Tools of the Trade

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Type Main Quests
Zone Westmarch
  • 12,000 Experience
  • 300 Gold
Previous Quest Diamond in the Rough
Next Quest To the Dark Wood

Tools of the Trade is a Quest in Diablo Immortal. Quests refer to objectives and tasks that are tied to game progression. Tools of the Trade is one of the Main Quests in Westmarch. Main Quests drive the narrative forward and require completion in order to advance in the Main Campaign. They are done in sequential order from zone to zone and cannot be skipped.


It seems things have finally settled down. Charsi appears eager to return to her smithy.


Tools of the Trade Quest Information

Tools of the Trade is the eighth quest in the Westmarch Storyline. It follows directly after Diamond in the Rough and leads to the To the Dark Wood quest upon completion. 

This is a simple transition quest preparing you for travel to the Dark Wood.


Tools of the Trade Objectives

  1. Speak to Charsi
  2. Follow Charsi back to her smithy
  3. Speak with Charsi


Tools of the Trade Characters & NPCs


Tools of the Trade Walkthrough

After assisting Vic in the previous quest, speak with Charsi and follow her back to her smithy in Rakkis Plaza. Speak with her at the smithy and she will reveal that she used to belong to the Sisters of the Sightless Eye who preside in the Dark Wood. She shows you an amulet given to her by the High Priestess which could open a Portal in case she ever wants to return home. She opens the Portal, allowing you to continue you adventure in the Dark Wood.


Tools of the Trade Notes, Trivia, Tips & Tricks




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