Answers in the East

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Type Main Quests
Zone Westmarch
Rewards --
Previous Quest The Hilts Trader
Next Quest A Captain's Need

Answers in the East is a Quest in Diablo Immortal. Quests refer to objectives and tasks that are tied to game progression. Answers in the East is one of the Main Quests in Westmarch. Main Quests drive the narrative forward and require completion in order to advance in the Main Campaign. They are done in sequential order from zone to zone and cannot be skipped.


It has been quite some time since you left Cain's Workshop. Perhaps the elder has made a breakthrough in his research?


Answers in the East Quest Information

Answers in the East is the seventh quest in the Westmarch Part 2 Storyline. It follows directly after The Hilts Trader and leads to the A Captain's Need quest upon completion. 

This quest involves returning to Cain after visiting the various shops around town as per Charsi's suggestions during your second story-related visit to Westmarch.


Answers in the East Objectives

  1. Return to Cain's Workshop
  2. Speak to Cain
  3. Examine the scroll by Cain's bookshelf
  4. Speak to Cain once more
  5. Leave Cain's Workshop
  6. Head to the Wolf City Tavern
  7. Speak to the Bartender


Answers in the East Characters & NPCs


Answers in the East Walkthrough

After speaking to the Hilts Trader in the previous quest, it will come time to check back on Cain at his workshop. Return to Cain and speak with him to learn of his breakthrough and then examine the scroll by the bookshelf to his left for a drawing of Zoltun Kulle, a Horadrim who had extensive knowledge about the Worldstones. Speak to Cain once more and he will task you with taking a letter to the captain of a ship in the Wolf City Tavern in order to gain passage to the Shassar Sea and search for one of Zoltun Kulle's archives. Exit Cain's Workshop and head for the Tavern which is just around the corner to the southwest of the workshop. Inside, speak to the Bartender who will tell you that the man you are looking for is outside the Tavern. A noise signifying a fight breaking out outside concludes the quest and begins the next: A Captain's Need.


Answers in the East Notes, Trivia, Tips & Tricks

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