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Zone Bilefen
Dungeon Temple of Namari

Sargoth is a Boss in Diablo ImmortalSargoth is located at the Bilefen zone. Bosses are special Monsters that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Set Items. They also have a higher amount of HP and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves.


Sargoth Diablo Immortal Information

  • Related Quests
  • This boss is not optional.


Sargoth Rewards

  • Health and Experience Globes.
  • Has a chance to drop Set Items.


Sargoth Strategies and Guides

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

As you enter the last area of the dungeon, you'll immediately see Sargoth, but you won't be fighting him just yet. Sargoth will start summoning elite enemies for you to take down first. He will summon three elite enemies one at a time and you'll have to defeat them first before you face off against him. There are six different elite enemies that Sargoth can summon at random and you will only face off against three of them:

  • Torrid One - One of the easiest elite enemies to defeat compared to the rest. Be careful of its abilities as most of it triggers an AoE. He has an ability where orange markings will appear on the ground indicating where he'll spit out lava from his mouth, on impact, the orange marking on the ground will become scorched for a few seconds. Move away from those orange circles to avoid AoE damage. He also has an ability to breathe fire from his mouth and spins in 120 degrees. You can dodge by moving around him or try to stay behind him. He has another ability to summon smaller enemies in the are, but they can die quick if you can use an AoE attack. Be careful of them because they can go up to you or a party member and detonate themselves if ignored, dealing AoE fire damage.
  • Ashen Marauders - Sargoth can summon three Ashen Marauders each with a different ability, he will summon these three at the same time. There one Ashen marauder wielding two blades, this one will target a random player and spin around while holding its swords out in the direction of the player. This is the first Ashen Marauder that the group should take out first as its ability can quickly wipe out the team. The second Ashen Marauder wields a 2-hand Axe, this one will approach a random player and cleave a wide area, this is your next target after defeating the Sword Wielder. For the strategy, someone needs to aggro and bait it constantly to move along the edge of the walls so that the cleave attack won't reach the other players, while the other members constantly attacking him. The third Ashen Marauder wields 2 Axes and uses it as a ranged weapon, it throws out its axes in different directions while the axe is rotating as they move.
  • Siegebreaker - The Siegebreaker is a large four-legged demonic beast, and the best way to damage it is to attack it from behind since the orange glow in front of it will block most of your attacks upfront, but he doesn't have a forcefield at his back. When you see a long red line on the ground, the Siegebreaker will charge in that direction, simply move away from the red line on the ground to avoid getting knocked back. It also has an attack where it stands up on its back legs and rises its head indicating that he's going to cleave the ground four times, this attack has a huge AoE so move away from him when you see his head rises.
  • Coldsnap - Coldsnap can spawn 3 frozen orbs that grow then a large AoE zone explodes within the area where you'll see a blue circle marking on the ground, players standing within the circle will get damaged by the explosion. Move away from the orbs and avoid standing within two of them as the explosion can double the damage. Coldsnap also has an attack where it'll swing its weapon in the air for two seconds, then slam it on the ground creating a frozen AoE circle, players standing within the circle will receive continuous damage and slow their movements. Coldsnap will also often swing his weapon in front of him and cleave 180 degrees, it is best to stand behind him or move away while attacking while he does this.
  • Fallen War Matron - The Fallen War Matron will start by opening 4 portals summmoning her minions. She will also create orange orbs around her that has a fire aura surrounding each orb. You need to be careful here even though these orbs move slowly across the arena toward the center, it will eventually converge in the center even after the War Matron dies, if it completely blocks your exit it will kill you instantly. After she summons more enemies, she will usually slam her weapon on the ground at a random location stunning any player getting hit and also do a lot of damage. She can land the blow on 4 possible places, and she won't be hitting the same place twice. The best way to deal with this attack is to stay at the place where she previously attacked and do damage from there, repeat this tactic until she dies. She can also slam her weapon at the same place 4 times in a row, getting hit once will guarantee the 3 next hits to land on you and any party member within the same spot, stunning you and dealing a lot of damage.
  • Voracity -  Voracity does a lot of poison damaging attacks, he will continuously create poison AoE markins on the ground that does poison damage to players standing within the area.You will need to kill him quickly as he can fill up the rest of the area if he's kept alive longer. Voracity can spit poison at a random player dealing DoT. He can also spray poison vomit at a random player if they are standing within 15 yards, which will also summon glob minions that damages players, the glob minions can be easily killed by AoE attacks.

Once you've defeated three of the said Elite Enemies listed above, you will now face the main boss, Sargoth. He will have different abilities he can use during battle. Sargoth will often summon four Nephalem Warriors around him, you and your team should quickly eliminate them to not get overwhelmed with too many summons and these warriors' attacks cover a wide area. Sargoth will also have an ability where he conjures missiles that land on the ground, on impact, the ground will become scorched for a few seconds and stepping on them will deal continuous damage to the players. Sargoth can also charge in a single direction, you'll notice a red line on the ground indicating the direction he's going for, getting hit will knock back players. Watch out for the teal circles that have runes drawn on the edges, as a giant hand will crush down upon damaging players standing within the circle. His most dangerous ability is when he starts summoning multiple frozen orbs that will eventually explode. If you or a party member is standing within 2 of the frozen orbs' AoE, it would most likely instantly kill you or bring you down to 30% health.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Summoning - Nephalem Warriors: Sargoth summons four Nephalem Warriors in the battlefield to fight alongside him. Perform a damaging AoE attack against the Nephalem Warriors to quickly eliminate them, try to avoid their cleaving slashes as it covers a wide area.
Missile Drop: Sargoth conjures missiles that will launch in the air then eventually land on the ground, on impact, these will scorch the ground for a few seconds and inflict damage to whoever is standing within the area. You can easily dodge this move as you will see the markings on the ground.
Charge Forth: A red line will be marked on the ground indicating the direction where Sargoth will charge forward to. Move away from the marking on the ground to avoid the knock back.
Giant Hand Crush: A giant circle with runes drawn on the edges will appear on the ground, then a giant hand will come crushing down shortly after, dealing massive damage to anyone standing within the circle. This move is also easily avoidable as it will mark where the giant hand will land.
Exploding Frozen Orbs: Sargoth will summon multiple frozen orbs in the area that explodes, dealing massive damage. Best way to avoid this is to never stand still while fighting him, also try to avoid getting caught in two of the frozen orbs' blast radius as it can instantly kill you or bring your health down to about 30%.



Sargoth Diablo Immortal Lore

Sargoth is a Nephalem who betrayed his own kind by allying with Hell. He possessed powerful magic and had the ability to summon demons and gain power upon their defeat. He despised humanity as he sees them as nothing more than "a pale shade" of their nephalem ancestors and unfit to inherit Sanctuary.


Sargoth Notes & Trivia

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Sargoth Image Gallery

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