Braving the Rift

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Type Main Quests
Zone Westmarch
  • 20,000 Experience
  • 500 Gold
Previous Quest Legends of Eld
Next Quest Bounties Abroad

Braving the Rift is a Quest in Diablo Immortal. Quests refer to objectives and tasks that are tied to game progression. Braving the Rift is one of the Main Quests in Westmarch. Main Quests drive the narrative forward and require completion in order to advance in the Main Campaign. They are done in sequential order from zone to zone and cannot be skipped.


You've acquired a Legendary Crest: an object capable of temporarily empowering the Elder Rift. Now is the time to enter the rift and search for Legendary Gems.


Braving the Rift Quest Information

Braving the Rift is the fifth quest in the Westmarch Part 1 Storyline. It follows directly after Legends of Eld and leads to the Bounties Abroad quest upon completion. 

This quest involves the introduction of the Elder Rift and Crests during your first story-related visit to Westmarch.


Braving the Rift Objectives

  1. Speak to Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant
  2. Complete an Elder Rift empowered by a Legendary Crest
  3. Return to the Crest Merchant


Braving the Rift Characters & NPCs


Braving the Rift Walkthrough

The quest begins as soon as you reach the Palace Courtyard with Charsi directly after the previous quest.

Upon reaching the area, speak to Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant and select the Quest option. He mentions the same rumor Deckard Cain spoke about regarding the Elder Rift and the mages making a breakthrough in Rift research using Crests of Power. He also says he has been authorized to sell Crests to qualified individuals. The merchant will gift you with your first Legendary Crest for free and asks you to head over to the Elder Rift obelisk up the steps behind him and place the crest in one of the recesses to empower the rift. Your next objective is to complete an Elder Rift empowered by the Legendary Crest you just obtained. 

Elder Rifts are randomly generated dungeons where you fight through hordes and hordes of enemies to reach a powerful Rift Guardian boss which is also randomly generated. Successfully completing a run will yield rewards such as equipment, gold and experience. Using Crests to empower the rifts will add modifiers to the dungeon which can yield both positive and negative effects to players and the enemies found within. In exchange for the increased effort, using Crests will guarantee extra loot such as Runes and Legendary Gems depending on the rarity of the Crests used. Elder Rifts can be completed solo or in a party of up to 4 players.

Head up the steps behind the merchant and inspect the Elder Rift entrance obelisk to begin a run. Using the Legendary Crest will guarantee that you get a Legendary Gem upon completion of the rift.  Note that if you can complete an Elder Rift run within the time limit, you will receive additional rewards.

Once you kill the Rift Guardian, a Portal will be created so you can return to Westmarch. Make your way back to the Crest Merchant and speak with him. He will reward you with 6 more Crests (Rare) on the house, ending the quest. You will receive the next quest: Bounties Abroad right after.


Braving the Rift Notes, Trivia, Tips & Tricks

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