Legendary Monk Weapons in Diablo Immortal have extra Bonus Attributes that enhances one of your skills. Legendary Monk Weapons have Legendary properties that are unique, and they can only be used by those playing as a Monk. Since Legendary weapons can reach the maximum rank of 20, you can get up to 3 bonus attributes after Rank 6, Rank 11, and Rank 16. These can be obtained by beating large packs of enemies, and also by defeating bosses in Diablo Immortal. Just like ordinary weapons, you can reforge your legendary weapon at blacksmiths with Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build. On this page, you can find information about all the Legendary Weapons for the Monk class in Diablo Immortal.

Do Legendary Monk Weapons enhance skills?

Legendary Monk Weapons in Diablo Immortal enhances the effectiveness of your skills. A good example would be the Intervening Law Legendary Weapon, if you happen to get this weapon, Shield of Zen will now charge to a designated spot, granting you a Shield of Zen and nearby allies a shield that absorbs damage. Each of the Legendary Barbarian Weapons have different enhancements that can affect you skills. Also, given that these are Legendary Weapons, you can get up to 3 Bonus Attributes.

How can you Enhance Weapons?

Equipment such as Charms can modify skills and Runes can help enhance a Legendary Monk Weapon. Gems can also be fitted to boost a Base stat of a weapon.

Socket Gems

Gems are an addition item to add onto your equipment. Equipment items may also have a socket. If there is an empty slot under socket, there is a Socket Gem option to be able to equip a Gem onto the Weapon in order to add additional buffs and bonuses. It's best to add Legendary Gems to your sockets, given that these are Legendary Weapons.

Legendary Monk Weapon Slots in Diablo Immortal

Main Hand Weapon

  • Weapons that are classified as main hand weapons are usually the primary weapons that deal the most damage. These are specific and fitted to the classes.

Off Hand Weapons

  • These are the secondary weapons that the Monk Class can also wield.

Blacksmith Services

  • Salvage
  • Upgrade
  • Rank Transfer



Diablo Immortal Legendary Monk Weapons

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Weapon Effect/s

dragons indignation diablo immortal wiki guide
Dragon's Indignation
Main Hand Incinerate: Seven-sided Strike turns to Fire, with additional Burning effect.
intervening law diablo immortal wiki guide
Intervening Law
Main Hand Sick Care: Shield of Zen now charges to a designated spot, granting you a Shield of Zen and nearby allies a shield that absorbs damage.
rod of echoes diablo immortal wiki guide
Rod of Echoes
Main Hand Mystic Allies cooldown reduced by 15%.
spirits reach diablo immortal wiki guide
Spirit's Reach
Main Hand Seven-Spirit Strike: Seven-sided Strike now places a runic circle inside which all enemies will be struck by your spirit allies.
power of undulation diablo immortal wiki guide
Power of Undulation
Off-Hand Energy Wind: Wave Strike now continuously channels energy waves forward.
reaching rebuke diablo immortal wiki guide
Reaching Rebuke
 Off-Hand Crushing Palm: Exploding Palm now launches you at a location and strikes that area with a giant palm as you land, damaging all nearby enemies,
respites sigh diablo immortal wiki guide
Respite's Sigh
 Off-Hand Inner Sanctuary duration increased by 30%.
Fires of Peace Main Hand Shield of Zen doesn’t shield you anymore, but periodically deals damage to nearby enemies.
Ice Upon the Blossom Main Hand Seven-Sided Strike turns to Ice damage with a Chilling effect.
Unshakeable Weight Main Hand Wave Strike range increased by 20%
Wisdom's Grasp Main Hand Imprisoned Fist damage increased by 10%.
Eye of Storm Off-Hand Cyclone radius increases by 20%
Path of the Present Off-Hand Exploding Palm now throws a giant palm in a direction, damaging and Stunning all enemies in its path.
Roar of the Sea  Off-Hand Wave Strike now quickly gathers energy and generates Wave Explosion.
Scolding Storm  Off-Hand Exploding Palm is now icy and inflicts Chill.
Spokes of the Wheel  Off-Hand Flying Kick also temporarily increases all damage you deal by 10%.


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