Warbands in Diablo Immortal is another multiplayer feature found in the game. With Warbands, players can create or join smaller groups to run through dungeons together in a set party of up to 8. The Warband page is unlocked once you enter the portal to Wortham and complete the main quest. These are not the same as clans and have their own distinct party features and requirements.


Warbands in Diablo Immortal

What is a Warband? 

Warbands are a party with up to 8 members that can share Messages and announcements within their group. The Warband page also keeps track of every Warband's Helliquary Progress suggesting that these were made to create teams and complete Helliquary Raids together, especially since a Helliquary Raids is typically done with 8 players. The Warband tab can be found within your side menu. 


Warband Rewards

When completing Dungeons with your Warband, the party can find additional Warband Chests to would incentivize players to use this feature and stick with a team when they play. Items looted from these chests are stored in a Warband stash. 


Warband Storage

There will be a shared stash system available when playing with your Warband that will allow the team to share items. Each item can only be used one at a time. Once the player who has shared the item leaves the Warband, their shared items will be returned to them. 


Warband Menu

The Warband menu will display all Warbands, how many members it has, their Helliquary Progress, an option, to message, apply or create a post. This is also where you can great and name your own Warband. 


Warband NPC

The Warband NPC can be found in Westmarch. This NPC will introduce you to the Warband System.  Your first task will be to Establish your Warband Camp. The objective will be to Clear the campgrounds by slaying 10,000 monsters. 


Creating a Warband

From the Warband Menu, there will be a button to "Create Warband." From here, a creator can name their Warband and select some preferences and objectives to focus on as a group. More than one of each section can be selected. A time of day will also be determined and this will be displayed on the Warband Chat menu. 


  • Dungeons
  • Zones
  • Other


  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening 

Joining a Warband

Joining a Warband can be done on the same Warband interface page where you can find the list of Warbands that have been created, how many members they currently have out of 8, and their Helliquary Progress so you can decide which Warband you want to join. 



There are separate sections made for Warbands teams and progress completing Helliquary Raids. Warbands that make their way to the leaderboards will earn weekly rewards for their progress. 


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