Trophy & Achievement Guide for Diablo Immortal covers information that indicates a list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained from defeating certain enemies, exploring the whole map of a zone, and by doing quests. Players can find information on how to obtain the following trophies/achievements that are listed below.

How to get Achievements in Diablo Immortal?

Achievements are obtained by defeating certain enemies and bosses, exploring entire Zones, and by completing certain quests around the World of Sanctuary. There are a lot of different achievements that you can obtain at Ashwold CemeteryDark WoodLibrary of Zoltun KulleBilefenMount ZavainFrozen Tundra, and the Realm of Damnation.

Player Achievements in Diablo Immortal 

Player Achievements are obtained through tasks given for player improvement within Diablo Immortal. These are general player goals that can be completed and can give you rewards. here are the Player Achievements within Diablo Immortal:

High Quality Equipment

  • Requirement: Equip a certain amount of high quality items
  • Reward: Scrap Materials

Collect Equipment

  • Requirement: Find Legendary equipment at certain levels in the game
  • Reward: Enchanted Dust

Upgrade Legendary Gems

  • Requirement: Upgrade a Legendary Gem to a specific rank
  • Reward: Crests


Types of Achievements you can obtain in Diablo Immortal

There are 2 kinds of Achievements you can obtain in Diablo Immortal. First one would be the Player Achievements where it's based off the progress of your character within the mechanics of Diablo Immortal. Second, would be the Zone achievements where you'll have to defeat bosses or complete specific quests to obtain achievements

Do you get Rewards from Achievements in Diablo Immortal?

Yes. For every Achievement that you obtain in Diablo Immortal, you are rewarded with Hilts. You can spend your earned Hilts with the Hilts Trader for Upgrade Materials, Gems, and Crests. Hilt Rewards vary depending on the achievements. You can get 40 Hilts, 50 Hilts, 60 Hilts, or 100 Hilts per achievement.


Diablo Immortal Achievement Guide

Quick Search of All Achievements

Achievement Name




The Tax Collector

Ashwold Cemetery Defeat the Tax Collector 4 times in the Haunted Carriage Zone Trial 60 Hilts

Skeleton King

Ashwold Cemetery Kill the Skeleton King in the Mad King's Breach Dungeon 40 Hilts

Officer Hagan

Ashwold Cemetery Defeat Officer Hagan 5 times in Ashwold Cemetery 100 Hilts

Haunted Altars

Ashwold Cemetery Defeat the Haunting Spirits inhabiting altars in Ashwold Cemetery 50 times 40 Hilts

Battle for the Shard

Ashwold Cemetery There are rumors of undead rising in Ashwold Cemetery. Uncover the cause behind the unrest. 60 Hilts

Map Completion

Ashwold Cemetery Explore all of Ashwold Cemetery 60 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Ashwold Cemetery Decipher Bestiary pages for The Skeleton King, Haunted Carriage, Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Archer, and Royal Guard 100 Hilts

The Guards' Story

Ashwold Cemetery Find the 5 lost Cemetery Guards 40 Hilts

Vile Sarcophagus

Ashwold Cemetery Kill 15 monsters in the Vile Sarcophagus Hidden Lair 40 Hilts


Ashwold Cemetery Defeat Duskbringer in Ashwold Cemetery on Hell I difficulty 60 Hilts

Quests of Ashwold

Ashwold Cemetery

Complete all 14 NPC Quests in Ashwold Cemetery

60 Hilts

Shadow Clone

Dark Wood Defeat your Shadow Clone at the Tree of Inifuss Zone Trial 60 Hilts

The Countess

Dark Wood Kill the Countess in the Forgotten Tower Dungeon 40 Hilts

Blood Rose

Dark Wood Return to Dark Wood to kill the regrown Blood Rose 40 Hilts


Dark Wood Defeat Zaerhud in the Dark Wood 100 Hilts

Damned Effigies

Dark Wood Destroy the Demonic Effigy and Kill Damned Cultists 12 times 40 Hilts

Blood Resurrection

Dark Wood Seek Priestess Akara and discover the cause of corruption in the Dark Wood 60 Hilts

Map Completion

Dark Wood Explore all of Dark Wood 60 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Dark Wood Decipher Bestiary pages for The Countess, Blood Rose, Direwolf, Dark Creeper, and Bloodsword Priestess Bestiary 100 Hilts

Iron Maiden

Dark Wood Defeated Damned Cultists Trapped in Iron Maidens 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Blood Apparition

Dark Wood Seal the Crimson Bloom to dispel the Blood Apparition 60 Hilts

Quests of Dark Wood

Dark Wood Complete all 15 NPC Quests in Dark Wood 60 Hilts

The Trial of Kulle

Library of Zoltun Kulle Use a Portal Tome to complete Kulle's Trial (Zone Trial) 60 Hilts

Fleshcraft Hydra

Library of Zoltun Kulle Kill the Fleshcraft Hydra in the Library of Zoltun Kulle 60 Hilts


Library of Zoltun Kulle Defeat Baal in the Destruction's End Dungeon 40 Hilts

Kiwei the Steady

Library of Zoltun Kulle Defeat Baal in the Destruction's End Dungeon 100 Hilts

The Worldstones

Library of Zoltun Kulle To destroy the Worldstone shards, seek answers from the Library of Zoltun Kulle 60 Hilts

Map Exploration

Library of Zoltun Kulle Explore all of the Library of Zoltun Kulle 60 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Library of Zoltun Kulle Decipher Bestiary pages for Baal, Rock Golem, Overseer, Imp, and Blood Lord 100 Hilts

Dusty Tomes

Library of Zoltun Kulle Inspect Dusty Tomes and defeat the Fallen Lorekeepers 12 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Living Braziers

Library of Zoltun Kulle Defeat Spirits within the Living Braziers 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Blasphemous Texts

Library of Zoltun Kulle Find and Read Blasphemous Texts in the Library of Zoltun Kulle 40 Hilts

Library Quests

Library of Zoltun Kulle Complete all 15 NPC Quests in the Library of Zoltun Kulle 60 Hilts


Bilefen Kill Sargoth in the Temple of Namari Dungeon 40 Hilts

Chieftain Ongori

Bilefen Kill Chieftain Ongori in the Kikuras Rapids Dungeon 60 Hilts

Gobbo the Tall

Bilefen Kill Gobbo the Tall in Bilefen 100 Hilts

Ancient Arena

Bilefen Open the Nephalem Cache in the Ancient Arena in Bilefen 12 times (Zone Trial) 60 Hilts

Awaken Namari

Bilefen Seek the angelic weapon, Yl'nira, located within the Temple of Namari 60 Hilts

Map Completion

Bilefen Explore all of Bilefen 60 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Bilefen Decipher Bestiary pages for Chieftain Ongori, Sargoth, Bog Creature, Plague Nest, and Thorned Hulk 100 Hilts

The Bloody Banner

Bilefen Destroy the Fetish Altar and kill Fetish Worshippers 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Damp Cobwebs

Bilefen Defeat ambushing spiders 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Infected Villagers

Bilefen Bury 10 Infected Villagers in Bilefen 40 Hilts

Quests of Bilefen

Bilefen Complete all 15 NPC Quests in Bilefen 60 Hilts


Shassar Sea Kill Segithis in the Tomb of Fahir Dungeon 40 Hilts

Six-Fingered Aben

Shassar Sea Defeat Six-Fingered Aben in Shassar Sea 100 Hilts

Kormus the Guardian

Shassar Sea Find and defeat Kormus the Guardian in Shassar Sea 60 Hilts

Lost Artifact

Shassar Sea Return a Lost Artifact to Calim (Zone Trial) 60 Hilts

Revealing the Path

Shassar Sea Open the hidden path to the Library of Zoltun Kulle 60 Hilts

Map Completion

Shassar Sea Explore all of Shassar Sea 60 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Shassar Sea Decipher  pages for Fahir, Segithis, Deceiver, Succubus, and Herald of Pestilence 100 Hilts

Dusty Tomes

Shassar Sea Inspect Dusty Tomes and defeat the Fallen Lorekeepers 12 times in  40 Hilts

Living Braziers

Shassar Sea Defeat Spirits within the Living Braziers 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Rat Eradication

Shassar Sea Expel Plagued Vermin 20 times in  40 Hilts

Quests of Shassar

Shassar Sea Complete all 15 NPC Quests in Shassar Sea 60 Hilts

Ancient Nightmare

Mount Zavain Defeat the Ancient Nightmare in Misty Valley 100 Hilts

Lord Martanos

Mount Zavain Enter Martanos's Tomb and defeat the fallen Zakarum Paladin 60 Hilts

The Devoted

Mount Zavain Find and defeat Ming Shan, the Devoted 40 Hilts

In Search of the Shard

Mount Zavain Find the Worldstone Shard on Mount Zavain 60 Hilts

Map Completion

Mount Zavain Explore all of Mount Zavain 60 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Mount Zavain Decipher Bestiary pages for Zakarum Oathbreaker, Vulture, Treasure Goblin, Khazra Warrior, and Tomb Roach 100 Hilts

Blood Feud

Mount Zavain Destroy Blood Clan Banners and kill Blood Clan Warriors 15 times in Hidden lairs 40 Hilts

Mountain spiders

Mount Zavain Defeat the ambushing spiders 15 times in Hidden lairs 40 Hilts


Mount Zavain Find and examine Shrubs 30 times on Mount Zavain 40 Hilts

Quests of Zavain

Mount Zavain Complete all 15 NPC Quests on Mount Zavain 60 Hilts


Realm of Damnation Defeat Zaka within the Pit of Anguish Dungeon 100 Hilts

Demon Gate

Realm of Damnation Use the Demon Gate to summon and defeat a demon 3 times (Zone Trial) 60 Hilts

Atanas with Monsters

Realm of Damnation Hunt down and defeat Atanas in the Hall of Punishment 60 Hilts

Skarn's Gaze

Realm of Damnation Defeat Talons of Skarn 100 Hilts

Lord of Damnation

Realm of Damnation Defeat Skarn and recover the worldstone shard 40 Hilts

Pillars of Damnation

Realm of Damnation Destroy Pillars of Damnation and kill the demons within 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Molten Spire

Realm of Damnation Destroy Molten Spires and kill the demons within 15 times in Hidden Lairs 40 Hilts

Map Completion

Realm of Damnation Explore all of the Realm of Damnation 40 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Realm of Damnation Decipher Bestiary pages for Glacial Colossus, Rasplet, Gracecull, Dross Eater, and Hell Rider 100 Hilts

Hiding in Plain Sight

Realm of Damnation Survive the Old Growth's Ambush 40 Hilts

Damned Quests

Realm of Damnation Complete all 15 NPC Quests in Realm of Damnation 60 Hilts

Spirit Hunters

Frozen Tundra Kill Spirit Hunters while escorting the Ancient Spirit (Zone Trial) 60 Hilts

Glacial Colossus

Frozen Tundra Defeat the Glacial Colossus within the Cavern of Echoes Dungeon 40 Hilts


Frozen Tundra Hunt down and defeat Brogoth in the Plains of Blood 60 Hilts

Ancestral Relics

Frozen Tundra Recover 50 Ancestral Relics in the Frozen Tundra 50 Hilts

Entangled Spirits

Frozen Tundra Defeat Drayec and Tayev 40 Hilts

Map Completion

Frozen Tundra Explore all of Frozen Tundra 60 Hilts


Frozen Tundra Destroy 30 Demonic Catapults within the Ruins of Sescheron 40 Hilts

Horadric Bestiary

Frozen Tundra Decipher Bestiary pages for Glacial Colossus, Overseer, Blood Lord, Glacial Monstrosity, and Baal's Minion 100 Hilts

Barbarian Spirits

Frozen Tundra Find and speak with 5 Barbarian Spirits throughout the Frozen Tundra 40 Hilts

Bounty Hunter

Frozen Tundra Complete 25 Bounties in the Frozen Tundra 100 Hilts

Frozen Quests

Frozen Tundra Complete all 15 NPC Quests in Realm of Damnation 60 Hilts


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