Neck Accessories in Diablo Immortal are Accessories that provide buffs to players in the game. Accessories include Neck Accessories, amulets, and charms and are sorted into the the Neck, Waist, Ring, Feet and Hand Slots and are considered a player's secondary gear. A Character has one Neck Slot in total and they can be equipped along with other accessories fitted into different slots. These accessories are also sorted into different sets. As long as a player has an open slot, an accessory can be fitted to fill the spot, adding on more bonuses. Equipping multiple items form the same set will increase the bonus effects. These bonuses provide additional effects to your character including increased Life, ability duration, damage, defense, skill ranks or other unique effects. 


Diablo Immortal All Neck Accessories

Quick Search of All Neck Accessories

Ring Name

Set Item


The Subjugator

Feasting Baron's Pack Set

Destruction's End (Hell II+)

Cut Throat

Grace of the Flagellant Set

Temple of Namari (Hell II+)

Issatar At Rest

Issatar Imbued Set

Mad King's Breach (Hell II+)

Shepherd and Architech

Shepherd's Call to Wolves Set

Tomb of Fahir (Hell II+)

Mountebank's Flourish

Untouchable Mountebank Set

Cavern of Echoes (Hell II+)

Awakener's Urge

Vithu's Urges Set

Kikuras Rapids (Hell II+)

Burning Heart of Shal'baas

War Rags of Shal'baas Set

Pit of Anguish (Hell II+)

Wisdom's Edge

Windloft Perfection Set Forgotten Tower (Hell II+)

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