Baal is a Boss in Diablo ImmortalBaal is located at the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone. Bosses are special Monsters that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Set Items. They also have a higher amount of HP and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves.


Baal Diablo Immortal Information

  • Related Quests
  • This boss is not optional.


Baal Rewards

  • Tal Rasha's Appreciation Treasure Chest.


Baal Strategies and Guides

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Once you've defeated the enemies in the previous area and Zoltun Kulle gets rid of the fire wall, you can now fight Baal. Baal will have two phases for this fight. For the first phase, it will be fairly easy he will only be by himself during this time. The strategy here is to always try to get away from the direction he is facing as he can cast a cone-shaped shockwave that has a wide range. You would also need to watch out for his AoE fire volley where he shoots firebals outwards in all directions. Once you've managed to take out 2 of Baal's health bubbles, Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha will try to capture Baal but will fail and he will escape to the next area.

The second phase of this boss fight will be when you've reached the area where Baal escaped to. Upon reaching the area, you cannot engage with Baal just yet, would will have to eliminate the Festering Appendages around him to disable the barrier that's protecting him. Once you've eliminated all the Festering Appendages, all players in the area will get knocked back as Baal's barrier is destroyed. Just like in his first phase, he will have the same moveset, stay away from the direction he's facing to avoid the cone-shaped wave and avoid the fire volleys. Around reducing his Health bubble to half, more appendages will spawn as well as his barrier protecting him again. Defeat all the appendages to destroy his barrier. Shortly after destroying his barrier for the second time, fireballs will start raining from the sky, keep an eye out for the red markings on the ground as fireballs will drop one at a time in each of these red markings, on impact, these fireballs will scatter in 3 different directions. This is one of his most damage attacks so try to move to a safe spot where you can maneuver easily.

At some point in the fight, he will conjure a clone of himself. This clone will have the same attacks as the original. Both of them will start using the fire volley AoE attack but before they perform that attack, Tal Rasha will say "Come to the shield, it will protect us from the flames!" Immediately run inside the shield to protect you from the fire volleys, if you're a ranged user, you can attack Baal while being protected inside Tal Rasha's shield. You don't need to focus on the clone as it will disappear after some time. Once you've defeated Baal, Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha will once again try to seal him and this time for good. If you've manage to complete the dungeon in under 3 minutes, you will receive Tal Rasha's Appreciation Treasure Chest in the end.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Slash Wave: Baal slashes in the direction he's facing and releases a cone-shaped wave that deals AoE damage. Try to avoid the direction he's facing as he can immediately cast these cone-shaped shockwaves.
Fire Volley: Shoots fireballs outwards in all directions. Move away from Baal and adjust your position accordingly as the fire volley is a bit slow when it releases.
Phase 2
Rain of Fire: Red circles on the ground will start appearing indicating where the Fireballs will drop, on impact the fireballs will scatter in three different directions. Move away from the red circles on the ground and anticipate where it will scatter, the scatter is a bit slow so you can dodge or move to a safe spot.
Conjure - Duplicate: Baal summons a duplicate of himself with similar a moveset. Do not focus too much on the duplicate and take out the original Baal, as the duplicate will disappear after some time. Be careful because it has a similar moveset with the original, it can perform the Fire Volley attack at the same time, this is where you'll need to go inside Tal Rasha's shield to protect you from the flames. 



Baal Diablo Immortal Lore

Baal was the most brash and reckless of the Prime Evils. After the Dark Exile, he was contained in the Horadrim Tal Rasha and entombed. Centuries later, Diablo freed Baal, who then corrupted the Worldstone to devastating effect for the barbarians who lived near Mount Arreat. The heroes killed Baal shortly afterward.


Baal Notes & Trivia

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Baal Image Gallery

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