Zone Shassar Sea
Dungeon Tomb of Fahir

Segithis is a Mini-boss or Rare Monster in Diablo ImmortalSegithis is located at the Shassar Sea zone. Mini-bosses are special Monsters that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Set Items. They also have a higher amount of HP and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves.


Segithis Diablo Immortal Information

  • Related Quests
  • This Mini-boss is not optional.


Segithis Rewards

  • Health and Experience Globes.


Segithis Strategies and Guides

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Segithis will ofter spit out three poison orbs that go outwards. Avoid these projectiles as much as possible as these do DoT. The strategy here is to take out the front legs to make Segithis vulnerable for a few seconds where you can land your most damaging attacks. Throughout the fight, you will see a red rectangle marking on the ground under Segithis' front legs indicating that she'll perform a swipe attack that'll do AoE damage, getting caught in the swipe will knock back players and do damage. Spiderlings and Toxic Lurkers will often spawn from time to time from the back. One member should group them together and perform an AoE on them while the rest focuses on Segithis. When both of Segithis' front legs are destroyed, he will become vulnerable for a few seconds while she lowers her head. Land your most damaging attacks during this time since this is where her health bar can be reduced quickly.

For the second phase she'll start casting giant red circles under a random player's feet and pull them in using her webs. If you are standing directly in the center of the circle, you will get caught, but if you happen to stand near the edge, you would have a second to move away. You would now need to focus on taking out the back legs for this phase and then she'll become vulnerable again. Then after destroying the legs, you can finish off Segithis.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Poisonous Orbs: Segithis spits our three poisonous orbs outwards, getting hit will inflict DoT to players. Segithis will spit three poisonous orbs outwards, move away from Segithis and go to a safe spot to avoid getting poisoned.
Leg Swipe: Segithis will swipe on of his arms sideways, knocking players back and doing damage. A giant rectangle will be marked on the ground under Segithis' front legs indicating the area where she'll swipe, move away from her and try to attack from a distance.
Summoning - Arachnids: Segithis can summon Spiderlings and Toxic Lurkers from the back to aid her during battle. One member of the team should focus on grouping the minions together and perform an AoE skill to quickly eliminate them while the others do damage to Segithis.
Phase 2
Web Pull: Segithis pulls a player towards her using her web and attack afterwards if a player is caught. Segithis will cast a giant red circle mark on the ground indicating where she'll use her web pull ability, if you happen to stand directly on the center, you will get pulled into her. If you're standing near the edge inside the circle, you will have a second to evade.



Segithis Diablo Immortal Lore

Segithis is a large broodmother spider and is one of King Fahir's dark experiments. She broods armies of Spiderlings and Toxic Lurkers to protect the tomb at all costs from anyone who dares enter and explore its depths.

Segithis Notes & Trivia

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Segithis Image Gallery

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