Blood Priestess Innaloth

Zone Dark Wood
Dungeon Forgotten Tower

Blood Priestess Innaloth is a Mini-boss or Rare Monster in Diablo ImmortalBlood Priestess Innaloth is located at the Dark Wood zone. Mini-bosses are special Monsters that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Set Items. They also have a higher amount of HP and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves.


Blood Priestess Innaloth Diablo Immortal Information

  • Related Quests
  • This Mini-boss is not optional.


Blood Priestess Innaloth Rewards

  • Health and Experience Globes.


Blood Priestess Innaloth Strategies and Guides

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

When facing off against the Blood Priestess Innaloth, you will also encounter different enemies fighting alongside her. She can also summon more Bloodsworn to her side throughout the fight. Innaloth will often face a random player's direction and summon a wall trap, this is a dangerous ability especially if she managed to trap you along with some of her minions in the area.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Summoning - Bloodsworn Allies: Blood Priestess Innaloth summons Bloodsworn Allies to fight alongside her during battle. Use an AoE skill to deal considerate damage to her Bloodsworn Allies especially the Bloodsworn Spearwoman and Oppressor. But you must still focus on attacking Innaloth as she can keep summoning more Bloodsworn throughout the fight.
Wall Trap: Innaloth summons a wall trap to hinder a player's movement momentarily. Always stay behind Innaloth to avoid getting trapped with this ability as this is dangerous if she manages to trap you with some of her Bloodsworn summons.



Blood Priestess Innaloth Diablo Immortal Lore

Blood Priestess Innaloth was a member of the Bloodsworn, she leads the ritual where she drains blood from an innocent.

Blood Priestess Innaloth Notes & Trivia

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Blood Priestess Innaloth Image Gallery

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