Between Two Evils

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Type Main Quests
Zone Dark Wood
Previous Quest Gathering the Reagents
Next Quest Tree of Inifuss

Between Two Evils is a Quest in Diablo Immortal. Quests refer to objectives and tasks that are tied to game progression. Between Two Evils is one of the Main Quests in Dark Wood. Main Quests drive the narrative forward and require completion in order to advance in the Main Campaign. They are done in sequential order from zone to zone and cannot be skipped.


The ritual... failed? Speak with Hemlir by the fireside to learn more.


Between Two Evils Quest Information

Between Two Evils is the sixth quest in the Dark Wood Storyline. It follows directly after Gathering the Reagents and leads to the Tree of Inifuss quest upon completion. 

This quest involves obtaining a source of Dark Magic in order to attempt Hemlir's ritual once again.


Between Two Evils Objectives

  1. Speak with Hemlir
  2. Wait for Akara to perform a ritual and then speak with her
  3. Speak with Hess the Blacksmith to obtain a gift from Hemlir
  4. Head for the Cult of Damnation's Camp
  5. Go towards the Ritual Circle and watch the cutscene
  6. Defeat the Cultists at the circle and collect the Ember of Dark Magic


Between Two Evils Characters & NPCs


Between Two Evils Walkthrough

Speak to Hemlir who exclaims that the ritual has failed and calls for Akara's help. She will reveal that the ritual requires magic equally as dark as that which corrupted the Dark Wood in order to bind it. Hemlir will inform you of your next task, which involves searching for a source of Dark Magic inside the Cultists' camp. He will also ask you to speak with Hess the Blacksmith to obtain an item he had made for you before you set off. Speak with Hess to obtain the Druid's Wrappings as well as some EXP and Gold. After this, make your way to the Cult of Damnation's Camp which can be found further north from the camp, past the Arach's Den.

At the camp, clear the enemies and head towards the ritual circle where a cutscene will ensue concerning a conversation between Lakrii and a projection of Skarn. After the cutscene, defeat all the enemies around the circle. This will grant you EXP and the Abyssal Visor. Examine the center of the ritual circle and collect the Ember of Dark Magic. This concludes the quest and begins the next one: Tree of Inifuss.


Between Two Evils Notes, Trivia, Tips & Tricks

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