Seeping Bile

Rank 1


Gain 25%-50% of socketed item's base attribute.

Your attacks have a 5% chance of poisoning enemies for 37.5%-56.25% damage over 3 seconds. This poison spreads to nearby enemies if the victim dies. Each enemy can be affected by this only once every 6 seconds.

This poison also reduces enemy movement speed by 10%. (Unlocks at Rank 6)

Seeping Bile in Diablo Immortal is a Legendary Gem. Legendary Gems can be slotted into Weapons and Armor with Legendary Gem slots, allowing you to add incredibly powerful bonuses to your character Build. Legendary Gems can also be upgraded at the Apprentice Jeweler, further increasing their effect. In order to upgrade a Legendary Gem you must have a copy of it, and sometimes it requires more than one copy to hit the next Rank of the Legendary Gem.



Seeping Bile Information

  • Legendary Gem Type: Offensive
  • Legendary Gems Need Per Rank: 5
  • Max Rank: 6
  • Crafted With: ??? , ??? & ??? Platinum


Builds That Use Seeping Bile

  • Build 1 goes here
  • Build 2 goes here
  • Build 3 goes here


Seeping Bile Notes & Tips

  • Notes on Seeping Bile go here
  • Tips on Seeping Bile go here
  • Seeping Bile changes per Rank



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