Purify the Corruption

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Location Dark Wood

Purify the Corruption is a Zone Event in Diablo Immortal. Zone events are occurances that can be encountered in the different Locations and Zones of Diablo Immortal. These encounters reward players with additional drops such as equipment and Enchanted Dust when participating in an event. They can be randomly encountered or triggered by an interaction. Depending on the event, they may have a set schedule and occur regularly within the Zone. 


Purify the Corruption Event Information for Diablo Immortal

  • Event Location: Dark Wood
  • Event Conditions: Kill any enemies in Dark Wood to fill the corruption gauge to 100%


Purify the Corruption Rewards in Diablo Immortal

  • Glowing Shard
  • Random Gear Rewards


Purify the Corruption Event Objectives

  • Go to Tree of Inifuss
  • Kill the Shadowc Clone


Purify the Corruption Encountered Enemies

  • n/a
  • See: Dark Wood for mobs encountered in the Zone


Purify the Corruption Event Walkthough

To begin this event, take note of your corruption gauge that will appear in this zone.  This corruption gauge will fill as you clear more enemies around the map. Once you reach 100% your objective  for the event will appear just below the gauge. 


Go to Tree of Inifuss

select it to Navigate to Ree of Inifuss Waypoint.  Once your character has made it to the tree, approach it and interact with it. Wait for the gauge to fill and it will notify you that you Shadow Clone is coming. 


Kill the Shadow Clone

You will then be facing your Shadow clone. The Shadow Clones stats and current HP will be displayed at the top. Clear the clone to complete the event.  


Purify the Corruption Notes and Tips

  • Purify the Corruption Zone Diablo Immortal Notes, Tips, and other Trivia go here


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