Legendary Crusader Weapons in Diablo Immortal have extra Bonus Attributes that enhances one of your skills. Legendary Crusader Weapons have Legendary properties that are unique, and they can only be used by those playing as a Crusader. Off-Hand Legendary Crusader weapons are usually shields, giving your character a defensive advantage. Since Legendary weapons can reach the maximum rank of 20, you can get up to 3 bonus attributes after Rank 6, Rank 11, and Rank 16. These can be obtained by beating large packs of enemies, and also by defeating bosses in Diablo Immortal. Just like ordinary weapons, you can reforge your legendary weapon at blacksmiths with Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build. On this page, you can find information about all the Legendary Weapons for the Crusader class in Diablo Immortal.

Do Legendary Crusader Weapons enhance skills?

Legendary Crusader Weapons in Diablo Immortal enhances the effectiveness of your skills. A good example would be the Little Lance Legendary Weapon, if you happen to get this weapon, your Falling Sword skill instead, will cause you to surge forward with your sword up to three times, damaging all enemies in your path. Each of the Legendary Crusader Weapons have different enhancements that can affect you skills. Also, given that these are Legendary Weapons, you can get up to 3 Bonus Attributes.

How can you Enhance Weapons?

Equipment such as Charms can modify skills and Runes can help enhance a Legendary Crusader Weapon. Gems can also be fitted to boost a Base stat of a weapon.

Socket Gems

Gems are an addition item to add onto your equipment. Equipment items may also have a socket. If there is an empty slot under socket, there is a Socket Gem option to be able to equip a Gem onto the Weapon in order to add additional buffs and bonuses. It's best to add Legendary Gems to your sockets, given that these are Legendary Weapons.


Legendary Crusader Weapon Slots in Diablo Immortal

Main Hand Weapon

  • Weapons that are classified as main hand weapons are usually the primary weapons that deal the most damage. These are specific and fitted to the classes.

Off Hand Weapons

  • These are the secondary weapons that the Crusader Class can also wield. But for the Crusader Class, Off-Hand equipment are usually shields that grant Defensive advantages.

Blacksmith Services

  • Salvage
  • Upgrade
  • Rank Transfer



Diablo Immortal Legendary Crusader Weapons

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Weapon Effect/s

Air Splitter Main Hand Falling Sword instead unleashes a shock wave that can be charged up to increase range and damage.
Closing Jaws Main Hand Sweep Attack now pulls all enemies it strikes to you.
Karawan’s Catch Main Hand Sweep Attack now consumes energy to continually damage all nearby enemies while you move.
Little Lance Main Hand Falling Sword instead causes you to surge forward with your sword up to three times, damaging all enemies in your path.
Longpalm Main Hand Sweep Attack now strikes all nearby enemies.
Proof From On High Main Hand Falling Sword now chains enemies to a location, and pulls them to you when activated again.
The Bristle Main Hand Sacred Fire now also hurls waves of flame, dealing 71 damage to all enemies in their path.
Tumult Main Hand Falling Sword now summons a storm of blades around it, continually damaging all nearby enemies, but can no longer be activated again for movement.
Bonebearer Off-Hand Shield Glare now consumes energy to reflect a beam of light that continually damages enemies in a direction, but no longer Blinds enemies.
Bowyer’s Remorse Off-Hand Spinning Shield now explodes when it strikes an enemy instead of returning, damaging all nearby enemies and knocking them away.
Constant Scrutiny Off-Hand Shield Glare now Blinds and damages all enemies around you.
Gimcrack Buckler Off-Hand While Punish has granted you Hardened Senses, your blocks will trigger an explosion dealing 149 damage to all nearby enemies.
Pavise Of Ten Wings Off-Hand Spinning Shield now spirtals around you and does not return.
Pouncing Shield Off-Hand Spinning Shield now bounces between several enemies instead of returning to you.
Sinkhole Cross Off-Hand Spinning Shield hovers at a location, damaging enemies and reducing their movement speed.
Zaynula’s Last Hymn Off-Hand Consecration also slows enemy movement by 30%.


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