Forgotten Tower

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Recommended Level 20
Boss The Countess
Zone Dark Wood

Forgotten Tower is a Dungeon in Diablo Immortal. The Forgotten Tower dungeon recommends a minimum level of 20. Players can re-run dungeons in Diablo Immortal on their own or with a party only if you've completed the dungeon for the first time and if it re-appears as an objective via Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts. Completing a dungeon yields rewards, such as Set Items.


Beauty fades. It is impossible to escape. I will not submit to this truth. I am beyond the pitiful laws of tiny men. Their blood will serve me, fulfill my purpose. My splendor reborn from their pain. And my beauty will never fade again.


Forgotten Tower Dungeon Information

  • Rewards 15 Battle Points
  • Dungeon Run Time: 3-5 minutes
  • Contains/Rewards XP, Gold, Mystery Equipment


Forgotten Tower Set Items Drops


Forgotten Tower Dungeon Overview

  • Forgotten Tower is the second dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, specifically by reaching the end of the story quest for the Dark Wood zone.
  • Before entering the Forgotten Tower Dungeon in Diablo Immortal, it is highly recommended that you enter with a full party or at least join random players.
  • As one of the early dungeons you'll encounter, completing the Forgotten Tower dungeon, as well as replaying this dungeon later on if it is available is a great option since it yields a great amount of XP from clearing out the gauntlet of mobs, as well as rewards from treasure chests of up to a maximum of 5 if you can complete the gauntlet of enemies within its time limit.
  • The Forgotten Tower dungeon only features a one-floor layout but features 1 mini-boss, lots of mobs, a gauntlet of enemies, and 1 main boss. If you want to achieve an easy 100 Massacre Bonus, this is the recommended dungeon that you need to be in.


Forgotten Tower Dungeon Objectives

  • Enter the Forgotten Tower.
  • Find the Countess.
  • Defeat Blood Priestess Innaloth.
  • Talk to the Dying Rogue.
  • Open the Gate and Defeat the Bloodsworn.
  • Defeat the Bloodswon Army Quickly within the Time Limit.
  • Reach the Countess's Chamber.
  • Kill the Countess.


Forgotten Tower Dungeon Walkthrough

Forgotten Tower is the second dungeon players will encounter in Diablo Immortal, it can be found when players are about to reach the end of the Dark Wood zone. During the story, the player finds out that The Countess holds the third shard of the Worldstone and is planning to harness that power to rule over the world of Sanctuary. You must now enter the Forgotten Dungeon where The Countess is and to kill her before she fills Dark Wood with the blood of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye and countless innocent lives.

Encountered Mobs

  • Direwolf
  • Quill Rat
  • Hungry Torso
  • Dark Creeper
  • Corrupted Mauler
  • Bloodsworn Archer
  • Bloodsworn Oppressor
  • Bloodsworn Spearwoman

Mini-Boss Encounter: Blood Priestess Innaloth

Upon entering the dungeon, move forward and bait the mobs towards the east side corner of the map. You'll see a large plant that will start to attack you, if you have AoE skills, use it to take out the mobs and the large vine all at the same time. By clearing all the enemies, the vines ahead will disappear, push forward, clear all the enemies and another large plant, then go west to find a treasure chest before you head down the stairs that lead into The Countess' lair. As you head down, more mobs will be here to attack you, simply defeat them all to dispel the barrier that's blocking the next room where you'll find Blood Priestess Innaloth.

As you walk in, you will find Blood Priestess Innaloth along with her followers who are praying and worshipping her. The Blood Priestess, Innaloth, was formerly a member of the renegade rogues who betrayed the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. As a loyal and trustworthy follower of The Countess, she was given power and now oversees the task of draining the blood of innocent villagers of Dark Wood to strengthen The Countess.

As soon as you attack them, they will all get aggroed, and the battle starts. Since there is a large group of enemies along with the Blood Priestess, using AoE attacks to quickly take out multiple enemies at once will turn the tides against your favor of winning. If you are with a group, have members of the team who specialize in melee attacks, strike the Blood Priestess from behind, while those who specialize in mid to long-range attacks work best to move around the arena and attack the Blood Priestess in front.

Blood Priestess Innaloth can also summon more mobs, if this happens, quickly instruct or tell the other members of the team to take out the enemies so that everyone can eventually focus on just attacking the mini-boss. If you constantly move around the arena, you can avoid her ranged attacks as well as her skill where she summons a three-sided stone wall to try and trap you. As soon as you defeat her, quickly pick up all the XP and items that drop, and then speak to the Dying Rogue.

The Bloodsworn Army

You'll learn from the Dying Rogue that they raised an army known as the Bloodsworn, followers of The Countess, and is ready to unleash wrath upon the village and the sisterhood. Approach the gate on the left, open it, and enter the next room to start a gauntlet where you will have to defeat several mobs of the Bloodsworn Army within the time limit. It is recommended to kill all of the enemies each round within the time limit to acquire all 5 treasure chests after defeating The Countess. The area is large, so if you are playing solo, you will need to take them out as quickly as you can while checking each section, but if you are with a group, the best tactic is to split up into two teams to easily cover it.

  • Gauntlet 1: Time Limit: 01:20, Number of Mobs to kill: 10
  • Gauntlet 2: Time Limit: 01:30, Number of Mobs to kill: 15
  • Gauntlet 3: Time Limit: 01:40, Number of Mobs to kill: 20
  • Gauntlet 4: Time Limit: 01:45, Number of Mobs to kill: 25
  • Gauntlet 5: Time Limit: 01:50, Number of Mobs to kill: 30

Main Boss: The Countess

The Countess appears at the center of the chamber upon entering - make sure to position yourself behind her since she will start by swinging her sword towards the first person who aggroed her. If you have a Necromancer in your team or if you are playing as a Necromancer, use any of your summoning skills and have that NPC attack her first, this way, you'll be able to land a few hits while she is briefly focused on her target. One of The Countess' attacks is where she (again) swings her sword but this time, she channels up energy before swinging her weapon which covers an arc radius. If you see a red glow on the ground, quickly move away from it or go behind her and attack.

Once you deplete her first bar of health, she flies into the air and mobs will appear on the battlefield. Quickly take out the enemies by grouping them and use an AoE skill to deal damage against multiple enemies at once. Be ready to dodge when you see a large red circle on the ground since The Countess will fly back down and slam the ground, if you are hit, it deals damage and stuns you for a brief moment. As she lands back on the ground, you'll want to move away from the direction she is facing since she will conjure a red line on the ground, make sure that you are not standing on it since it will deal continuous damage. This red line will remain on the battlefield until you defeat The Countess.

After inflicting enough damage, she begins to summon bats while she stands in one place. Take this opportunity to have members of your team who specialize in mid to long-range attacks to deal damage to her while she is standing still. It will be a little difficult for melee classes to attack her since multiple bats spawn from her and it deals damage if you are hit. After she channels the swarm of blood bats, she will summon more mobs and this time, conjures two red lines.

At this point of the battle, as her health gets low, she will conjure more red lines that form a star, but as for her attacks, she will still swing her sword after channeling energy, summon a swarm of bats and more mobs. Just avoid the red lines, take out the mob as fast as you can if you are playing solo, and if you are in a party, have the other members of the team kill all the mobs, and then quickly shift your focus against The Countess. Upon defeating her, depending on the number of gauntlets you were able to complete earlier, treasure chests will appear along with the items that drop from her. Before leaving, make sure to open all of the chests and pick up all of the items - this completes the Forgotten Tower dungeon for Diablo Immortal.


Forgotten Tower Notes and Tips

  • Forgotten Tower Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia.



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