Temple of Namari

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Recommended Level 40
Boss Sargoth
Zone Bilefen

Temple of Namari is a Dungeon in Diablo Immortal. The Temple of Namari dungeon recommends a minimum level of 40. Players can re-run dungeons in Diablo Immortal on their own or with a party only if you've completed the dungeon for the first time and if it re-appears as an objective via Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts. Completing a dungeon yields rewards, such as Set Items.


Sargoth betrayed us. For his terrible crime... He was imprisoned for eternity. Or, so we believed... When I faced him again... Something had changed. His rage had grown... Granting him terrifying power. I fought with all my strength. Everything I had! I failed. You must not.


Temple of Namari Dungeon Information

  • Rewards 20 Battle Points
  • Dungeon Run Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Contains/Rewards Moderate XP, Gold, Mystery Equipment


Temple of Namari Set Items Drops


Temple of Namari Dungeon Overview

  • Temple of Namari is the sixth dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, specifically by completing the story quest within the zone of Bilefen
  • Temple of Namari is the second dungeon that is recommended for farming XP since it only takes a few minutes to complete and features a handful of enemies.
  • The only disadvantage is that you won't be able to acquire the 100 bonus kill since each section is divided or blocked by barriers that can only be cleared out by defeating the group of enemies within that section. There are about 6 sections you need to clear before reaching the boss area.


Temple of Namari Dungeon Objectives

  • Explore the Temple of Namari.
  • Kill the Skeletal Mages to end the ritual.
  • Kill Sargoth.


Temple of Namari Dungeon Walkthrough

Temple of Namari is the fifth dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, it can be found within the Bilefen zone, it unlocks at level 40, and as the story progresses. During your exploration of the Destruction's End dungeon in the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, you were able to find information on how to destroy the three corrupted Worldstone shards. You will need to acquire the other known angelic weapon that is located here in Bilefen. To acquire the Yl'nira angelic sword that rests in the Temple of Namari, you are tasked by the ghost of Namari to find three Nephalem Beacons, and one of them is said to be found within the Temple of Namari - you can find the entrance to Temple of Namari at the southeast section of Bilefen - upon finding all beacons, you return to the Temple of Namari to stop the ritual and to kill Sargoth.

Encountered Mobs

  • Skeletal Mage
  • Skeletal Archer
  • Demon Warrior
  • Skeletal Warrior
  • Nephalem Warrior

Meet the Ghost of Namari and Stop the Ritual

Upon entering the dungeon, the Ghost of Namari will appear and guide you through to reach Sargoth's prison which lies in the depths of the temple. Cross the bridge and clear out the first group of mobs to dispel the first barrier. Past the barrier, you'll arrive at an open area that has an altar in the center, defeat all of the enemies that spawn and Namari will reappear and tells you that as you push through the barriers, Sargoth's power to summon more demons, grow stronger.

Continue to the next section and kill all of the enemies to dispel yet another barrier. Beyond it is a summoning ring that is being used by the mages, you will need to kill the Skeletal mages to stop the ritual. You'll find three of these mages that are summoning more enemies, you will need to kill these enemies first that appear within the blue summoning circle and one by one, the barrier that is protecting the mages will disappear. Upon killing the last Skeletal Mage, Namari will open a gateway that will take you to the final chamber where Sargoth is.

Defeat Sargoth

As you enter the last area, you'll find Sargoth and he will start by summoning elite enemies, one at a time. You'll need to defeat three enemies that Sargoth summons before fighting him.

  • Torrid One: The easiest to fight compared to the rest. Most of its attacks trigger an AoE where it will spit out multiple lavas from its mouth, you can easily avoid these by moving away from the orange circles that appear on the ground. The Torrid One also shoots out fire like a flamethrower which can easily be countered by positioning yourself behind it. And finally, it will summon some enemies that will attack you.
  • Siegebreaker: The Siegebreaker is a large four-legged demonic beast that is best to be attacked at its back. As soon as it is summoned, be ready to move away or make sure you are behind it since it will charge forward, damaging and knocking back anyone it hits. The Siegebreaker moves slow and will use its arms to hit you. If you see it try to stand on its hind legs and be ready to move away if you are in front of the beast since it will slam the ground and attack multiple times. Most of Siegebreaker's attacks consist of frontal moves, that is why it is best to fight this beast behind it or at its sides.
  • Ashen Marauder: Sargoth summons two of these marauders that wield one large axe, while the other holds two regular axes. Upon being summoned, focus on taking out the one wielding the large axe since this one hits heavy attacks and can focus on attacking multiple units with its large swings. If you are playing as a team, split into two groups and team up to quickly eliminate the enemies.

Sargoth will have different abilities that he will use upon fighting him. Sargoth can summon Nephalem Warriors and you can easily take out these enemies while inflicting damage to Sargoth by baiting the enemies towards Sargoth and using an AoE attack/skill. Coordinate with your team to use multiple AoE attacks so quickly clear out the summoned enemies. You'll want to make sure there are no other distractions when fighting Sargoth. This boss can also conjure missiles that shoot in the air and eventually land on the ground causing damage over time if you are within it. This can easily be avoided by moving away from the blue circles that appear on the ground.

Sargoth can also use his energy to blast enemies that are in front of him. If you see a blue rectangle appear on the ground, move away from its radius since it damages and causes knockback to those who are caught in its path. Keep moving as well and be alert since Sargoth can teleport in different spots, making it slightly confusing to keep track of his movement. Next, Sargoth calls forth blue fireballs that will rain from above, this can be avoided by moving away from the blue circles that appear on the ground. And last, if Sargoth summons multiple orbs towards where the player or players are standing, make sure you are not near it since it will explode causing massive damage and can potentially kill you. If this happens, make sure to spread out, this way, the orbs are positioned separately, making it a bit safe to move around these orbs - you'll complete this dungeon upon defeating Sargoth.


Temple of Namari Notes and Tips

  • Temple of Namari Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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