Torso Armor in Diablo Immortal









Light of Dawn 2979          
Charred Iron 4092       Chained Spear now hurls a flaming spear that damages all enemies in its path and leaves a Burning trail. 1
The Gathering 4308       Whirlwind pulls in all enemies it damages. 1
Ferocious Gale 5388       Whirlwind occasionally throws out tornadoes that deal XXX damage to any enemies they strike.  1
Starcaller's Drapery 5388       Meteor radius increased by 20%. 1
Zann Esu Elemental Weave 5388       Ice Nova: Lightning Nova now hurls balls of Chilling ice. 1
Crusher Rig 5388       Avalanche: Chained Spear now hurls giant rocks, inflicting damage on all enemies in its path. 1
Davin's Legacy 5388       Hammer of the Ancients maximum charges increased by 1. 1
Frostreaver's Garments 5388       Freezing Crystal: Ice Crystal now summons a Freezing crystal that inflicts greater damage over time and a stacking chill, but can no longer be shattered early. 1
Robes of the Avalanche 5388       Blizzard: Ray of Forst now channels a blizzard around you, continually damaging and chilling nearby enemies. 1
Kyn's Cyromantle 5388       Focused Entropy: Ray of Frost now unleashes a stronger instantaneous beam after a short delay, damaging and freezing all enemies in its path. 1
Disciplined Respite 5388       Inner Sanctuary Cooldown reduced by 15%. 1
Tempest's Heart 5388       Vortex: Cyclone Strike now causes you to become a vortex that pulls in enemies and then detonates, damaging and knocking away all nearby enemies. 1
Resounding Soul 5388       Wave Strike damage increased by 10%. 1
Breath of Incense 3588       Seven-Sided Strike now triggers Exploding Palm's explosion when it kills Bleeding enemies. 1
Harmony's Song 4632       Wave of Light range increased by 20%. 1
Enlightenment's Blessing 5064       During Shield of Zen you can move unhindered through enemies. 1
Cuirass of the Death Watch 5388       Strafe damage increased by 10%. 1
Heart of Vengeance 5388       Vengeance cooldown reduced by 15%. 1
Plate of Lethal Intent 5388       Knife Trap arming time reduced by 65%. 1
Petahm's Secret Arsenal 5388       Frozen Wind: Knockback shot becomes empowered with frost, leaving a frozen trail in its path. 1


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