Rank 1

When you drop below 30% Life, you will lay a trap beneath your feet for every 5 yards traveled within 6 seconds, 240 seconds cooldown.

Trapper in Diablo Immortal is a Skill in the Gladiator Paragon Tree. Gladiator Paragon Tree Skills are part of the Paragon System, that allow players to gain additional power after reaching max level (45). There are a total of 10 different passive skills in this Tree, and you will need to unlock some of them before you can place points into others. Some of these Skills have ranks, while others are just a 1 point passive that provides a powerful effect.



Trapper Information

  • Skill Type: Specialization Skill
  • Paragon Skills Needed to Unlock: Potency (Gladiator)
  • Max Rank: 1


Builds That Use Trapper

  • Build 1 goes here
  • Build 2 goes here
  • Build 3 goes here


Trapper Notes & Tips

  • Notes on Trapper go here
  • Tips on Trapper go here
  • Trapper changes per Rank





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