Clearing the Cobwebs

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Location Ashwold Cemetery
Reward EXP, Gold, Random Equipment

Clearing the Cobwebs is a Quest in Diablo Immortal. Bounties in Diablo are limited daily tasks that take you across the world of Sanctuary, pitting you against alterations of its campaign content from the various zones: artifact hunting, ingredient gathering, landmark investigating, and other interactions that invariably end in a brawl against the hordes of Hell. Once you have completed all the available daily bounties, you can gain bonus chest rewards. You can track your bounty progress on the bounty board.



 Clearing the Cobwebs Bounty Information


Clearing the Cobwebs Bounty Objectives Diablo Immortal

  • Kill Spiders in Ashwold Cemetery



Clearing the Cobwebs Diablo Immortal Tips & Tricks

  • Clearing the Cobwebs Diablo Immortal Notes and Tips.




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