Sir Gorash

Zone Ashwold Cemetery
Dungeon Mad King's Breach

Sir Gorash is a Mini-boss or Rare Monster in Diablo ImmortalSir Gorash is located at the Ashwold Cemetery zone. Mini-bosses are special Monsters that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Set Items. They also have a higher amount of HP and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves.


Sir Gorash Diablo Immortal Information

  • Related Quests
  • This Mini-boss is not optional.


Sir Gorash Rewards

  • Health and Experience Globes.


Sir Gorash Strategies and Guides

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Once you encounter Sir Gorash, he will immediately summon rats from his left side then pull as second group of rats on his right side. Afterwards, he will summon a wall to trap players within 10 yards in front of him, you can avoid this by staying outside of the circle marked on the ground. You can attack him from behind or from a distance during this attack. He will often summon an Arcane Beam that rotates 360 degrees, you can avoid this by anticipating where the rotation goes and this move will only be active for a short time. He usually performs this move after the wall trap. When Sir Gorash suddenly faces your direction, he will cleave his giant axe in your direction, avoid this by staying out of his line of sight. Afterwards, he will slam his axe on the ground, stunning players caught within the radius. Sir Gorash will also summon Skeletal Minions in the battlefield to fight alongside him. Try focusing on the ranged skeletons first as they can overwhelm your team if not taken care of quickly.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Summoning - Rats: Sir Gorash summons a group of rats on both his left and right side. He will summon on his left side first then on his right side afterwards. Use an AoE ability to quickly eliminate the groups of rats.
Wall Trap: Sir Gorash summons a wall trap that will catch players standing within 10 yards in front of him. Stay outside of the circle marked on the ground or get behind him to not get trapped in the wall.
Arcane Beam: Sir Gorash conjures an Arcane Beam that rotates in 360 degrees. Anticipate the direction in which the Arcane Beams will go to avoid getting hit, this attack will only last for a few seconds.
Axe Cleave: Sir Gorash faces a random player's direction then swings his giant axe damaging players caught in his line of sight. Avoid standing in front of his line of sight to dodge this attack. Get behind him during this attack animation to deal some damage. 
Axe Slam: Sir Gorash slams his giant axe on the ground, stunning players caught within the radius Shortly after the Axe Cleave, he will immediately perform the Axe Slam, avoid standing in front of him to avoid getting stunned.
Summoning - Skeletal Minions: Sir Gorash can summon Skeletel Minions in the battlefield to fight alongside him. Quickly eliminate the Skeletal Minions and go for the ranged minions first to not get overwhelmed, they pose a threat if not taken care of quickly.



Sir Gorash Diablo Immortal Lore

Sir Gorash was a loyal knight in the kingdom of Khanduras.


Sir Gorash Notes & Trivia

  • Sir Gorash appeared in Diablo (1996) in Level 16.



Sir Gorash Image Gallery

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