Realm of Damnation

realm of damnation location zone diablo immortal wiki guide
Waypoint/s Yes
Dungeons Pit of Anguish
Recommended Level 55-60

Realm of Damnation is a Location or a Zone in Diablo Immortal. Realm of Damnation has a recommended level range of 55-60 and this zone does not feature/features a Dungeon or Event. Locations in Diablo Immortal are divided into various zones, and each zone features a unique Dungeon where players can explore solo or with a party to clear story objectives, farm XP, fight against challenging Bosses, and to acquire various rewards. Apart from that, there are various NPCs that players can encounter and participate in completing Quests, Events, and different Activities.


Nothing about this environment is inviting—it's a graveyard of bones and spiny rocks! Thin membranes underneath it all hold back the hellish, fiery core from below.


Realm of Damnation Zone Map for Diablo Immortal

[map goes here - to be uploaded when available]


All NPCs in Realm of Damnation Diablo Immortal

  • List of NPCs


All Quests & Events in Realm of Damnation Diablo Immortal

Realm of Damnation Quests

  • List of Quests


Realm of Damnation Events

  • List of Events


All Item Drops in Realm of Damnation Diablo Immortal


  • Weapons, Armor


Set Items

  • Open Gut
  • Issatar Enraged
  • Mountebank’s Shirking
  • Beacon’s Urge
  • Burning Heart of Shal’baas
  • Foulfleet




  • Gems
  • Legendary Gems


Upgrade Materials

  • Runes
  • Upgrade Mats.
  • Reforge Stones


All Enemies & Bosses in Realm of Damnation Diablo Immortal

Realm of Damnation Bosses

  • Skarn 

Realm of Damnation Enemies

  • List of Enemies


Realm of Damnation Notes and Tips

  • Realm of Damnation Zone Diablo Immortal Notes, Tips, and other Trivia go here



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