips

  • Xul Notes, Tips, and Trivia



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