Legendary Necromancer Weapons in Diablo Immortal have extra Bonus Attributes that enhances one of your skills. Legendary Necromancer Weapons have Legendary properties that are unique, and they can only be used by those playing as a Necromancer. Since Legendary weapons can reach the maximum rank of 20, you can get up to 3 bonus attributes after Rank 6, Rank 11, and Rank 16. These can be obtained by beating large packs of enemies, and also by defeating bosses in Diablo Immortal. Just like ordinary weapons, you can reforge your legendary weapon at blacksmiths with Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build. On this page, you can find information about all the Legendary Weapons for the Necromancer class in Diablo Immortal.

Do Legendary Necromancer Weapons enhance skills?

Legendary Necromancer Weapons in Diablo Immortal enhances the effectiveness of your skills. A good example would be the Desolatoria Legendary Weapon, if you happen to get this weapon, Molten Golem Inscription: Command Golem will now summon a molten golem that continually Burns all nearby enemies instead of forcing them to attack it or Stunning Them. Each of the Legendary Necromancer Weapons have different enhancements that can affect you skills. Also, given that these are Legendary Weapons, you can get up to 3 Bonus Attributes.

How can you Enhance Weapons?

Equipment such as Charms can modify skills and Runes can help enhance a Legendary Necromancer Weapon. Gems can also be fitted to boost a Base stat of a weapon.

Socket Gems

Gems are an addition item to add onto your equipment. Equipment items may also have a socket. If there is an empty slot under socket, there is a Socket Gem option to be able to equip a Gem onto the Weapon in order to add additional buffs and bonuses. It's best to add Legendary Gems to your sockets, given that these are Legendary Weapons.


Legendary Necromancer Weapon Slots in Diablo Immortal

Main Hand Weapon

  • Weapons that are classified as main hand weapons are usually the primary weapons that deal the most damage. These are specific and fitted to the classes.

Off Hand Weapons

  • These are the secondary weapons that the Necromancer Class can also wield.

Blacksmith Services

  • Salvage
  • Upgrade
  • Rank Transfer



Diablo Immortal Legendary Necromancer Weapons

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Weapon Effect/s

Accounting for Weakness Main Hand Command Golem now summons a skeletal golem that consumes and gains power from all nearby corpses, and which damages all enemies in its path as it leaps.
Desolatoria Main Hand Molten Golem Inscription: Command Golem now summons a molten golem that continually Burns all nearby enemies instead of forcing them to attack it or Stunning Them.
Blight Maw Main Hand  Bone Spear also poisons enemies hit for X damage over X seconds. Bone Spear damage increased by X%.
Clotburst Main Hand Corpse Explosion damage increased by X%.
Priest's Grubknife Main Hand Stone Golem Inscription: Command Golem now summons a stone golem that throws boulders at enemies and rolls through enemies instead of leaping.
Simulacrator Main Hand Wraith Form now also leaves an effigy behind that forces nearby enemies to attack it and then explodes for 92 damage.
Piercehammer Main Hand Command Skeletons damage increased by X%.
EEL Tounge Main Hand Bone Spirits damage increased by 10%. (Skill Not Equipped).
Beacon Of The LED Off-Hand Command Golem damage increased by X%.
Pyre's Allure Off-Hand Bone Wall can now be ignited with soulfire, dealing X damage over X seconds to nearby enemies.
Ten-Thorn Off-Hand Corpse Lance now collects the summoned projectiles around you, until you activate Corpse Lance again to fire them all in a direction.
Welcome End Off-Hand Grim Reaper Inscription: Skeletal Mage now summons a powerful grim reaper, but has a longer cooldown.
Dominance From Dust Off-Hand Your bone golem will split into two smaller bone golems when it dies.
Life In Balance Off-Hand X% of all damage you take is taken by your skeletal champions instaed.
The Prong Off-Hand Decrease time required to raise new skeletal champions by X%.
Baleful Trinity Off-Hand Soulfire now bounces to X additiaonal target, but deals X% decreased damage to subsequent targets.


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