Dungeons (or sometimes listed as activities) in Diablo Immortal provide all kinds of challenges to your characters. Completing dungeons will reward you with EXP, golds, valuable Weapons and Armor, Gems, and Crafting materials. Players can re-run dungeons in Diablo Immortal on their own or with a party only if you've completed the dungeon for the first time and if it re-appears as an objective via Immortal Daily Quests, Bounty Board, and Shadow Contracts.

Dungeons are challenging and can be difficult even to players who are familiar with Diablo's gameplay, however, to those who are looking for a challenge, these can get much harder, depending on the size of your party, or by running the dungeon on Hell Difficulty. Successfully completing a dungeon yields rewards, such as Set Items. On this page, you can find the various dungeons that are featured in Diablo Immortal.

What is the Best Dungeon to Farm?

In Diablo Immortal, when you are just starting to build your character and you are looking into farming XP and Equipment, the best dungeon you can re-run early in the game is Mad King's Breach, located in the Ashwold Cemetery zone. Mad King's Breach is the first dungeon you'll encounter and you can easily complete this dungeon solo. But if you want to earn greater rewards, you can always improve the difficulty and join random players or form a team to help you in completing the dungeon.

The Tomb of Fahir dungeon located in the Shassar Sea zone is the next best dungeon to farm for Legendary Equipment and Gems. Upon arriving in the dungeon, head to the west side section of the map towards the Icon of Rebirth, you can find a treasury door here that leads to aroom that contains 5 treasure chests. Apart from that, the main boss that lies within the Tomb of Fahir dungeon, Segithis, drops multiple rewards, with a chance to drop Legendary loot.

How do I Play Co-Op in Dungeons?

Unlocking the Multiplayer or Co-Op feature in Diablo Immortal simply becomes available through story progressions, specifically after completing the tutorial section of the game. Once you defeat that boss, talk to Deckard Cain and you'll see shadows of other players that will spawn around you. From here, you can add your friends to your Friends List. Simply click on the menu at the top right of the screen and choose the Friends button. This brings up the Friend List, if you know the BattleTag of your friend (e.g. Wizard#1234) you can go ahead and add them via the Add Friend button, or you can send out friend request to players that are under the Suggest Friends list.

To invite a friend to your party who is online, at the top left corner of the screen, next to your character's icon, you'll see three other slots with a plus sign, simply press the plus sign and choose your friend who is on the list. Alternatively, if you are about to enter a dungeon, you can also choose the "Find Party" button for the system to drop you in with other players who are also about to start the dungeon.



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