Challenge Rift in Diablo Immortal are randomly generated dungeons that let players prove their skills and earn rewards the first time you complete each difficulty level. This is one of two types of Rifts, Challenge Rifts and Elder Rifts. These can be played like Elder Rifts execept these challenges can be progressed and you will earn differnet rewards. These challenges and dungeons are unlocked by progressing naturally through the main Questlines until you reach Westmarch.   



Diablo Immortal Challenge Rift

How to unlock Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal

In order to gain access to this feature, players must progress through the main story until they are tasked to speak to Charsi and complete an Elder Rift in Westmarch as part of a tutorial phase. This will unlock both the Challenge Rift activity as well as the Elder Rift.


How to Complete Challenge Rift

To complete a Challenge Rift, you'll need to defeat hordes and hordes of enemies and then kill a randomly generated Rift Guardian Boss within the set time limit to win rewards with your party. The goal is to defeat and clear the rounds of opponents with the least amount of time possible and progress. Clearing the different waves will grant you progress orbs.


Find a Party in Challenge Rift

Within the Challenge Rift menu, is a section to view your current party or to find a party. These Rifts can also be completed alone if preferred. 


Challenge Rift Leaderboard

Since players can't progress or increase Paragon, one of the incentives besides the rewards of rifts is to reach the leaderboard for additional rewards. You can also find Challenge Rift Leaderboards for each class. Showcasing players with the fastest clear times. You'll also acquire rewards based on your placement on the weekly Challenge Rift leaderboard. Being the first in the game  to reach certain milestones will also grant you a set of rewards. 


Challenge Rift Rewards

Each time you first complete a level, you will earn a set of rewards.  As you progress through the different difficulties, you may notice an extra icon that can be found under the rewards section. This entitled s the player to additional rewards given that they meet the requirements. Hover over this space to view the specific requirements and its relation the Challenge Rift. These descriptions may say something along the lines of reaching a specific Paragon level and completing this Rift will improve items acquired from not only this rift, but other events and activities such as Elder Rifts, Cycle of Strife and from vendors to be equivalent to items from a certain hell level. 


Challenge Rift Level Enigmatic Crystals Scrap Material Special Rewards
1-10 5 10 20 x Enigmatic Crystal (Lv 5)
25 x Enigmatic Crystal (Lv 10
50 x Scrap Materials
11-25  5 15 25 x x Enigmatic Crystal Lv 15)
25 Enigmatic Crystal (Lv 20 & 25)
75 x Scrap Materials
26-45  10 20 40 x Enigmatic Crystals (Lv 30)
50 x Enigmatic Crystals (Lv 35/40/45)
100 Scrap Materials
46-65  10 25 50 x Enigmatic Crystals
125 x Scrap Materials
61-70  15 25 60 x Enigmatic Crystals (Lv 65)
75 x Enigmatic Crystals (Lv 70)
125 scrap Materials
71-85  15 30 75 x Enigmatic Crystals
150 x Scrap Materials
86-100  20 30 100 x Enigmatic Crystals
150 x Scrap Materials
101-105  20 40 100 x Enigmatic Crystals
200 x Scrap Materials
106-125  25 40 125 x Enigmatic Crystals
200 x Scrap Materials
126-140  30 40 150 x Enigmatic Crystals
200 x Scrap Materials
141-150  30 50 150 x Enigmatic Crystals
250 x Scrap Materials
151-170  35 50 175 x Enigmatic Crystals
250 x Scrap Materials
171-180  40 50 200 x Enigmatic Crystals
250 x Scrap Materials
181-200  50 60 250 x Enigmatic Crystals
300 x Scrap Materials

Challenge Rift Overview

  • Challenge yourse to climbt the Challenge Rift rankings!
  • Challenge Rift difficulty will increase the higher level you reach
  • Receive rewards upon successfully completing each Challenge Rift level for the first time. 
  • Whether solo or in a party, successfully completing the highest Challenge Rift levels with the best times will secure your place in the Challenge Rift Leaderboards
  • While in a party, all party members can enter the highest Challenge Rift level among them. 


How to Enter a Challenge Rift

Once they are unlocked by progressing through the main quest in Diablo Immortal and reaching Westmarch, these can be initiated at anytime from the same location in Westmarch. Interact with the Rift Statue which is also marked as the Challenge Rift Entrance to open the Challenge Rift Page Menu.

entrances rift menu screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min min min


Challenge Rift Menu

Once you interact with the Rift Statue in Westmarch, you will have access to the Challenge Rift Menu Screen that will have the current leaderboard standings and Rewards. This will be almost identical to the Elder Rift menu, replacing the Crest and modifier area with the difficulties and progressions of the Challenge Rift. This is also where it will also display the Daily Challenge rewards, the available and completed difficulties and will give you a chance to view your party or Find a party then finally begin the Challenge Rift.

challenge rift menu screen diablo immortal wiki guide 300px min min


Daily Challenge Rewards

Players also have a chance to gain daily rewards to participating regularly. The value you earn is dependant on your completed Challenge Rift Level. These Daily Challenge Rewards are based on the highest level completed the day before.  

Challenge Rift Level  Gold
Level 1-10 500
Level 11-20 750 
Level 21-40 100 
Level 41-60 1250 
Level 41-60 1500 
Level 81-100 1750 
Level 101-120 2000 
Level 121-140 2250 
Level 141-160 2500
Level 161-180 2750
Level 181-200 3000 

Challenge Rift that must be completed for Gear of each level to drop.

Hell IV
Hell V
Hell VI
Hell VII
Hell VII


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