Wizard Armor in  Diablo Immortal have different qualities, from Normal, Magic, Rare, to Legendary, and their bonuses are determined by the Prefixes and Suffixes. Set items will not be in Diablo Immortal, so there is no need to worry about those.

Some Wizard Armor can be further empowered using Gems if they have sockets. Rare and Legendary Armor can also be further upgraded through a new system called item ranks. Rare Armors drop at rank 0, and can be raised up to rank 5 by visiting the Blacksmith and spending the necessary crafting Materials. Each additional rank adds stats to the Armor. Legendary Armor can have a rank of up to 20, and they possess an additional benefit called Bonus Attributes.

You can also reforge your armor by using a Reforge Stone to fine-tune it for your build.



Wizard Armor








Vaetia's Resourceful Coutenance   179  

Damage to enemies below 30% Life increased  by 4%

Electric Orb: Scorch now launches an electric orb that stops traveling when it strikes the first enemy, and then continually electrocutes and Stuns nearby enemies.

1 Head
Starcaller's Drapery 5388     Meteor radius increased by 20%. 1 Torso
Arcane Intensifiers   179   Focused Power: Disintegrate will fire a stronger instantaneous beam after a short delay. 1 Shoulder
Starcaller's Breeches 1796     Meteor Shower: Meteor now deals continual damage in an area, but no longer Stuns. 1 Leg
Mask of Illusions   179   Teleport now causes you to become invisible and leave behind a mirror image. 1 Head
Searing Judgement   179   Fiery Beam: Disintegrate now channels fire, burning enemies for additional damage over time. 1 Shoulder
Lyan's Resonant Wisdom   179   Teleport now conjures a lightning cloud at your destination, dealing XXX damage to all nearby enemies over 2.5 seconds. 1 Head
Zann Esu Elemental Weave 5388     Ice Nova: Lightning Nova now hurls balls of Chilling ice. 1 Torso
Vison of the Frozen Path   179   Frozen Orb: Scorch now launches a frozen orb that continually damages nearby enemies and chills them. 1 Head
Angmar's Repulsive Burden   179   Scorch will now knock enemies away. 1 Shoulder
Kavil's Grand Revelation 1796     Enemies killed by Disintegrate will explode, dealing XXX damage to all nearby enemies. 1 Leg
Frostreaver's Garments 5388     Freezing Crystal: Ice Crystal now summons a Freezing crystal that inflicts greater damage over time and a stacking chill, but can no longer be shattered early. 1 Torso
Frostwalkers 1796     Ice Meteor: Meteor now summons an icy meteor, dealing damage and covering the area with icy that deals additional damage and Chills enemies. 1 Leg
Shoulders of the Cataclysm   179   Meteor damage increased by 10%. 1 Shoulder
Phoenix Mantle   179   Scorch range increased by 20%. 1 Shoulder
Robes of the Avalanche 5388     Blizzard: Ray of Forst now channels a blizzard around you, continually damaging and chilling nearby enemies. 1 Torso
Riftdancer's Stride 1796     Displacement: Teleport now targets a location where it also damages all nearby enemies. 1 Leg
Chaos Nexus 1796     Disintegrate channels up to 3 additional beams at nearby enemies, each continually dealing 171 damage. 1 Leg
Kyn's Cyromantle 5388     Focused Entropy: Ray of Frost now unleashes a stronger instantaneous beam after a short delay, damaging and freezing all enemies in its path. 1 Torso

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