Shadows is a Faction in Diablo Immortal. It the second out of the three available Factions in the game which goes from AdventurersShadows and Immortals. Shadows in particular are considered a part of a Dark Clan, and you cannot join or create a Dark Clan without first joining the Shadows. This can only be achieved if players had been successfully chosen during the Shadow Lottery. Both Adventurers and Shadows have no limit to the faction capacity. Although each Clan can only hold 100 members at a time. This is unlike the Immortals that are limited to 300 members at a time per server, this includes three Clans


Diablo Immortal Shadows

How to join the Shadows

  • Note: Must be level 43 and up and have completed Bilefen Questline

Members of the Shadows could either be recruited or invited by an existing Shadow member or must enter the Shadow Lottery. 

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Shadow Invitation


Shadow Lottery

Players have a chance to become a Shadow by entering the lottery. To do this, speak to the Mysterious Patron. The Mysterious Patron can be found at the Tavern in Westmarch. Speak to him to join the lottery and there will be a chance for you to move on to the next stage to give you a chance to prove yourself. As you speak to him, he will mention what time enrollment ends, how many open spots there are and how many adventures have signed up so far. This event happens 3 times a day at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm and it will take 1 hour before the lottery ends and the winners are drawn. If you are selected, you will receive a message in your inbox stating that you are a Shadow Lottery Winner.

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Shadow Lottery notification

"Shadow Lottery Winnter!
A dangerous but important path has been opened to you. If you still wish to join the Shadows, speak with the one you call the Mysterious Patron at the Wolf City Tavern in Westmarch. "

Return to the Mysterious Patron and select ShadowMettle.


Shadow Mettle

Description: Learn about the Shadows and prove your worth. 


  • Find the Court of Whispers
  • Impress the Path of Blood Guide
  • Impress the Master Vault Raider

Path of Blood Guide

  • Players will then have to prove themselves. Speak to the Path of Blood Guide, Nuon, and once again, select Shadow Mettle. Players will be taken to another room to complete the challenge. You will need to Defeat 3 attacking hordes. Clear the area and exit through the portal then speak to the guide before you leave. 

Master Vault Raider

  • Speak to Fyggus and Raid the Vault. Listen to his instructions and clear the Vault Objectives. Destroy Vault Guards and steal Essentia. Show Fyggus the Essentia then exit the area through the Portal. 

Final Test

  • Return to the Mysterious Patron and he will tell you that you will face three powerful ancient champions. The objective will be to Defeat the Ancient Champions. After clearing the objectives, you can retrieve Akeba's Signet.

Return Akeba's Signet to the Mysterious Patron once you are ready to join the Shadows. An extra signet can be used to give to your friend in order to invite you will now have the option on your friend list to Invite to the Shadows. Take the pledge and click join to continue. 

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Your last step will be to trace the symbol. You will start off as an Initiate. Finally, select "Become a Shadow"  

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Assembly Overview


  • Every day but Sunday, Shadows gather in the Assembly Hall, deep in the Court of Whispers. During this Assembly, they celebrate and share their power. 
  • Assembly participants are randomly bestowed with Akeba's Blessing by the Everburning Fount. Blessed players can share their blessings with other Shadows in the Assembly Hall to increase their damage done to monsters and earn rewards.
  • Collect all Blessings to receive sizeable Rewards.


  • Every day but Sunday, from 6 pm to 8 pm server time, the Shadows hold an assembly in the Court of Whispers. They channel and share the blessings of the Everburning Fount; each blessing provides a corresponding reward. 

Akeba's Blessings

  • Shadows may collect 5 different blessings from Akeba during the Assembly: Cunning, Vision Strength, and Sacrifice. 
  • Some players will randomly have a blessing bestowed upon them.
  • When this happens, they will be able to share it four times with other players before the timer hends.
  • Each blessing earned will grant rewards!


Growing the Shadow Clan

The process to invite friends is similar to joining the shadows. Players must be at a level 42 or higher for this to work. You must enter the Shadow lottery the same way and go through the same process. You will once again be taken into another room to prove yourself. Clearing the objective will reveal the chest. 

Akeba's Signet

This time, after clearing the objectives, collect Akeba's Signet. The recruitment challenge will be completed and there will be a portal to return to the Court of Whispers. Use Akeba's Signet in order to Invite another player or a friend into

This process is repeated each time in order to recruit a new member. 




  • Shadows may speak to the bartender in Westmarch to accept Contracts.
  • Contracts reet on Mondays, giving the Shadow a chance to complete 3 on that day, Subsequent days will grant 1 additional chance, with a weekly cap of 5 chances. 
  • Shadows may accept 1 out of 2 random Contracts from the bartender at any given time.
  • Experience and Gold are rewarded for each completed Contract. Additionally, bonus chests are rewarded for completing the first 3 contracts each week.
  • Shadows may abandon a Contract when it's in progress, forfeiting rewards and the chance to complete the Contract. 


Shadows Lore, Notes & Tips


  • The Unspoken: Akeba, daughter of Daedessa, founded the Shadows. Though she is long departed, her spirit is with us always . Touch the Everburning Fount, and let her wisdom mark you. 
  • The Immortals are tasked with protecting the Sanctuary and have been given great power to do so. The Shadows are the ones making sure the Immortals never become corrupt or complacent. 
  • Akeba: You think you have what it takes to walk this path? You must work unseen, hidden in darkness, as I once was. Always remember we all want the same thing: the protection and safety of the Sanctuary.  
  • We test the Immortals. we ensure they are worthy of the power they inherited.  
  • Cutscene: The dark burden given. And a hidden force created. One that could step up should the mightiest Immortal fail. The Shadows. Constant challenges to the would-be defenders of Sanctuary. They would test the Immortals, looking for weakness. Apathy. Led by Akeba, the Shadows would overthrow the Immortals when the time was right. But even in victory, she knew her watch had just begun. For this is an eternal cycle."

Become a Shadow Overview

Joining the Shadows opens up new rewards activities, and social experiences for a given Cycle. 

  • Join the Shadows is a commitment for an entire Cycle. As long as the current Immortal stays in power, you will remain a Shadow. 
  • After joining the Shadows, you can form or join a Dark Clan. You will compete against other Dark Clans to prove you are the best, worthy of challenging the Immortals themselves. 
  • You will be able to raid the Vault of Immortals, a secret place of wealth just waiting to be relieved of its riches. 
  • As a Shadow, you will grow in personal strength as well. You will be imbued with the power to potentially overthrow the Immortals and protect Sanctuary as its true guardian. 


Shadows Menu

Joining the Shadows will give you access to the Shadows Menu. It will display tabs such as the Stages, My Rank, Activities, Dark Clan (Details and Members)


Dark Clan

This menu option will still appear but won't be available until the player is past level 43. If you are already in an existing clan with a substantial number of members, the leader can choose to convert the clan into a Dark Clan to compete in the Shadow War, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the Immortals. 

This will require all members of the Adventurers Clan to be a level 43 or above and will require 100 Akeba's Signets.

After joining a Dark Clan, you will be able to see all members, their level, role, and Rank as well as the Details including all selected Advantages, the Focus that was selected by the leader, and how many contracts have been completed so far. This will also display who the leader is, total members, XP, and the clan description if any.



As you participate in events, your rank will increase. This can be viewed anytime under the tab "My Rank" This page will also display your Rank Reward, Daily Quests and Challenge Quests. Below your current rank will also be your added buffs gained from your current rank Title. The Possible Rank Titles you can receive in a Dark Clan are as follows:

  • Initiate
  • Apprentice
  • Watcher
  • Hunter
  • Blade
  • Phantom
  • Unseen
  • Whisper 


Advantages unlock as your Dark Clan Ranks up.

  • When unlocked, the Dark Clan leader can select one of three randomly offered advantages.
  • Advantages provide a variety of different benefits to your Dark Clan. Dark Clan leaders should choose the one that best suits their strategy and members. 


Shadow Faction Activities 

As a Shadow, your goal is to progress through the game enough and complete Shadow quests and objectives in order to eventually reach the top of the Dark Clans and gain a chance to overthrow the current Immortals. As Shadows, you will need to gain Marks which are rewarded to you as you participate in these regular events. This will improve the clan and will benefit your strength, adding additional bonuses. 

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  • Raid the Vault
  • Contracts Overview
  • Shadow Lottery
  • Contracts
  • Battleground
  • Shadow War
  • Rite of Exile


  • Immortals, Shadows, and Adventurers alike can test themselves ina. mock version of the rite-- large group attack on the Ancient Heart, or its defense.

Contracts Overview

  • Complete your Daily Contracts to obtain Influence

Raid the Vault

  •  Raid the Vault with a 4-Player Party to gain Influence. The Immortals' Vault stores relics, equipment, and Essentia that would be better deployed by the Shadows. Test their security, illustrate their flaws, earn Hilts and boost your rank.

Shadow Focus

  • Complete your Dark Clan's Focus to earn Influence.

Rite of Exile

  • Join the Rite of Exile to obtain large amounts of Influence. When the Shadows reach het Showdown stage of their development, they can initiate the Rite of Exile-- a secret duel between high-ranking members of both factions. Show the true weakness of the ?Immortals, and they will be replaced. (During Showdown & Reckoning Stages)

Shadow War

  • The Shadows determine the top ten Dark Clans through weekly Shadow War battles. The eminent clans that win may challenge the Immortals in the Rite of Exile. (Requires Dark Clan)

Path of Blood

  • A road coated in blood and death, Each challenge a mystery for the uninitiated, but a truth for the prepared. How far can you go?



Stages - Cycle of Strife

The Cycle of Strife represents the face off between the Shadows and Immortals. 

  • Planning
  • Gathering 
  • Showdown
  • Reckoning

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Planning is the first stage that occurs during the recruitment process as the Clan starts to grow. The Shadow Faction will need to grow in order to progress to the next stage. Akeba's Signet must be obtained for each recruitment and invitation. Continue to recruit members to the Faction while new members do the same through the Shadow Lottery process until the Clan has grown. This will bring you to the next stage. 


Gathering is the farming and grinding stage where members will need to participate in challenges and quests to progress and earn as many Marks during this phase. This is measured against other Shadow Clans. Leaders can track your progress during this phase and do have the power to change your ranks or kick you out of the clan entirely. 


This stage commences the face off against the current Immortals. At the initial game release, these Immortals will be run by NPC Immortals until they are replaced by the next set of Immoral players. After this stage, the clans will have to face Immortal players during the Rite of Exile. If the Shadows in the Showdown happen to be the winners in this round against the Immortals, then they have already won and will become the next Immortals. However, in a lot of cases, the Shadows will not win. They do have to continue to earn m Marks and progress until they reach the next stage in the Cycle. 


During this Phase, Adventurers can join in without going through the Shadow Loterru and any earned Marks are now buffs for the shadows. The shadows can continue their progress by earning Marks and eventually the shadows should be able to overthrow the immortals if they haven't already. 


Path of Blood


  • Shadows walk the Path of Blood to test themselves against the threats encircling Sanctuary, and prove their fitness to be guardians of their world. 
  • The Path of Blood is a series of skirmishes; at each step, you must slay a floor's worth of enemies before the timer runs out.
  • Floors must be completed in order, and each floor you conquer will grant you increasing amounts of Marks, which can increase your personal rank.
  • To access the Path of Blood, talk to the Path of Blood Guide or walk to the path's entrance in the Court of Whispers to begin.

The Path of Blood is another exclusive activity for eh Shadows. The Floor number will be displayed towards as well as the list of available Path of Blood Challenges to choose from. By default there will be five listed along with the current Floor number and Rewards, but as the Shadows progress through the Cycle, more levels will be available. 5 of these levels unlock after advancing through each stage in the Cycle of Strife. These challenges can be entered by speaking to Nuon West Court of Whispers. 

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