Bounties in Diablo Immortal are part of the activities Adventurers can participate in. These are limited daily tasks that take you across the world of Sanctuary, pitting you against alterations of its campaign content from the various zones: artifact hunting, ingredient gathering, landmark investigating, and other interactions that invariably end in a brawl against the hordes of Hell. Complete the available daily bounties in order to gain rewards. 

How do you Unlock Bounties? 

Bounties are unlocked as you naturally progress through the main tutorial phases. You will come across the Bounty Board and speak to an NPC named Charsi, and she will introduce what bounties are to the Adventurer. This is done during the Bounties Abroad part of the Questline. Your objective will be to Talk to Charsi at the Bounty Board. There will then be an additional guide prompt that will appear on your obejtive board. The Guide will request that you Accept 1 Bounty from the Bounty Board. After this initial interaction, you may also meet Derek the Bounty Quartermaster who can also be found around the Bounty Board.

How do you take a Bounty Task?

Bounties can be found on the Bounty Board. The bounty Board will list the daily bounties as well as the objectives, location and rewards Adventurers can expect to receive upon completing the task. Players must choose to accept the bounty here if they wish to participate. Once you accept a bounty, it will be added to your quest tracker.


What are Bounties?

Bounties are activities that are available to all Adventurers to participate in to gain additional rewards. There are four that are displayed on the Bounty board each day that are available to accept. These are refreshed everyday

The City guard puts up tasks from various patrons and adventurers, like you. Take care of 'em. It's a good way to make gold you'll need to buy better equipment
 -- Charsi

Bounty Rewards Diablo Immortal

Adventurers will gain additional EXP, Gold, Random Equipment. The value and amount for each reward can be viewed on the bounty board before you accept the bounty. Hover over each reward icon to display additional details of these rewards. The bottom of the bounty board will also display your daily progress when completing bounties. Complete more bounties in order gain bonus chest rewards.



All Bounties in Diablo Immortal




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